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Ch.35 Part 3 – Shifting the Blame (III)

Xun Yan still hasn’t finished.

He was one of Fentian Palace’s elders.

He had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and normally known for his generosity and kindness.

The disciples of Fentian Palace who came here had never seen Elder Xun this angry before.


The people of Qingfeng Valley indeed perplexed the Fentian Palace disciples.

Although their sect was small, all cultivators cultivated their minds, aiming for the great enlightenment.

Strong people could also emerge from small sects.

This Qingfeng Valley, however, didn’t seem like a cultivation sect at all.

The leader was spineless, and the disciples didn’t have the bearing and mind of a cultivator.

They were too messy.

If it wasn’t for that Meng Qi, they couldn’t even understand why their young palace master would care about this kind of sect.

At this time, all the disciples of Fentian Palace watched with relish how their usually kind and amiable elder scolded the other party so harshly.

Xun Yan hasn’t finished: “As a senior sister, your ability isn’t good, and you unable to cure yourself, nor can you help your fellow disciples, yet you blame your junior sister who started learning later than you.

Meanwhile…” He turned sideways and looked at Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader: “You, as the sect leader, supposed to clear the source of uneasiness in your own sect, yet, what are you doing You aren’t defending an innocent disciple who has been wronged.

A disciple who, right now, is perhaps risking her life to find the cure for her fellow disciples! Instead, you blindly indulge the unreasonable ones.

With a leader like you, even if Qingfeng Valley isn’t facing the devil beasts’ attack, I’m afraid it wouldn’t last long.”

Xun Yan shook his head: “All of you are truly disappointing.”

He turned his head to look at Yan Mingfeng: “Fellow Daoist Yan, I now formally invite you and young Daoist Meng Qi into the Fentian Palace.

The two of you can enter our sect anytime you wish.”

The entire camp became silent in an instant.

All Qingfeng Valley’s disciples stared at Xun Yan in a daze.

Lan Zhuxuan, who was still crying shrilly just now, closed her mouth in fright.

Xun Yan has been staying in Qingfeng Valley for a while, and he has always been friendly.

Even as a cultivator of the Nascent Soul stage, he was very kind to ordinary disciples of Qingfeng Valley.

He also respected their sect leader, and let her be the nominal leader in this operation, even if he was the real main force.

The sect leader’s face instantly burned red.

Xun Yan had already walked to the three injured disciples from Fentian Palace and whispered to them: “Wait another three days.”

“Yes.” The disciples saluted respectfully.

Their complexion wasn’t good, but since they couldn’t lose the face of their sect, they remained calm.

Xun Yan sighed softly and patted their shoulders.

He turned around and gazed into the forest.

Young palace master and Meng Qi, were they now…


Xun Yan’s expression suddenly changed: “Beware!”

After Meng Qi and the others left, the demon cultivators who had been harassing them incessantly seemed to disappear.

Xun Yan also worried that they were actually chasing Chu Tianfeng’s group.

But he knew that Chu Tianfeng had a life-saving method, so no matter how bad it was, his life wouldn’t be in danger.

And the demon cultivators who attacked were weaker than Chu Tianfeng, so there should be no problem.

However, the aura that Xun Yan sensed this time was much purer and wasn’t far from here.

Moreover, it also wasn’t from a cultivator he was familiar with, and probably…

“Prepare for combat!” Xun Yan commanded.

The disciples of Fentian Palace, including the three who were injured by the immortal devouring vine, quickly took their place and ready for combat.

The disciples of Qingfeng Valley became panicked again.

When Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader looked at the chaotic disciples, she remembered Elder Xun Yan’s words just now.

Her face burned harder, and she became even more ashamed.


Behind a big tree not far from the camp.

Meng Qi truly wanted to plug her own ears.

Not just her, Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo were also about to explode.

If eyes could kill, Qin Xiumo probably had already killed Chu Tianfeng thousands of times.

If possible, he wanted to return to a few days ago to smash Chu Tianfeng’s face and his stupid suggestion, which gave Su Junmo the opportunity to pester them!

“Did you hear it That person is really well-spoken.

It’s so satisfying to hear.

Meng Qi, did you hear it” Su Junmo didn’t think that he had any problems at all.

His memory was excellent.

After coughing lightly, he repeated Xun Yan’s scolding just now, and even his tone was very vivid.

“Hahaha, he only invited Yan Mingfeng and you.

Isn’t Xun Yan the elder in Fentian Palace that is famous for his kindness I heard that he is also very gentle and good at maintaining relationships.

But now, he completely scolded Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader and didn’t give the other party any face.

How cruel.”

“But he’s right, Qingfeng Valley is a bunch of idiots! From the leader to the disciples, no one can…ah! Of course, I am not talking about you, Meng Qiqi! You are special, and so is Yan Mingfeng! Except for you two, everyone else is stupid!” Su Junmo quickly added.

As soon as his voice fell, Meng Qi, Chu Tianfeng, and Qin Xiumo were staring at him.


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