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At this moment, everyone looked over nervously.

“Master, Master!”

After a quick jog, Lin Qingzhu, who had woken up, ran over with tears in her eyes.

She had just experienced a narrow escape and walked through the gates of hell.

At this moment, she finally understood her masters difficulties.

She also truly experienced the grievance and torture of not having a master.

Back then, in the face of the Tianmeng Calamity and the dark chaos, she truly understood how much pressure her master had endured.

The feeling of millions of people looking forward to it was really not something that humans could withstand.

Once they could not withstand it, the world would collapse.

Now that Lin Qingzhu had truly experienced it, she knew very well that she respected and loved her master even more.

She, who had just woken up, was still very weak.

However, when she heard about Ye Qius current danger, she couldnt wait to run over.

Zhao Waner also jogged over with Linglong in her arms, incomparably worried.

The three of them could not control their emotions and were incomparably worried as they looked at the golden light blooming in the vortex.

They wanted to help Ye Qiu share some of the burden, but most of the time, they could only be spectators.

Zhao Waner comforted her, “Senior Sister, its fine.

Master will definitely be fine.

We have to believe in Master.

He never fails.”

While comforting Lin Qingzhu, she was also comforting herself.

Little Linglong, who had just woken up, also cast a confused gaze and asked curiously, “Senior Sister, is Master going to croak”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was dumbfounded.

What kind of words were these

“Linglong, dont spout nonsense.

Master has the talent of a celestial and gathers the providence of the world into his body.

Hes undoubtedly peerless in the world.

Hell definitely be fine.” Lin Qingzhu immediately berated her.

Ming Yue turned around and looked at the three little girls.

She pursed her lips and shook her head, carefully sizing them up.

“Could these three little girls be his disciples”

Ming Yue gave an extremely high evaluation after carefully observing Lin Qingzhu for a long time.

This woman was talented and had excellent aptitude.

Moreover, her temperament had been tempered to perfection.

She was intelligent and had a bright future.

If she was nurtured well, she would definitely be an invincible person in the future.

She was shocked.

She didnt expect Ye Qiu to nurture such a stunning disciple while he was outstanding.

Ming Yue praised her in her heart and looked at Zhao Waner before nodding.

Although Zhao Waners strength was a little lacking, her aptitude was not bad at all.

As long as she was given time, she could still grow into a supreme expert.

When Ming Yues last gaze landed on Linglong, her pupils instantly constricted in extreme surprise.

She looked over with her Heavenly Eye, but she was actually unable to pry into Linglongs foundation.

It was as if there was a ball of fog in front of her that blocked all her vision.

“How is that possible!”

Ming Yue was shocked.

She actually couldnt see Linglongs background at all.

Vaguely, it was as if a supreme shadow was staring at her, and a terrifying pressure assaulted her.

This was a threat and a warning.

She knew very well that if she continued to watch, it would probably cause a backlash.

She immediately retracted her gaze and stopped checking.

She still had lingering fear.

It was as if a myriad of waves had surged in her heart, and she found it difficult to calm down.

Ming Yue did not expect such an extraordinary person to be hidden in this small Great Desolate World.

It was because she came later and did not see Linglongs true body.

Otherwise, she would not have so many doubts.

Her gaze returned to Ye Qiu.

At this moment, he was at the last critical moment of breaking through to the Ten Heavenly Sanctums.

After breaking through that shackle, he would be the chosen one.

If he couldnt break through, he might be consigned to eternal damnation.

Everyone was incomparably nervous.

Gu Sanqiu also slowly walked over.

Seeing that everyone was so nervous, he comforted them, “Everyone, dont be nervous.

This kid has never fought a battle hes not confident in.

He must be prepared to win with such reckless attacks.”

Hearing his words, everyone finally heaved a sigh of relief.

They recalled that he had suppressed Exalted Immortal Nanhua and blocked a huge calamity in the world.

Meng Tianzheng slowly walked over on behalf of the mortal world and said gratefully, “Thank you for your help just now, Senior.

Otherwise, our mortal world would have long been reduced to ashes.

Today, I represent the Great Desolate World to express my gratitude to Senior…”

He was immediately about to bow and kneel to express his sincere gratitude.

This frightened Gu Sanqiu so much that he broke out in cold sweat.

“Oh! This wont do, this wont do…”

It would have been fine if it was anyone else, he could accept this big bow righteously.

However, this person was Meng Tianzheng.

He did not dare to let the First Elder kneel to him.

If he knelt, he would be skinned alive when he returned.

Even though Gu Sanqiu was very scheming most of the time, he did not dare to joke around with the First Elder.

Seeing that Meng Tianqiu was about to kneel, Gu Sanqiu stopped him and helped him up.

He then said, “What right do I have to accept such a big bow Just now, it was all Little Friend Ye Qiu and the First Elders plan.

I was just ordered by the First Elder to go to the lower realm to stabilize the situation for Little Friend Ye Qiu.”

Gu Sanqiu immediately explained.

Ming Yues heart trembled when she heard this.

So all of this was done by the First Elder and Ye Qiu She carefully recalled.

It seemed that when she was in the lower realm, Ye Qiu had indeed gone to Star Picking Pavilion and personally visited the First Elder.

In other words, before he descended to the lower realm, he had already expected what would happen next, so he specially consulted the First Elder and planned all of this

Thinking of this, Ming Yue was shocked.

She didnt expect Ye Qiu to be so considerate.

She couldnt help but be shocked.

It turned out that Ye Qiu had planned this chaos from the beginning.

It didnt matter if she was around or not.

She couldnt help but feel a little disappointed.

“Senior, no matter what the reason is, you are still a great benefactor of our world.

You deserve this bow.

Please dont refuse anymore.”

No matter what Gu Sanqiu said, Meng Tianzheng insisted on thanking him.

This made things difficult for Gu Sanqiu.

Damn it, is this gratitude Youre clearly trying to harm me.

Dont you know your status Its easy for you to kneel, but what about me Once I accepted it, wouldnt the First Elder skin me alive when I return

He was very depressed, but there were so many people present, so he could not directly explain the reason.

He could only say politely.

“Youre treating me like an outsider.

That old thief Nanhua has a grudge with me to begin with.

How can I dare to talk about great kindness over such a small matter Moreover, compared to my small favors, Young Friend Ye Qiu is my Heaven Mending Pavilions true benefactor.

Alright, theres no need to mention this again.

If anyone dares to speak again, Ill curse…”

Gu Sanqiu pulled a long face and pretended to be angry.

However, he was afraid and felt a lingering fear.

There were a few people here that he did not dare to provoke easily.

One of them was Meng Tianzheng, and the other was the little fellow in Zhao Waners arms.

He was depressed.

When did I, Gu, have to listen to others

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