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C8—- The Runaway Bride VII

Posted on October 5, 2021by UntamedS

The godfather was also obviously stunned by his words, and his hand stalled slightly in the air.

Then he caressed the top of his head with a slight smile.

“What silly things to say,” he said lightly, “you’ve grown up, you can no longer be so childish.”


Kou Dong didn’t let go of his hand, but just gently huffed.

He pressed his face against his knee, the silky robe was stained with a light, crisp fragrance.


He didn’t reply for a long time.

The godfather waited and waited, finally bent his head to look at the godson’s face, only to find that the boy had somehow closed his eyes, rather as if he couldn’t bear the bitterness, his heart sank.

He wrinkled his eyebrows, his hand cupped the chin of the godson, and suddenly glanced at a drop of water that had slipped quietly from his eyelid.


Translucent and round, it fell squarely on the man’s knee, blotting into a slightly darker colored dot.


Game system: [……]



How come the Oscar didn’t go to Kou Dong

This one tear was enough to rout the godfather who raised him from childhood and regarded him as a treasure.

Only, after pondering again and again, the godfather still rejected his offer without mercy.


“Don’t think nonsense.” He said in a low voice, his thick eyelashes hiding the emotions on his eyes, “Get some rest.”


That was the final word.

The godfather pushed him away from his body, no longer looking at him, and reopened the book in front of him.


Kou Dong: “……”


Sure enough, even in a horror game, the uncle was still the most difficult NPC.


He also didn’t argue too much with the man, but his expression showed his great dispair, and he lowered his head as he slowly walked towards the door.

Only when he walked out the door, he wiped his face and said moodily to the system, “See …… I told you that men are pig-headed.”

Most of them weren’t reliable.


The game system thought to itself, they’re not as unreliable as you, you just intended to incite two NPCs to beat each other up!

He just reasonably rejected your suggestion, right

But if he tried, he didn’t get anything.

Kou Dong took two steps and had more speculation in his mind about the relationship between the two NPCs.

According to his view, the godfather and the little puppy didn’t seem to be completely in the same camp, but more like they were connected by something.


As for that reason, Kou Dong thought he was.

He wasn’t being too confident, it was mainly because the more than 90% favorability points were really high, so he reasonably considered himself.

As for this group of immortal servants in the ancient castle ……


Kou Dong felt that it was more like the handiwork of the little puppy.

He had nothing to base his guess on, this guess was purely out of intuition.


This was also the reason why he took the lead in choosing to attack the Godfather.

He felt that the little puppy had a hidden identity.

And this identity, should be, a nonhuman.

As he was thinking, he suddenly heard the sound of something rolling down to the ground.

The thing rolled all the way to his toes and hit his boots.


It was a round grape.


Kou Dong raised his eyes, the person he was thinking about was leaning against the wall, his long legs folded, and another fresh grape cupped in his hand.


“Brother,” the baron whispered, licking his lips, “would you like to eat”

Kou Dong looked at him steadily, unable to determine how long the man had been around and whether he had heard what he had just said.

But the baron’s expression wasn’t different, getting no response, he lazily smiled, and his fingertips slowly peeled off the grape skin piece by piece, revealing the crystal clear flesh inside.

“In that case, it’s better for me to do it for brother.”


Kou Dong suddenly asked, “Won’t you eat”

“Me” As if hearing something absurd, the little puppy shook his head, “I never eat these.

–all these things, they don’t live long.”


He said slowly, peeling that grape more cleanly, “But they are still lucky …… at least they can still be made into wine.

When they are made into wine, they can be kept immortal for a hundred years.”


The baron lifted this one pulp up and squinted at it for a while , before holding it in his fingertips and moving it towards Kou Dong.

“What do you think, brother”


“Me” Kou Dong laughed gently, then his boots slammed hard and broke the one grape that rolled to his feet.

The juice burst out, the tiny kernel inside rolled out, and what remained was fragmented, unshaped flesh.


Kou Dong said, “I’d rather it was like this then.”


The little puppy wasn’t offended by this action of his, but laughed more and more, he seemed extremely excited.


“It really is brother,” he patted his palm and laughed, ” …… The Lord wasn’t wrong at all.”

“Wrong about ……”


“- Brother is already destined to become our, eternal bride.”


Kou Dong had heard similar words before, all he could think about was being the bride.

Now that he was listening again, he realized that there was another point in those words.

It was eternity.

He jerked his feet up and took a deep breath as thin goose bumps rose on his back.


He remembered the scent of those vile flowers.

The flowers lay in a thick layer on his bed, the juice spreading everywhere.

