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Lu Beilin looked at the blood-red ruby that his sister had given him and fell silent.

And the round golden pearl the size of a babys fist in Lu Beichens hand.

For a moment, the entire Lu family villa fell silent.

Even Lu Zhan was a little dumbfounded.

Then, he asked with difficulty,

“Xiaocha, where… did you get all this”

Any one of these items could be sold for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions at the auction.

Furthermore, they were very rare.

However, his daughter casually took them out and gave them away.

In fact, these things were still in sacks previously.

He pitied the treasures.

Lu Xiaocha briefly explained how she had gone to pick up walnuts and discovered the underground palace.

When it came to the underground palace, she had to talk about the Imperial Preceptor who had wantonly made money.

When it came to the Imperial Preceptor, she naturally had to introduce her subordinate, Yin Shian.

After hearing this, everyone sighed, especially about Yin Shians encounter.

This child had really never had a good life.

Lu Beilin rubbed his chin.

“But why havent I heard of such a person in history”

Lu Zhan said, “Yes, but it wasnt written in the official history.

Ive seen relevant records in the unofficial history before, but there were very few.

It was rumored that the Imperial Preceptor lived for a long time.

He played with power and even bewitched the emperor to ban the Daoist and Buddhist sects at that time.

Not only did he make a lot of money, but he also got someone to collect and burn books about Buddhism and Daoism.

Many books related to Buddhism and Daoism were lost at that time.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“After the Daoist priest found out that the Imperial Preceptor built the underground palace, he scolded that person for a long time, but he found many books inside.”

“Our Xiaocha must be the reincarnation of a koi fish.”

Pei Anran stroked her daughters furry head and sighed.

She had only gone out twice in total, and each time, the things she brought back were more precious than the last.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and rubbed against her mothers hand.

She smiled.

Right, wheres her meat

“Fourth Brother, wheres my meat”

Lu Beifeng pointed to the kitchen.

“I put it in the freezer for you.”

She relaxed and went to pick at her walnuts.

Lu Zhan got the servant to help.

He wore gloves and removed the green skin on the outside of the walnut, revealing the walnut inside.

He was stunned.

“Xiaocha, this…”

Lu Xiaocha looked at her father in confusion and crushed the walnut.

Lu Zhans eyelids twitched.

Not only did the walnut shell look hard, but it was really very hard.

However, his daughter cracked it with a light squeeze.

Lu Xiaocha was also dumbfounded when she saw how little walnut meat was revealed from the walnut.

“Why is there so little meat in such a big walnut!”

This was too thick-skinned!

Refusing to believe it, he pinched another one.

The result was the same.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

What a loss!

She pulled out the pitifully small amount of walnut meat and put it in her mouth, her face full of gloom.

Lu Zhan coughed lightly.

“Its not a loss.”

Lu Xiaocha gave him a look that said “Dad, dont lie to me.”

How was this not a loss

Lu Zhan squatted down and explained with one of the walnuts.

“These walnuts are the ones used to play.

Theyre not meant to be eaten.

Theyre meant to be played with.”

The walnut color that had not yet been coiled was dull, but the patterns on it were beautiful.

“You can sell a pair of walnuts like this for a few hundred yuan.

If you like them, you can just buy ordinary walnuts with this money.”

Lu Xiaocha suddenly felt happy again.


Lu Zhan nodded affirmatively.

He had taken a look just now.

The walnuts her daughter picked up were all lion heads.

Every one of them was in good condition.

There were a lot of people in the circle who liked walnuts.

It wasnt hard to sell them.

“Leave that to me.”

Lu Beilin rubbed his sisters head.

“I have many friends who know people who like this stuff too.”

Those rich second-generation heirs had nothing to do all day.

They often did stone gambling and bought antiques.

Lu Xiaochas heart did not ache anymore.

She quickly packed these flashy walnuts and gave them to her third brother.

The meat for dinner today was the snake meat she brought back.

When the fragrance came from the kitchen, even someone as calm as Lu Zhan put down the book in his hand.

Lu Xiaocha, who was originally watching the TV series seriously, sniffed and followed the fragrance to the kitchen to secretly eat.

Lu Beilin adjusted his glasses.

“Im going to see what my sister is doing.”


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