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Chapter 107: Someone else Waited beyond


At once Sword reached for his laser sword.

Wait, wait, no need to be so hasty! Talk comes first!


Sword immediately dropped his shoulders in disappointment, “Your truly the definition of calmness.

Wherever we go, you go at your own pace!”

Shut it.

Ignoring Sword, I looked at the person.

That person had, as expected, a beautiful form.

But, it was rather obvious that it was artificial and not human, just like the humanoid from before.

As such, you could call this one a humanoid as well.

“Nice to meet you,” answered the humanoid.

“Who are you”

“I am what you people call 【Dungeon Core】.”

The instant the humanoid told us that, Sword’s and my eyes turned into dots.

“You are Sir Dungeon Core!”

Oof, then we’ve been super rude! Especially Sword!

I used my full strength to slap down Sword’s laser sword.


“Excuse us, our Sword has been impolite.

Nice to meet you, too.

My name is Indra.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to meet you.”

I performed a knight bow.

“I am happy to see that you are interested in me.”

The humanoid doesn’t look happy at all, but he seems to rejoice.

I’m the type of person on whom lip service doesn’t work.

“Oh, is that so I would like to ask you a few questions, but would that be alright”

“There might be only a little I can answer you, but please go ahead.”

Hmm When I previously questioned the lich, it hid quite a lot of things, but is that how it works

“Sir Dungeon Core, have you existed ever since the creation of the world”


“Does that apply to all Dungeon Cores”

“No comment.”

“Sir Dungeon Core, did you have your current appearance from the start”


“Have you ever taken a look at the outside world”


Ooohh A confirmation for this question, huh!

“…Does that possibly mean that humanoid Dungeon Cores have originally come from the outside world”

“No comment.”

Whoa, really! Then I can’t carefreely kill other people, can I After all, I might end up killing a Dungeon Core in the process.

“…Would it be okay to ask a question from my side as well” Sir Dungeon Core asked.

“Of course, go ahead.

If it is something I can answer, I will gladly oblige.”

“…How do you create that light It is very fantastical.

Almost as if you are a part of the night sky.”

Mmh Sir Dungeon Core is curious about chemiluminescence

“This is a luminescence triggered by two materials reacting and emitting energy.

I have altered it through magic elements.

This light is not visible unless you are in a darkness such as this.”

I was about to rattle down the chemical formula, but seeing Sword rolling his eyes, I gave up on it.

Well, as he said before, Sir Dungeon Core wouldn’t understand even if I explained it.

“…You could imitate it if I showed you how”

“Let me try.”

Nothing less of Sir Dungeon Core.

Once I showed him how to do it, he apparently tested it himself right away.

Fluffy light started to float around him.

Sir Dungeon Core held a hand into the dancing light, spellbound.

“Aahh…how pretty.”

No, you are actually prettier, is the pick-up-line I almost blurted out.

“――On another note, you compared it with the night sky, but to be precise, the stars in the night sky are as big or bigger than this planet.

Because those stars are fairly huge and emit light, their light energy reaches this planet, allowing us to see them with the naked eye.

If you were to look at them from nearby, their energy and size would be so big that you would not be able to look at them directly.

For example, [Fireflies].

You could imagine it as[Fireflies] flitting around a waterside during a hot night.”

“Hey, what’s that something-something-term” Sword chimed in.

Sir Dungeon Core was looking at me blankly, too.

“Shining bugs.”

“Bugs again!!” Sword roared in the next instant.


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