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Chapter 30

Okay, I warned her.

Zich glanced at their surroundings. Undead creatures and monsters were all ganging up on them. He had to stay in place while protecting Lubella.

Well, thats easy.

Zich moved as fast as the wind.

Crash! Slice! Crash! Slice!

Zich avoided the attacks that came towards him, blocked the attacks that came towards Lubella, and twisted his sword between the undead creatures and monsters to kill them off. Zich launched a series of attacks without stopping, but the only ones that fell were the undead and monsters.

On the other hand, it was important to consider that Zichs efficiency in battle was cut down by half since he also had to protect Lubella. From a glance, it seemed as if Grotim had an advantage. However, Zichs face was still calm and peaceful while Grotims face began to look uglier and uglier.

“So what are you gonna do! If you dont quickly bring me down, theKilling Machine, Belri Weig, is going to come and defeat you!”

“Shut up!”

“Im warning you out of the goodness in my heart. If you dont retreat right now, you might be in serious trouble.”

“I told you to shut the ** up!”

Grotim began to respond very emotionally. His nervousness and fear began to swallow him gradually.

I guess it cant be helped.

Grotim hardened his heart and took out something from his pockets. It was the book calledKey. The page that Zich had ripped was fixed, and it now looked as good as new. As soon as Grotim opened the book, an ominous aura drifted out.

Screech! Screech! Screeeeeeeech!

Screams echoed throughout the whole space. They sounded like a combination of cries of people being tortured, the sound of nails scratching on a chalkboard, and ghosts shrieking curses in the air.


Gurgg! Gurgg!


Monsters and the undead began to also scream out loud. As if they were cheering for the sounds coming out of the book, it was a frightening scene to behold.

“Okay, I admit it! You are one annoying bastard! Even more than those Karuwiman bastards! I cant believe Im getting so distracted by a dude who just popped out of nowhere!”

“What Arent you complimenting me too much”

It was very rare for a Bellid to hate someone more than a Karuwiman.

“Say whatever the ** you want. You wont be able to use your mouth for long!”

Grotim lifted his book. As if the book had its own will, the book's pages began to flip by themselves.

“Are you going to use that If you use the power of the Key, wont the ritual be delayed”

“By a bit! A tiny bit! It wont matter if I use it once to kill you!”

“Can you even properly use it The Mayor who you also used as theKey died in my hands. Arent the powers that you can control very limited”

“I dont need much power to kill you!”

“What about Lubella Our precious Lubella might be swept by your attack.”

“Well, it cant be helped.”

As the situation worsened for him, Grotim began to half-give up on Lubella. Zich clicked his tongue.

“Sad. I was going to keep using Lubella as the shield if he couldnt give up on her.”

“Please think those thoughts in your mind so I dont hear them!” Lubella also seemed to be sick of Zichs antics and shouted at him.


A column of water rose from the lake. It was large enough to swallow several buildings easily. As if it was a giant snake, it began to twist its body; then its head began to head towards Zich and Lubella.

The undead and monsters began to force themselves upon Zich and Lubella. Without caring about any of their injuries, they pushed themselves in without cooperation or connection. The whole purpose was to prevent Zich and Lubella from escaping.

“Should I also stay still even in this situation”

Even though the situation was very dangerous, Lubella remained calm. She was confident that Zich would not leave her alone and run away by himself.

“Yes, you are exactly right. However, please prepare to use your healing magic.”

“Dont worry. Thats my specialty.”

Zichs sword style changed. Before, his sword style was defensive and focused on interception, but now his sword style was rough, aggressive, and focused on cutting down as many enemies as he could.

Swish! Crush!

Zichs menacing sword style destroyed everything in his reach. The wall, made up of undead creatures and monsters, began to loosen up and crumble at once. However, his new sword style had some drawbacks as he sacrificed defense for offense.

Pierce! Crush!

A few attacks passed through Zichs defense and injured his body. Even though Zich moved to avoid fatal injuries, he received a couple of pretty serious blows. Instead, he concentrated most of his defense in blocking all the attacks towards Lubella, and she did not receive a single hit. Moreover, anyone who injured Zichs body died as soon as they made contact.

“Im going to heal you now!”

All of Zichs injuries disappeared in a second. Even the poison in his body was gone. Lubellas holy powers were extremely impressive. With Lubellas support, Zich was able to push back the undead and monsters somewhat successfully.

Grotim began shooting the water column at them.



Formidable water pressure soared above the earth and loomed closer as if it planned to crush everything. Zich stared at it and watched it come down.


Zich readjusted his stance in the small space he had made to separate him and Lubella from the undead creatures and monsters. He pulled his sword back and tensed all his muscles.


The sword vibrated and mana began to surround it like a whirlpool. Zichs eyes became sharper.

A water column shot out and struck where Zich was. In the opposite direction, Zich slowly pierced the air where the column was heading.


With that clear sound, the space distorted, and intangible forces shot up. Zich continued to shoot out Piercing Space attacks at the water column. Soon, the shots swallowed up the column.


