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Chapter 103: Contradicting a Proverb!

We arrived in front of the boss room.

But I got to say, just as you’d expect of the floors before the last one, they’ve been truly brutal.

Apes and dogs attacked us in swarms while working together! Weren’t you guys supposed to be on really bad terms!

Moreover, huge yetis made an appearance as well! And gigantic wolves too! They were giving instructions to the swarms, making things super annoying.



Given that we’d become exhausted, we pitched a camp in the shade of a grotto, a safe zone.

Sword didn’t insist on charging the boss room just like that either.

My body shouldn’t feel cold, but for some reason it had cooled down to the core.

Therefore I entered the bath in Char.

……Together with Sword.

What’s the deal here We’re man and woman, so far as it goes, no Only lovers enter a bath together, right And yet, entering the bath together like that makes us almost seem like parent and child, doesn’t it

No, it is parent and child, isn’t it

But even then, entering the bath together with Dad would be too much of a stretch for a 13-years-old, wouldn’t it

“Lalaaalaa♪” I sang while thinking all that.

“How did you make all this foam”

Currently we were in a bubble bath.

A bath in carbonated water to get warm.

“Are you telling me to explain the theory behind it”

“No, thanks.

I just felt like askin’ a bit.”

…I don’t know what Sword is thinking.

But, I wonder whether Sword might possibly not have spent a normal childhood either, seeing how he doesn’t really understand the implications of doing stuff which normally would only be done by man and woman.

Is he yearning for skinship or something

He did emphasize 「solo」 and 「alone」 awfully much, didn’t he Then again, I might have entered the bath with him without thinking anything in particular about it, if I didn’t possess my otherworld knowledge.



After we entered a bath to warm us up, we ate a stew to warm us up even further.

It became very cozy and snuggly.

“It makes you totally forget that your in a dungeon, doesn’t it” Sword commented in a relaxed manner while drinking a brandy.

“It’s a good thing that you coaxed Char out of me.

I’m always hyped about camping being all about tents, but even I’d feel depressed to stay in a tent during such a blizzard.

We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxury of gazing at the harsh weather outside from inside a warm, comfortable room, if we didn’t have Char with us.”

“You and your sadistic remarks, really.

I didn’t consider things that far, ‘kay”

Boo, I’m no sadist!

After deeply sighing, Sword stretched out on the sofa, “Just what’s with this homely vehicle that feels more comfortable than a high-class residence or an expensive room in the capital”

“I’m particular about the necessities of life.

You provide the funds necessary for me being fixated on it while I provide the technology.

As such, this is just a natural outcome.

…Anyway, food and living space are set with this.

Next would be clothing, I guess …Hey, don’t you have an idea about fabric made out of the threads of insects”

The main stream for clothing in this world was woolen material won out of animal and monster pelt.

The people wove the long strands of monster fur together, creating clothes that were comfortable enough to not call them bad.

But, the summers were hot around here.

Commoners apparently used plant-based clothes.

Not really hemp or cotton, but well, I guess it was close to hemp.

They wove sturdy, soft fibers together, resulting in uncomfortable clothes similar to soft hemp or stiff cotton clothing.

But, the winters were cold around here.



I don’t dislike natural fibers.

Rather, I like them as LOHAS.

However, number one for me are threads of insects…silkworm threads!! The touch and gloss of silk is top notch, and on top of that, the threads’ components are outstanding to help with a beautiful skin, too!

In the other world it was impossible unless you went with silkworms, but I wonder, how things are over here

“They exist.

Or rather…you like bugs that much”

…Don’t look at me with such a pitying expression!

“NOO!! The highest quality cloth products in the other world were woven out of insect threads! They were super glossy, had a nice touch, and were way beyond any animal fur or plant-based clothes!”

“Hmm…if it’s like that…well, it’s not like I don’t have any connections.

…But, are you possibly capable of makin’ clothes as well

“Pretty much.

Embroidery is a pastime of nobility, and sewing is a field I excel in.

Since my otherworld self also took lessons in three-dimensional patterns, I can also make pattern papers based on the human body.

In other words, I could run a dress shop in this world.”

I’m generally good at anything that’s related to home economics.

“Anyway, isn’t the underwear I made your personal favorite”


Sword smacked his own waist.

The belly wraps and pants, made out of woolen materials and plant-based cloth combined with ribbing of the elastic parts, were regularly used by everyone in the mansion.

I made several myself, and the maids used my creations as reference to make their own variations.

I created the ribbing in S, M, and L with big lily yarn, which the maids knitted together in a team effort.

I wanted to make it possible for them to use a machine for weaving, but I didn’t know how to build a weaver.

“…You made these! Those groundbreaking pants with the hole in front The ones that are so nice because you don’t need to take them off each time when your takin’ a piss The ones where you don’t need to untie a string each time you take them off”

I nodded.

“In reality, you see, I could make it even more comfortable if only I had elastic materials.

If you use things like frog tongues as a replacement for ropes, they’ll stretch if you pull on them, and thus fit your body as needed.

Do you have a clue where to find such material”

“………I do.”

Ohh! This will allow me to secure rubber material! The skin of amphibian monsters is quite flexible in its own right, but that’s the only good part about it.

It doesn’t possess a softness at the level of rubber.

Just as I wondered what I’d make with it, I got hugged by Sword.

“What’s wrong”

“Will you make clothes for me”

…….What’s going on with him Is he drunk



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