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Chapter 100: Discard, Reduce, and Put Back (Sword’s Point of View)




I went outside after Indra cast a coolin’ spell on me.

She told me it was for the sake of me not dyin’ even when hit by magma while I clean up my stuff.

But, what’s up with that That girl is clearly more powerful than I am.

Wouldn’t she actually be able to clear this dungeon by herself

While sulkin’ as I was plagued by those doubts, I headed over to the magma, and dumped the whole lot inside my bag into the hot, gooey mass.

……Why did I keep all this stuff ‘nyway….. A cheap sword matchin’ with those of my friends back when I started out as adventurer, or a bracelet I got from my lover in a party I thought I’d be able to finally settle down with.

Even though I was sure I’d thrown that stuff ‘way long ago…

All these things were swallowed by the magma and disappeared for eternity.

Vacantly watchin’ it happen, I felt, “…Ain’t hot at all.”

Even though I was standin’ almost inside the lava, I didn’t feel any heat whatsoever.

…That girl is really too much of a worrywart, isn’t she

She’s takin’ life lightly and deliberately does all kinds of dangerous stuff, and yet she makes sure for no one to die.

In spite of sayin’ weird stuff ’bout me bein’ invincible and so on, she cast magic, worryin’ that the lava might hurt me in some way.

It was the same when I ran out of mana and was recoverin’ gradually by sleepin’.

She suddenly started to worry and made some weird drink.

I wonder whether she’s aware how much of a devoted, jealous meddler she is.

Anyway, she’s much stronger than me, and yet I don’t know whether she realizes that she’s not bein’ proper evaluated for her skills, and simply gets treated as my hanger just because she’s partyin’ with me.

Then again, she wouldn’t say ‘nythin’ even if she noticed it…no, she’d be happy, prattlin’ ’bout having some material for torturin’.

That girl’s definitely a huge sadist.

Or maybe it’s better to say that she’s ill, seriously.

I sighed.

……Even though she’s such a gentle person in reality.

It was that environment of hers where she wouldn’t have pulled through if she didn’t break and give up on everythin’.

I guess the same applies to me as well, though.

That’s why she’s with me.


Sword, let’s go back anytime soon~ Otherwise mother is going to worry~”


Sorry, I was just spacin’ out a bit.”

Being told so by Ryoku, I turned around.

The bag had become completely empty.

I dumped all the junk I collected up until now.

From now on I’m goin’ to cram this bag with new stuff.

It’s prolly goin’ to be toys made by her and loot I obtained after gettin’ that feelin’ of thrill she always talks ’bout.


It’s just been emptied out, but I s’pose I’ll immediately fill it up with those [Gun] toys we used earlier.”

“Let’s have a competition over who can hold more, oki”

“Oh, sure sounds fun!”

…This guy’s a golem, isn’t he

Somehow he’s talkin’ very casually, though …Oh well, whatever.

Since he’s been created by her, it’s ‘nythin’ goes ‘nyway, isn’t it I’m pretty sure he’s a livin’ bein by now either way.




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