He thought of the servants in the castle who had been reduced to human dolls.

He remembered the note he had found from behind the wall.


“Demons covet the beautiful skin and make it their most precious collection.


The white bones of the foreigners, buried under the jewels, had piled up.

The flowers of the vile, the grass of corruption.

” At the end of the night, the judgment of the Lord will come at last ……”


Such a clear clue, even if the word bride didn’t attract attention, he should have found out earlier that something was wrong.

Kou Dong’s palms were thoroughly sweaty, and he finally couldn’t help but question the system.


“Crap …… Those two are not planning to turn me into that thing tomorrow night too, right”


The game system didn’t answer, which was more like a kind of default for guessing the plot.


Kou Dong wiped his face and muttered, “…… Now I know, this is a real **ing horror game.”


What romance game would end with skinning ah


Kou Dong suddenly had a clearer perception of the consequences of not being able to escape tomorrow night.


Count him wrong, the little puppy wasn’t an obedient and cute person, he was a pervert.

He was a complete pervert.

Anything he liked had to stay for a long time.


The point was, the grapes could be made to wine to last long, people he liked that wouldn’t live long, he could make them a mannequin ah!

Wasn’t this a disease


Kou Dong said from the bottom of his heart: “He should read more books.”


Wasn’t it true that the little puppy didn’t understand the basic principle that a man was inherently dead

Even if the little puppy didn’t understand, could it be that the godfather also didn’t understand And even helped the evil-doer!


The game system finally spoke.

[What the player said does not conform to the background of the copy.

Kou Dong let out a long sigh and made a summary, “It’s just evil capitalism.”


System: []

Kou Dong waved a hand, and laid on the bed as if his soul was lost.

As soon as he laid down on the bed, he remembered that these should be the flowers that catalyzed his transformation into a mannequin ……


Forget it, Kou Dong relaxed even more.

Anyway, he’d been sleeping on it for several days.

If it was time to escape, then he would escape.

It was useless to do anything right now.


This night, Kou Dong followed the hints, he first went to the ancient castle in the inner room where the jewelry was displayed.

He went through the entire room, and not surprisingly found a secret passage hidden underneath.

He opened it to see, inside were the white bones, almost piling up into a mountain, he thought it was the people that had failed that failed to become dolls, their skins eventually entered the tailor’s closet as clothes.


This was also a verification of Kou Dong’s suspicions.


He re-locked the secret passage, and then gingerly went around the room, intending to see the study where the godfather had spent the day.

Then just outside the door, he saw a faint light above, accompanied by the sound of lightened footsteps.

At nights like this, Kou Dong really couldn’t think of any NPCs that would go outside.

He quietly hid in a corner and looked with the help of a small mirror, only to find that it was actually the housekeeper who was diligently working overtime to tie the bouquet.


Kou Dong: “……”

He had to say, the housekeeper was really dedicated.

The last time he ran into him, he was working overtime sewing himself, just to change his disguise and continue working the next day.

Now he was still working, as if he was dedicating himself to the cause.

No one had given him a triple overtime pay.

The housekeeper fixed the bouquet of flowers on the stairs, before lifting his steps again and entering the kitchen.

Kou Dong soon heard the soft clanging of porcelain from inside, he thought that the other began to polish the plates again.

Kou Dong wasn’t surprised at his excessive workload.

After all, if he hadn’t burned the remaining servants, the butler wouldn’t have to do the work of so many people by himself ……

He was little miserable.


He mentally estimated the time and his eyes followed the direction the butler walked in for a moment.


He suddenly remembered something and shifted his gaze back, shuttling up and down.


…… no.


The Middle Ages, which should have been a time when the church held power in its hands.

This time in the West, many churches even overwhelmed the royal power.

But this ancient castle, he didn’t see half a trace of faith-related objects.

No crosses, no evening prayers, but everywhere had a gloomy and somber atmosphere, the few ornaments were strange human faces.

The owner of the castle seemed to have abandoned his faith and chosen to worship the devil alone here.

There was speculation in Kou Dong’s mind.

He could never figure out why the godfather had agreed to the wedding, willingly married his beloved godson to him, and even agreed to make him a human puppet.

But if this was a sacrifice for the devil, then everything had an explanation.

He, the bride, would be the sacrifice that would eventually lie on the sacrificial platform.

Among the clues, Kou Dong still had a sentence that hadn’t been solved.

According to the semantics, it seemed that this sentence should be the most important that would point his way out to life.

“At the end of the night, the Lord’s judgment will finally come.”


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