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Xie Jiuhan laid on his side beside the woman.

As he admired the soft and warm fragrance in his arms, he felt the smoothness and softness on his fingertips.

Feng Qing looked at the mans breathtakingly handsome face without blinking.

Her gaze was as if she was looking up to the god in her heart.

The two of them were pressed against each other, nose to nose, and they could feel each others breathing.

The mans domineering and hot male hormones filled Feng Qings nostrils.

This aura was like a softener, making Feng Qings body gradually soften.

Outside the window, the night sky was dark, only illuminated by faint neon lights.

After the fireworks show ended, the entire Capital seemed to have fallen into silence.

Feng Qing curled up in the mans arms and enjoyed the mans kisses that fell like raindrops.

The more the man kissed, the more addicted he became, and his expression gradually became more and more resistant.

He was enduring the urge to be beastly, so much so that sweat drenched his entire body, and even the tendons on his neck were bulging.

The man was suppressing the desire in his heart, suppressing the desire to completely conquer the woman, and the price of holding it in was to be burned by the flames of desire.

Suddenly, Xie Jiuhan took a deep breath and pulled the blanket up to Feng Qings chin.

“Ill go take a shower!”

Feng Qings eyes were suffused with a watery glow.

She seemed to have woken up from a dream when she heard the voice of Xie Jiuhan.

The expression in her eyes gradually became clear.

Xie Jiuhan swallowed hard as he looked at the lust emanating from the womans body.

He knew that the woman wanted to say that her period was over and that he could do whatever he wanted to her.

At the thought of this, the man felt an even more turbulent fire of desire burning out of his dantian.

Feng Qing thought about why this man was so resistant.

Because of the PG19 virus, the frequency of their intimate contact became more and more intense.

The frequency of Xie Jiuhans relapses would also increase greatly.

Therefore, she understood the mans thoughts.

He didnt want to do it before the poison in his body was removed.

Xie Jiuhan planned to control the poison in Feng Qings body to once every fifty days.

There was still at least two months before they could be intimate.

Xie Jiuhan was about to turn around and get off the bed when his fingers were pulled by a wet and hot hand.

Feng Qing crawled out of the blanket like a coquettish and charming nine-tailed fox in a book.

Her black and beautiful hair was draped over her shoulders.

She was so seductive that it only made ones three souls and seven spirits be seduced.

She approached Xie Jiuhan and whispered softly in his ear.

Xie Jiuhan took a deep breath and looked at her with surging eyes…

The next second, the two scorching flames finally intertwined.

Beautiful flames bloomed and exploded in the night sky.

The moans that cleansed ones soul made one feel like spring was rising.

The ambiguous night and scorching love made Feng Qing completely lose herself in the night.

After a long time, Xie Jiuhan walked out of the bathroom with the naked Feng Qing in his arms.

He placed Feng Qing on the sofa.

The man went to the cloakroom and took out a brand new set of pajamas for the woman to wear personally.

After she was dressed, the woman returned to the bed.

There was a faint blush on her cheeks.

A few strands of hair landed on her red face.

There was even a small strand of hair stuck to her charming red lips.

Xie Jiuhan walked over and reached out to gently remove the hair on Feng Qings lips.

Then, he asked softly, “Are you tired”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qings face quickly heated up.

The blush that she had just pushed down filled her face again.

The mans knowing words made the embarrassment in her heart explode.

She pulled the blanket over her head.

Looking at the womans shy appearance, Xie Jiuhans black eyes exuded a sexy smile.

He tucked the blanket around the woman and said, “Have a good rest.”

Feng Qing slowly pulled the blanket back to her chin and revealed her face.

“No, its tradition to stay up late on New Years Eve.

I dont want to sleep so early.”

Xie Jiuhan said, “Alright, youll stay up to watch over the new year, Ill watch over you.”

Feng Qing didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Thats not what I meant.”

Xie Jiuhan naturally understood what a woman meant.

During the Chinese New Year, one would stay up late to wait for the new year.

The longer one stayed late, the more energetic one would be.

It meant that the new year would be more energetic.

However, he was serious when he said that he would watch over the woman.

Not only would he watch over the woman tonight, but he would also watch over her for the rest of his life.

Their love and future would be personally guarded by him.

Although Feng Qing wanted to do that, she was actually sleepy in less than two minutes.

The strong sleepiness made her eyelids flutter crazily.

Even though she kept telling herself to wake up, it was of no use.

She quickly fell asleep in her daze.

Xie Jiuhan sat beside her and lowered his head to look at the woman.


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