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Ch3 - Ranking up

Editor: Decembery


In the ruins covered by green foliage, a nimble silhouette dashed through, accompanied by several staggered gunshots that mercilessly harvested mutant beasts in its path. 

“The enemy sniper lost their cover.”



“Ok, assemble and prepare to take down the second point!”

“Our base should have enough energy now, can Ghost get there in time” 

“No problem.”


Qiu Yu sent the crystal nuclei back to the base, using energy to exchange for a rifle before rushing towards the no.2 field at the centre of the battlefield. 

This was the ascension battle from 3-star “Honour” to 1-star “Legend”, and Qiu Yu randomly drew the ‘point-capture’ mode. 

The ‘point-capture’ mode was different from capturing and defending each team’s respective towers.

It placed more emphasis on the confrontation between players.

Hence, the jungling position had an even higher requirement for battlefield awareness as to adequately balance fighting mutant beasts and participating in group battles. 


At a higher rank, the skills and strength of passerby players also improved significantly, making it easier to communicate between teammates—if Qiu Yu was lucky, there were occasionally pretty competent commanders that could coordinate the team. 

When Qiu Yu rushed over, he was just in time for a small-scale group battle. 

Two people came from the opposing team, interrupting their analysis of the situation.

The second point was currently occupied by the opponents—therefore, they could choose to spend some extra energy to directly revive at this place, as well as directly handing in newly obtained nuclei here, without having to run all the way back to their base.


The advantages of this position were obvious.  

Qiu Yu clambered up the wreckages before settling down his rifle in a sniping position, aiming at the two enemy players. 

At this level, players generally all had some counter-sniping and self-defense tactics, and were quite proficient in their battle footwork, always moving to avoid giving enemies time to aim. 

However, in the end ‘Century’s Finale’ was only a game and not a real battlefield.

So the size of the battlefield was greatly decreased, and even the range of the guns was completely different from reality. 

At such a distance, Qiu Yu didn’t even need to consciously aim before shooting.  

The instant the enemy player peeked out from behind an obstacle, a bullet was lodged into their temple, taking their life on the spot. 

“Come in, continue the analysis.” Qiu Yu succinctly spoke into the channel. 

The next moment, he left his spot, meandering around a piece of rubble.

Sure enough, he found the second enemy soldier, expertly harvesting another kill.

His teammate whistled, “Boss Ghost is hella awesome!” 

Unimpressed, Qiu Yu continued advancing into enemy territory with his rifle, nonchalantly saying, “The northwest is about to spawn a special mutant beast, I’ll head over and see.” 

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The teammate fell speechless for a moment, before weakly rebutting, “Brother, the northwest area is the enemy’s jungle.”


Hle Te gfqilfv, “Sc, P xcbk.”

Ccbatfg afjwwjaf mbeivc’a tfiq ijeutlcu, “Dbrr Xtbra, lo sbe xffq gbyylcu atfw ilxf atlr, atf fcfws pecuifg lr jmaejiis ubccj mgs.” 

Ktf bqqbrlcu afjw’r pecuifg… kjr lcvffv bc atf nfguf bo afjgr. 

When the game had barely begun, Du Chen was already robbed of a special mutant beast by the ID “Ghost2207”, along with a bunch of regular beasts, resulting in their team’s economy always precariously hovering on the danger line.

He couldn’t even join in on group battles, always having to bury himself in the jungle, trying to gain some more crystal nuclei for his base. 

Qtb xcfk, jr Ge Jtfc mjimeijafv atf alwf jcv gertfv bnfg ab atf weajca yfjra’r ijlg lc atf cbgatkfra mbgcfg bo tlr afjw’r pecuif, tf kjr bcmf wbgf uloafv j yeiifa lc atf yjmx jcv j ogff pbegcfs yjmx ab yjrf ys atja vjgcfv “Xtbra2207”.

Coafg gfnlnlcu, tf cfgnberis gjmfv yjmx ab atf ijlg, bcis ab rff “Xtbra2207” vfjilcu klat j cfkis-rqjkcfv rmbgqlbc. 

Calculating revenge in his heart, Du Chen found a good sniping spot, wanting to borrow the scorpion’s attacks and deal with that “Ghost2207”… only to find that the other didn’t leave even a shadow in his scope, managing to hide himself in the sniper’s blind spot even while fiercely dealing with the scorpion.  

This guy was literally a Bug! 

Du Chen waited for half a day and didn’t get a chance to shoot a single bullet.

Naturally, he was getting a little frustrated. 

However, just as he was about to call his teammates over for backup, “Ghost 2207” actually led the giant scorpion towards his concealed sniping position, and a swipe of the scorpion’s tail forced him out of his hiding spot!

At that moment, “Ghost2207” promptly pulled out a pistol at his waist and fired two shots, sending him, once again, back to the base.  

“Oi! What’s wrong with you, jungler”

“How many times have you died already Our base’s energy is about to be used up by all your revivals!”

“What did the jungle spawn this time Need someone to help you kill it”

Du Chen exploded in anger, “That enemy jungler’s frickin’ using plug-ins!!!”  

The good thing is, although there was a considerable difference in strength between the junglers, the strengths of the other four from each team was pretty balanced.

The ownership of the second point bounced back and forth between the two teams, as temporarily, neither could establish a significant advantage over the other.

The longer the game dragged on, the more time was required for the base to revive a player.

Du Chen had finally successfully snatched back a mutant beast in his own territory, however before he could send the nucleus back, he was killed on the way by “Ghost2207” and robbed of all his crystal nuclei. 

As the two bases’ energy differences gradually grew wider and wider, the scales of victory slowly began to tilt towards Qiu Yu’s team.

