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The man’s five fingers are still tightening.

This bastard… He really wants to strangle me to death!

Xiao Lingyue held her breath, groped and grasped the man’s shoulder with her fingers, swept across the neck, and before Zhan Beihan had time to react, she found the acupuncture point and struck hard!

Zhan Beihan’s whole body froze suddenly, his body was instantly numbed, and he fell down stiffly.

”Cough, cough, cough!” Xiao Lingyue struggled to break free from his hand, and fell to one side, clutching her neck and coughing desperately.

I almost suffocated to death!

”Xiao Lingyue, do you dare to sneak attack on Bengong !” A voice burning with anger sounded, grinding his teeth with every word.

Xiao Lingyue turned her head and saw Zhan Beihan’s handsome face, which was terribly dark.

She was alsovangry and said darkly “You want to kill me, why didn’t I dare to sneak attack you”

Because she was almost strangled to death, her voice was injured, her voice was low and hoarse, inexplicably provocating his anger.

”You!” Zhan Beihan gritted his teeth angrily, “You good-for-nothing lady, where did you learn the acupuncture technique”

This acupuncture technique is extremely exquisite and rare.

The feeling of distending pain in the meridians and backlash of internal strength.

”I advise you, it’s better to save some effort, I won’t be able to solve this acupuncture method, you want to rush away all your life… Uh!”

Before Xiao Lingyue finished speaking, her voice changed, and her brows were tightly frowned.

Damn it…

This body has no internal strength, she can hardly suppress the poision in her body! And it turns out to be an aphrodisiac.

It is not difficult to cure the this aphrodisiac that she has been fed.

The difficulty is that she does not have the medicinal materials at hand.

If she does not cure it for a long time, her life may be in danger.

Besides, there is another way, that is…

Xiao Lingyue looked at Zhan Beihan faintly, her eyes were a little weird.

”What do you want to do” Zhan Beihan was stared at by her and his hair stood up all over his body in a sudden wave of goosebump.

”You, have you ever slept with a woman” Xiao Lingyue suddenly leaned forward, staring at him with moist and hazy black eyes, and asked suddenly.


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