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Chapter 106: Let’s Chat with the Last Boss!

We descended towards the last floor.

I told Sword to put his glasses on as well.

This wasn’t the time for him to act stubborn and insist on relying only on his sixth sense or whatsoever.

Even electromagnetic waves didn’t allow me to discover any ceilings, floors, or walls on this floor.

You can’t do anything about what doesn’t exist either.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to crash after charging Though, in such a case, it’d be the other party that would break, I think! Yep, I’m sure!



We descended further.

I felt like the descent itself took quite a bit of time.

Of course we could take a break in Char, if necessary, but since it’d somehow feel like watching a movie and then not being able to see the end, I want to float all the way to the last floor.

On the way back, I’ll spend a leisurely time in Char though! I think it’d be really fun to return while making toys out of the dungeon drops.

As we were descending while I was thinking all that, the sixth-sense-guy suddenly said,”…I can see something down below.”

Ryoku had apparently spotted it with his far-sight function, reporting, “It’s kinda like a boss.

A humanoid one.”

When I looked in the same direction…our eyes met.

It grinned at me I tried waving a hand at it.

“Hey, what you doin’”

“It grinned at me, so I waved back.

…Hmm, if I should explain, I’d say, I was trying to give a friendly first impression”

“Whoa, thanks for makin’ no sense.”

Weren’t you the one asking!!



At last we arrived at a place which was very likely the last boss’s area.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an ancient dragon.

But, it has a humanoid shape! In other words, communication is possible!

“You, who possess wisdom and courage, well done to have reached this place,” it addressed us from its side.


I wouldn’t claim to have that much courage, but I desire wisdom and I’m also aware of possessing some.

How long have you been here”

Sword grumbled telepathically, “It’s started ‘gain,” but I didn’t hear anything.

“Who knows.

This place does not have a concept of time.

Plus, time is not anything I need to concern myself with either.”

“Okay, then let me rephrase the question: Where have you been before coming to this place”

“In a place without time that resembles this place quite closely.”

That means…

“In short, this place is similar to the spirit world, huh”


…One with wisdom, why do you know of that place”

“A while ago I had a short conversation with a being that manifested from the spirit world.”

“…I see.

That is very interesting.”

“I’m also interested.

I thought that this place is similar to space, but I suppose this is the feel of the spirit world.

Even if I can process a timeless dimension as information, it’s still a phenomenon I can’t understand logically.

What kind of place is a dimension with no past or future”

“A dimension where an instant lasts but an eternity.

You are free to visit.”

Don’t ask the unreasonable.

“I like the tangible world.

Because it’s a dimension where an instant doesn’t last an eternity, everything has an end, and in itself hides beauty within.

I prefer an universe that’s filled with enough energy to permit life over a black hole, even if both are dominated by darkness.”

I scattered light like a star with my luminescence spell.

Though, rather than a star, calling me…a firefly would be more appropriate, I guess.

If you actually look at fireflies, they lack cuteness, don’t they But, the light of fireflies looks fantastical in the darkness.

I think, those are also lights that burn through their lives in an instant.

――Being illuminated by my luminescence, the humanoid had a very pretty form.

White porcelain skin, black, silky, long hair, and ruby lips…or such you’d describe its traits, wouldn’t you But, it lacked all humanity.

It was the beauty of artificial molding.

But, I doubt it matters to a spirit world dweller which is disconnected from its own and others’ appearances.

“…I believe not knowing has good and bad sides to it.

Your form is something that would be described as beautiful, but I’m sure for a spirit world dweller that’s irrelevant.

If you learn of its beauty, it might trigger emotions, but if you don’t, you wouldn’t care either.”

The person laughed, “Your soul is beautiful as well.

That radiance of trying to greedily devour anything you desire definitely is an alien concept in the spirit world.”

Hey, that’s no praise at all!!

And then the humanoid added, “Also, just now you made me realize that we are not in the spirit world, but the material world.

…I see.

The material world is beautiful in its own right.