The ground rumbled. The pressure that the water column hit the ground with was great enough to sweep the undead and monsters away instantly.


Grotim breathed heavily. While scowling, he looked down at the Key.

Damn it! As expected, it consumes too much energy!”

Like Zich said, losing the Mayor had been critical.

But still, with this much…!

It seemed that damn Zich had done something, but Grotim thought it was all useless.

But if that guy tried to save Lubella, that girl might still be alive.

If that was the case, his victory was clear.

If I get a hold of the Saint candidate and get Belri Weig mixed into the ritual and kill him, my position in the Church will become firmer than anyone else.

Just the thought of his sweet future made him glad. But it was too early to celebrate.

“Is this all No matter what, they are just worshipers of a fish head.”

Grotim heard a rude and annoying voice, and his eyes became big as if they would pop out.


After the water column collapsed, the whole area was flooded with water. The remains of monsters and the undead that had been swept away by the disaster floated everywhere like blocks of wood. However, his targets, Zich and Lubella, were completely fine.

They were soaked from the water, but that was all. They didnt look like they were wounded or had a single scratch on their bodies.

“My powers should have swallowed you…!”

“Ah, that”

Zich stopped squeezing water out of his clothes to answer.

“An attack that uses mass and water pressure isnt bad. But no matter how big the water column is, the surface area we come into contact with is not much. If we pierce through the area and decrease the water pressure, all we get hit by is a waterfall that shoots down from a bit higher than usual.”

Zich turned his head.

“But theres someone who will lose their senses over just that.”

Lubella sneezed while looking like a mouse drenched in water. She looked like someone who had just been saved from drowning.

“Are you okay”

“…I dont feel too good. This underground water stinks of Bellus smell.”

“Ah, thats too bad.” Zich expressed his regrets.

“Dont make me laugh! There was so much power in my attack. How could it disperse so easily”

“Poor you, you dont know anything,” Zich said while clicking his tongue. “Its called skills that make it possible, you idiot.”

It was also the skill that the Demon Lord had learned in a time of chaos.

“Okay, then, what are you going to do now Because of your great power, your underlings were all swept away.”

“Dont be too full of yourself because you happened to block one mass attack. The Keys power is not just…!”

“Ah, thats enough.” Zich cut off Grotims words, “You are done.”

“What nonsen—!”


There was the sound of an explosion, but unlike before, it was very close. Like a rusty windmill, Grotim slowly turned his head.

He was there in front of the Mayors mansion walls where the wet debris had gathered. His usual neat, white hair was in a mess, and his body was smeared with all kinds of blood, flesh, and bone fragments. His chilly gaze made him look like the grim reaper of the afterworld. No, to Grotim, he was the grim reaper. Karuwimans greatest fighter had arrived.

“I told you. If you miscalculate the time to retreat, it could mean some serious trouble,” Zich flaunted.

Lubella was happy to see Weig.

“Sir Weig!”

“Are you alright, Lady Lubella”

Weigs eyes immediately softened as if he was talking to his granddaughter. Lubella felt like she couldnt control her emotions. After Weigs departure, Lubella had grown innerly by experiencing so much hardship, but in front of Weig, it was hard for her to hold back her tears.

Tears trickled down from her eyes, and Weig felt his last piece of patience fly away when he saw Lubella crying. He cared for her like his own granddaughter.

“Yoouuu baaastard!” Weigs shout resounded throughout the area. It was filled with so much rage that even Lubella flinched, and Grotim stumbled back after receiving the anger head-on.

Wow, so **ing scary, Zich thought inside his mind. That was how enraged Weig was.

“B-Belri Weig!”

Grotim had gone on and on about his army being enough to fight Weig or that he could just mix Weig into the ritual, but now he looked pale.

“Are you that Bellids son of a bitch” Harsh words came out of Weigs mouth, “A piece of trash that serves a damn thing like Bellu tries to offer a whole city as a sacrifice And you even bother Lubella on top of that! You damn old man!”

As if he was angry at the insults aimed at Bellu, Grotim tried his hardest to hold his ground.

“Even if you are theBellid Slaughterer, do you think you can beat me, who has the Key!”

Wow, before he gained the nickname as Tasnia Plains Killing Machine, his nickname was Bellid Slaughterer.

It was impressive how a Holy Knight could keep gaining bloody nicknames like that; it was a talent.

Burst! Burst! Burst! Burst!

This time, four water columns shot up from the pond. Each of them was three times the size of the previous one. Lubella covered her mouth while witnessing the power they carried as the columns wiggled.


Like he was in a fit of passion, Grotim shouted, and the water column headed to where Weig was. As if Grotim was trying to trap Weig, each of the columns circled in different directions. But Weig didnt escape.


Weig snorted and raised his sword with Karuwimans symbol inscribed on its body, and swung it.


Soon, the water columns that had plodded their way close to Weig burst. Like how fast they had come at Weig, streams of water fluttered everywhere. It was as if rain was falling from the dry sky.

Grotim stared at him with utter shock as Weig asked, “Is that all”


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