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A loud sound suddenly came from the skies—it was earth-shattering!

The sky—which was still considered clear earlier—rapidly darkened. The dark clouds gathered, and the winds howled!

Jiang Zhiyuan looked up and increasingly confirmed her guess. It must be! The clan leader must be coming out of seclusion! And seeing this formation, he is clearly about to break through! 

This commotion quickly attracted the attention of the other people from the Sky-Cloud Empire.


Sounds of things piercing through the air could be heard. In just a moment, many figures gathered in the surroundings! Amongst them were the guards in black armor in charge of guarding Wan Zhong Mountain and some distinguished venerables!

Even 36 Respected Elder Ming and the rest quickly gathered over when they heard the noise!

Everyone looked at the place that triggered the commotion—Wan Zhong Mountain!

In the dark skies, only Wan Zhong Mountain had bright iridescent lights!

“Is… the clan leader coming out of seclusion” Someone from the crowd couldnt conceal their shock and muttered.

The voice was light and very low, but of the people who could appear here werent top warriors This sentence clearly landed in everyones ears.

In actual fact, this was what they were thinking!

Wan Zhong Mountain was the place the clan leader specifically chose to go into seclusion. For the past few years, it had been very quiet, and there was no noise at all.

Today, the Xuan formation on the mountaintop was activated. Everything opened, and the Heaven and Earth Force burst out!

The answer was: only that one!

Hong long long! 

Many rays of silver light swam in the dark clouds! The aura was stunning!

Jiang Zhiyuans hair and clothes were blown into a mess by the crazy winds.

That terrifying suppression descended from the skies and wrapped the entire Wan Zhong Mountain!

Excruciating pain pressed on Jiang Zhiyuans body! Her face paled, and she directly spat out a mouthful of blood!

She almost rolled down from the mountain! She hurriedly grabbed the rock at the side and tightly nailed herself to the ground.

I cant leave! I cant retreat! At such times, I have to persevere to the end! When the clan leader comes out, he must see me first! Holding this belief, Jiang Zhiyuans originally weak body exploded with great potential.

Her face was blown till it hurt by the wind, and her body didnt seem to be hers anymore as it was in so much pain that it turned numb. Only that pair of hands hugged that rock tightly and didnt let go at all!

The next moment, that gigantic Xuan formation suddenly broke from the middle!


The entire Wan Zhong Mountain shook thereafter!

A figure suddenly rushed out from below! Almost at the same time, countless lightning bolts landed in unison from the sky!

Hong hong hong! 

Wan Zhong Mountain was like a thunder sea.

The terrifying energy spread toward the surroundings!


The barrier outside Wan Zhong Mountain suddenly exploded!

36 Respected Elder Mings gaze focused, and he rolled up his sleeves. “Silver chain!”

A long silver chain flew out and expanded with the wind. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped the entire middle of Wan Zhong Mountain.

After the exploding force hit the silver chain, it seemed as though the force was absorbed and disappeared rapidly!

“Jiang Zhiyuan, out!” 36 Respected Elder Ming yelled at the top of his lungs. The end of the silver chain flew up with the wind and reached not far behind Jiang Zhiyuan.

As long as she turned around and jumped onto this silver chain, she could escape successfully.

However, Jiang Zhiyuan seemed like she didnt hear it as she kneeled on the ground, lowered her body, and tightly hugged that rock.

36 Respected Elder Ming knitted his brows and coldly snorted. At this time, Jiang Zhiyuan is still thinking about that… Its really hard on her! 


A ray of silver lightning rapidly slashed toward Jiang Zhiyuan!

She detected the danger and finally looked up. Hide Absolutely not! 

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her teeth and persistently chose to face it head-on. She whipped out her sword, went on her toes, and rushed toward that lightning!


The sword in her hands broke once it met the lightning!

Jiang Zhiyuans heart harshly trembled, and she immediately had thoughts of running for her life.

But just as the lightning was about to split her head, a barrier suddenly appeared before her! At the same time, a strong force came from the side, held her body, and slowly put her down.

When Jiang Zhiyuans feet hit the ground, they were trembling. However, she still turned around as soon as she could.

Shock and elation overlapped, and tears welled up in her eyes. “Clan leader!”

A figure that was slightly curved but had a terrifying aura walked out from the never-ending light.

He walked forward in the air. Everywhere he passed, the surrounding force froze gradually and later dissipated!

Those lightning bolts seemed to be swimming in his body and quickly disappeared underneath his skin. It was as if he had swallowed them.

Finally, he stopped in his tracks. He then raised his hand, and the last bit of shining thunder broke in his palms and disappeared.

The erratic Heaven and Earth Force all froze at this moment!

Everyone was taken aback by this scene.

Now, they could finally see the elders true appearance clearly. He was wearing a dark-green robe, and he wasnt considered tall. His face was old and ordinary, his hair was white, and he looked no different from an ordinary elder, other than that pair of eyes.

Experienced, calm, and mysterious.

When he looked over, there seemed to be the feeling of stars extinguishing and the months flying by. It seemed like there was a wide universe in that pair of eyes.

Everyone in the surroundings fell silent.

Baili Chun surveyed his surroundings, and the wrinkles on both his cheeks seemed to deepen.

Wherever his gaze passed, the crowd felt fearful, and they lowered their heads. They faintly felt like they had to bow down to him.

Quite a few people were secretly shocked. The clan leader has been in seclusion for a few years and has indeed broken through. Such suppression is really… 

“I really havent come out in a long time…” Baili Chun lightly sighed. His voice was experienced and low; one couldnt hear his emotions.

“Congratulations on coming out of seclusion, Clan Leader!” A voice that couldnt conceal its excitement sounded from the quiet crowd.

36 Respected Elder Ming glanced at the side. When Jiang Zhiyuan was in danger previously, he didnt come out. Now that the clan leader is out of seclusion, he reacts very quickly. Of course, I cant say for sure if it was done on purpose. 

Respected Elder Yu Jing looked agitated, and his old face blushed for once. “Clan Leader, youre finally out! Weve missed you very much during the past few years!”

It was during these few years that Rong Xiu strengthened his rule with ruthless methods, and he had completely controlled the entire Sky-Cloud Empire!

If the clan leader didnt come out, Rong Xiu would probably teach all of them a lesson!

Respected Elder Yu Jings voice reminded the crowd. At that point, everyone bowed in unison. “Congratulations on coming out of seclusion, Clan Leader!”

Baili Chun smiled slightly, but probably because he had been in seclusion for a long time, his smile seemed rather stiff and had a thick distance to it. “No need to stand on ceremony.”

As he spoke, his figure flashed as he walked to Jiang Zhiyuan. His expression became much gentler with more hints of cherishing. “This kid, why didnt you hide”-

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