I also learned that you could describe it as 『fantastical』,” while looking at the chemiluminescence that appeared like gently floating fireflies.

“Well, you might be right about the appearance.

Because the material world possesses a set of principles, this is yet another outcome, okay The material world stores energy in matter, but…”

“Just a sec there.

I get it that your all happy ’bout discussin’ all this stuff, but give it a rest with all the tedious details.

In the first place, you think a spirit world dweller would understand all your lil’ theories if you explain ’em in full detail” Sword chimed in.

…He’s right, I wouldn’t understand detailed accounts about the spirit world either.

After all, I haven’t lived there.

“You got a point, it would be difficult.

But, you are beautiful.

You taught me that burning through your short, transient life in the material world was beautiful, and I comprehended it.

…Therefore I want to ascertain that burning with my own eyes.”

“He’s comin’,” warned the superman with his sixth sense.

Because the magic elements are gushing But, I don’t feel any fighting spirit from the humanoid.

“……Then let me ask one last thing.

Did anyone ever visit this place before us”

“Yes…but, they died upon entering this area.

It seems like the dwellers of the material world cannot endure this place which resembles the spirit world so much.”

Well, anyone would panic if they were plunged into a room of nothingness without any background knowledge.

Sword was incredibly calm about it, though.

I guess because he’s seen me.



“Very well, here I come.”

I readied my wooden sword.

Sword took out his laser sword from the get-go, too.

By the way, Sword’s laser sword has a white hilt and a fluorescent-green laser beam.

The fluorescent-green color can be turned off, but being unable to see the beam would be scary.

As for me, I naturally went with a green-blue hilt and a magenta beam! It’s just I never use it! I mean, I somehow cope with everything using my wooden sword!

If I can’t cut this enemy with my wooden sword, I’ll give the laser sword a try! Yep, let’s do it like that!

I charged at the humanoid together with Sword.

The being took our attacks head on without budging, and got cut up just like that.

“……Why, didn’t he dodge” Sword muttered, and then shouted, “Bastard, you’ve seen our attacks.

You should have been able to dodge ’em, if you felt like it.

So why didn’t you do that!”

The humanoid smiled, “It is because 『I saw the future of me losing to those visiting this place』.”

We became speechless.

Sword and I exchanged a look.

“Future exists in the material world, but not in the spirit world.

All the spirit world possesses is the eternity of an instant.

The event of me losing to those visiting this place had been decided within that eternal instant.

――I am going to return to the spirit world temporarily.

I enjoyed our meeting, bearers of courage and wisdom.”

“Wait, my name is Indra.

And that guy is Sword.

Names are important in the physical world.

It’s a component defining an object for what it is.

Keep that in mind.

These two are Ryokus.”

“I understand, Indra, Sword, Ryokus.

…I wonder if we will be able to meet once again”

I nodded, “If you desire, we’ll come back.”

Starting with the next time, we’re apparently going to use Sword’s shortcut tool, allowing us to reach this place in around a day if we run at full speed while ignoring all else.

“Then, let us meet again,” said the humanoid, turned into particles, and vanished.

“…….Somehow, quite the lonesome guy,” mumbled under his breath.

Well, if you spend your time all alone here, you’d become lonesome, I’m sure…

“……Though it’s questionable whether spirit world dwellers know the emotion of 『loneliness』.”

Did he establish this situation out of free choice Then again, he called a sight similar to fireflies bustling about pretty, so it might be different

“Okay, and what about the treasure chests”

Sword rolled his eyes at my murmur, “Your truly way too calm ’bout everythin’! Immediately shiftin’ your interest to treasure chests without immersing in any kind of sentimentality!”

What’s your problem You’re not looking forward to the treasure chests Besides, the humanoid said he’d go back to the spirit world temporarily, didn’t he It’s not like I’d need to indulge in sentimentality then…

Suddenly a door opened up ahead of us with a screeching, dragging me out of my thoughts.

Eh …That guy wasn’t the last boss

After exchanging glances with Sword, wariness quickly washed over his face, and we headed towards the door, just to spot a figure on the other side.



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