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”The bride committed suicide!!”

It is the Northern Qin Kingdom, the imperial capital, the first rays of sun are becoming visible over the red sky.

On the main street a long entourage covered in red fabric is visible for ten miles into the distance, a scream suddenly sounded!

The festive music was interrupted immediately, the wedding procession was in chaos, momos1 and maidservants screamed in panic, and countless people looked in amazement at the dragon and phoenix sedan chair carried by eight people in the middle of the procession.

At this moment, the bottom of the sedan chair was dripping with blood.

The bloodstains dripped down and spread on the previously clean read, shocking everyone present!

”Come on, help the bride out!” Momo Xi yelled, and several maidservants hurried forward, dragging out a woman with a phoenix crown and xiapei2 from the sedan chair.

There was a deep cut on her wrist, blood spurted out, and a bloody dagger fell to the ground.

”Help me in first, and call the imperial physician over!” The housekeeper of the palace frowned, his eyes full of disgust.


When Xiao Lingyue was in a daze, she only felt severe pain coming.

Someone was roughly dragging her body, and her drowsy mind gradually regained consciousness.

She moved her eyelashes slightly, and heard the mocking voices from all around.

”Look, this young lady of the Xiao family committed suicide by cutting her wrists!”

”If you want to die, don’t die early.

She will die after the sedan chair is carried to the gate of Yi Wang’s mansion.

Is she deliberately disgusting our Yi Wangye”

”She used despicable means to plot against Yi Wang and forced the prince to marry her as his concubine.

Now that she is about to achieve her goal, she actually cut her wrists and committed suicide in the sedan chair.

Is this woman out of her mind”

”That may not be so, who doesn’t know that Yi Wang hates her very deeply, if she really marries into Yi Wang’s mansion, she will be an abandoned woman for the rest of her life! It would be better to die now and occupy the name of a concubine until she dies, this woman has vicious thoughts!”


Xiao Lingyue was momentarily at a loss.

Miss Xiao… Who is it Xiao Lingyue was stunned, she was reborn

Suddenly, there was a tingling flash in my mind, and a large number of strange memories spewed out.

Several servant girls helped her into the new room, threw her on the wedding bed and left her in a hurry.

Xiao Lingyue sat up dizzily, and when she lifted off the wedding veil that was in the way, she saw a hideous wound on her wrist, with blood still bubbling out.

With such a deep cut, it is obvious that the previous owner of this body does not want to live anymore.

Xiao Lingyue gritted her teeth and pressed the acupoints on her wrist tightly to stop the bleeding urgently.

She bit the outer gown with her mouth, tore off the cloth strips, and bandaged the wound tightly.

She was busy treating the wound, and she didn’t pay attention for a moment, and the body abnormalities caused by excessive blood loss kept coming.

Xiao Lingyue felt that she couldn’t breathe, a strange uncomfortable feeling rose from her body, her whole body seemed to be in a steamer, and sweat slid down her cold white side face.


She suddenly realized something was wrong, this was not a blood loss reaction!

She has poisioned!

The original owner of this body was drugged!

Cutting the wrist was not for suicide, but for bloodletting and reducing the effect of the medicine…

Xiao Lingyue suddenly realized that it was not good, but it was too late.

Just as the bleeding stopped, the medicine in her body began to surge instantly.

She leaned on the edge of the bed and wanted to get up to find water, but her legs became weak and she almost fell to the ground.

Just at this moment, there was another chaotic human voice outside the house.

”Wangye, calm down…”

”Go away, I want to see what she wants to do!” A cold and furious voice sounded, strode hastily, and kicked open the door of the new room.

The loud noise made people tremble in fear.

The housekeeper, guards, and servant girls of the royal residence knelt on the ground in horror: “Wangye, calm down!”

Xiao Lingyue knelt beside the bed, barely raised her head, and in her blurred vision, she could only see a slender, black figure standing in front of the door.

This is, Yi Wangye, Zhan Beihan!

”All of you stay outside the door, and no one is allowed to come in without my order!” The man’s voice was as cold as snow.

”Bang!” The door of the new house was slammed shut.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of footsteps approached, as if calling for death.

”Uh!” Xiao Lingyue frowned in pain, her slender neck was grabbed by the man, and she pressed heavily on Dragona and Phoenix ebmroided wedding bed, her five fingers tightened fiercely.

The pain of lack of oxygen, the weakness of blood loss, and the clamoring medicine in the body kept surging.

Xiao Lingyue struggled instinctively: “Let go… let go!”

The peanuts, longan and other auspicious objects that covered the entire wedding bed were swept off the bed by her struggling movements, and scattered all over the floor.

”Wangye…” The housekeeper and others outside the room panicked when they heard the movement.

”Shut up, get out!” Zhan Beihan roared angrily.

There was an instant silence outside the house, and everyone backed away.

In the big wedding room, only the new couple were left.

The bridegroom strangled the bride’s neck, with murder in his eyes, and ruthlessly said: “Xiao Lingyue, how dare you commit suicide on Benwang’s sedan chair! If you want to die so much, this king will let you do it right now!”


Xiao Lingyue neck was strangled so strongly that she couldn’t breathe, her eyes went black, and she couldn’t speak at all.


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