The battle passed the forty minute mark before they finally secured the third point, obtaining the final victory. 

“Congratulations Boss! D’you get to ‘Legend’” 

“Wow, the ascension battle is a success! Congrats, congrats! No wonder you’re the king of victory!”

“Boss Ghost, are you gonna keep playing”


Qiu Yu took a look at his PDA, before helplessly rubbing his temples, “Not playing anymore, I’m a bit tired.”

Although he had long been accustomed to the battlefield and playing games for eight hours straight wasn’t really a problem for him, it was obvious that it was a little too much for his Omega body.  

Opponents in high ranking games aren’t as easy to dominate as before, and the battle intensity was also far beyond what it was. 

For example, in the ascension battle just then, it seemed like he was constantly suppressing the opposing jungler, but in actuality, the other player’s combat awareness and skills were also quite excellent, so Qiu Yu had to be on alert at all times. 

Playing for eight hours at this intensity was already his limit.

Thankfully though, he managed to rank up to “Legend” on the last day of the competition season. 

Qiu Yu exited the game, took off his full-dive helmet, and lay on his bed schooling through the light screen of his bracelet.  

Tomorrow is the end of this competition season, and a week later, on the first of May, the next season will begin.

He had to sign a gaming anchor contract before then, to get the full salary for May. 

While Qiu Yu was over here planning to sign on as a game anchor, Du Chen, on the other side, angrily exited the game, ripped off his helmet, raised his foot and kicked the inner wall of the game cabin. 

A moment later, someone knocked on the outside of the game cabin, “Whatchu doin”

Du Chen suppressed his anger, raising a hand to the door of the game cabin, calling out in a low voice, “…Captain.” 

Seeing Du Chen’s expression, the youth standing outside couldn’t stop a smile from breaking out.

“Yo, are you crying”

Du Chen gritted his teeth, “I’m not.” 

The youth laughingly teased him, “Even your eyes are red, are you still not crying What’s wrong, did you lose in Rank”

Du Chen fell silent for a bit, then said with his voice slightly hoarse, “En, I met a really strong jungler.” 

The youth was surprised, “Even you think he’s strong You’re a pro-gamer about to debut in the Summer Season, the next Alpha to take on the mantle of “The Alpha Everyone Wants to Marry”—who could beat you into tears”

Du Chen emphasised, “I didn’t cry!”

That guy laughed and coaxed him, “Okokok, you didn’t cry.

Did you record it I want to see what kind of person is strong enough to beat you into tears.”

Du Chen: ……  

At this point, someone called from the side, “Mu Feibai, the coach is looking for you.”

The youth nodded in their direction, raising his hand and pityingly patted Du Chen’s head, “Isn’t it just a Star District ranking competition, tell me his ID, next time I see him, I’ll win one back for you, don’t cry.”


Du Chen: “I.






Qiu Yu picked three clips from the past few days of ranking that were the most entertaining and demonstrative of his abilities, compressed them, and sent them for review together with the last season’s settlement certificate and his real-life personal details. 

As the broadcasting company was quite large, and coinciding with the end of the season, there were many people applying.

Qiu Yu waited until the last day of April, watching as the next season was about to begin, when he finally received the platform’s notice, requesting him to go to the signing page and sign the contract online.  

In the apocalypse, Qiu Yu grew up under strict military discipline and was cultivated since childhood to become an effective war machine, so nearly all of his skills lay in battle.

The differences in military ranks and levels of clearance were straightforward and simple—resulting in the fact that when Qiu Yu handled legal documents such as contracts, he dealt with them in the way he used to handle documents for the transfer of troops—without any vigilance whatsoever. 

Furthermore, the new season was about to begin in no time, so Qiu Yu didn’t delay, checking through the contract’s salary information and rewards ratio and promptly signing the digital contract, successfully setting up his broadcasting channel under the AI’s guide. 

The next day, ‘Century’s Finale’ finished its updates, and the mid-spring season officially began. 

Qiu Yu entered the broadcast room on the dot as advertised on his front page promotions, going to queue up straight away. 

At the beginning of a new season, the previous season’s ranks won’t be completely unchanged, as one must first fight ten qualifying matches to determine each player’s starting rank for the current season.

Those in higher ranks of “Great Merit”, “Honour”, and “Legend” would be randomly allocated the ten games, and furthermore, one must queue alone.

Hence, there was a higher requirement for the strength and capability of individual players. 

Qiu Yu had always queued alone so it wasn’t an extra pressure on him. 

As he was waiting to be matched up, his broadcast room welcomed its first audience.

A message popped up from the half-transparent bullet screen in the corner of his vision:

[Brother Ghost, jiayou!] 

Seeing this familiar tone, Qiu Yu realised, “Xu Qingqing”

[Hehe, you found me out]

[You started playing so early, I haven’t even gotten up yet.

Currently lying down and watching your broadcast with VR glasses.]

[Come on in the rank-deciding match, let’s get to ‘Legend’ in one go!] 





At the same time, the barrage in a hugely popular broadcasting room was scrolling at a dizzying speed, despite it being so early in the morning. 

[Jiayou, God Mu! Get to ‘Legend’ in one go!]

[How is it possible that God Mu wouldn’t get to ‘Legend’ He’s totally gonna get straight to 3-star ‘Legend’ easy!]

[To get to 3-star ‘Legend’, he can’t lose a single round.

This isn’t just about skills, it’s also about luck.

If he meets a pro gamer on the other team, it’s very possible to flip the car!]

Waiting in queue, Mu Feibai scanned the comments, laughing, “Flip the car Are you kidding me How about, if I lose a single round today, I’ll live broadcast myself washing my hair in a handstand!”  


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