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Ch.24 Part 1 – The Cold Pond (I)

For a moment, the surrounding crowds fell into complete silence.

Meng Qi looked at Chu Tianfeng in surprise.

This young man, who previously risked his life to protect Lu Qingran, at this moment was looking at the same woman with a dark face and icy glare.

None of the disciples of Qingfeng Valley or Fentian Palace dared to speak, all of them simply watched with a dumbfounded look.


Not long ago, they saw how this Fentian Palace’s young master came back while hugging Senior Sister Lu.

Did his heart change so quickly

Meng Qi lightly shook her hand, and Chu Tianfeng immediately loosened the grip on her wrist.

His hand hung down on the side.

His palm seemed to retain the sensation of Meng Qi’s blue-colored sleeve.

Her robe was made from very ordinary cotton fabric, but for him, it brought an indescribable warmth.

What is he doing!

Meng Qi frowned.

Chu Tianfeng even criticized Lu Qingran in public.

Why did she feel somewhat strange

“I…I’m sorry…” After being silent for a while, Lu Qingran suddenly apologized weakly.

She had been tormented by the poison, and now was scolded so mercilessly by the man she liked.

Her face was getting hotter and hotter, both by the poison and the embarrassment she felt.

“Tianfeng, I’m really worried about you, forgive me…”

“You don’t have to apologize to me.” Chu Tianfeng coldly interrupted Lu Qingran.

He frowned and said: “The one you should apologize to is your junior sister.”

“I’m sorry, Junior Sister Meng Qi.” Lu Qingran lightly bit her lower lip.

She didn’t know what happened to Chu Tianfeng.

She never intended to offend Junior Sister Meng Qi and was simply too worried.

When she heard that Chu Tianfeng was injured and carried back, she rushed to take a look.

She couldn’t think clearly and accidentally ran into junior sister’s room.

“Oh.” Meng Qi narrowed her eyes.

Her tone was indifferent.

“Be careful next time.”

“I’m not intentional.” Lu Qingran still wanted to explain.

She didn’t dare to mention Chu Tianfeng’s name again: “I was really too worried just now.”

“I know.” Meng Qi casually replied.

She couldn’t afford to get mad at Lu Qingran, this heaven’s darling.

Unless she was strong enough to fight against heaven, there was no need to made things big with Lu Qingran, lest the heavenly Dao saw her unpleasant and directly obliterated her.

Chu Tianfeng frowned, and wanted to speak again.

He opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.

His impatience towards Lu Qingran reached its peak.

Meng Qi took out a pill from her storage bracelet and threw it to Lu Qingran: “Antidote.”

In the protective array she set on the door, Meng Qi put medicinal powder that would induce some ulcer and pus on the skin, but it was not very serious.

At most, the skin would turn red and itchy, but the symptoms could easily be relieved by taking the antidote…

“Hiss——” When Meng Qi saw Lu Qingran’s exposed face, she couldn’t help but take a gasp.

After she learned this protective array, she rarely used it.

In the past, she usually put some lethal poisons, but this time didn’t.

She knew that when people touched the array, it would automatically release the powder, and also strengthening its effect a bit.

But she never knew it would be this scary!

Meng Qi stared at Lu Qingran’s face that had become even a more disgusting and terrifying, and couldn’t help swallowing her saliva.

No wonder Lu Qingran cried so miserably.

When she took the medicine, she didn’t dare to let Chu Tianfeng saw her face.

It was truly terrifying.

“Th-thank you, Junior Sister Meng Qi.” Lu Qingran turned her back quickly and swallowed the pill.

A chill immediately spread all over her body, and the itching on her face eased a lot.

Lu Qingran was surprised.

She had taken the antidote pill she refined by herself, but the pill only aggravated the poison instead of nullifying it.

However, the effect of Meng Qi’s antidote was immediate.

When did this little junior sister who entered the sect just half a year ago become this powerful! No wonder her master said that Elder Yan valued Meng Qi very much, saying that she was extremely talented, second only to herself in the sect.

Lu Qingran wanted to turn her head to look at Meng Qi, but remembered how her face looked like at this moment.

And Chu Tianfeng was also here…

She couldn’t understand.

When they were attacked by that terrible devil beast, the young man obviously protected her with his own life, and carefully took care of herself.

Her senior sisters all told her how the young man personally held her in his arm and brought her back to the sect.

Why did Chu Tianfeng become so scornful after she woke up

“If there is nothing else…” Meng Qi’s gaze swept the crowd “I’ll go back to my room.” Meng Qi didn’t want to keep standing here and wasted even more time.

She had picked up both the book from Xue Jinwen and the jackdaw grass, and wanted to study them carefully.

“I, I’m leaving.” Lu Qingran left first.

Other disciples saw the commotion has over and also left one by one.

Chu Tianfeng took a deep look at Meng Qi and said to the four Fentian Palace’s disciples: “You go first.” He stepped forward to Meng Qi: “I have something to say to you.”

Meng Qi’s steps paused.

Chu Tianfeng said quickly: “Your sect leader has agreed to our offer.

After Elder Xun returns, the entire Qingfeng Valley will join our Fentian Palace.” He paused.

“After that, Qingfeng Valley will become a subordinate of Fentian Palace.

Elder Xun and I have discussed it.

You can enter the medical hall of Fentian Palace.

The duties there are mainly to do medical research.

Except for that, you are free to do anything you like in your free time.”

“I’m going to Fentian City.” Meng Qi said: “But I won’t join Fentian Palace.” She turned her head to look at Chu Tianfeng: “If Fentian Palace is willing to let me travel together, I can pay spirit stones as the escort fee.”

“Why” Chu Tianfeng frowned slightly.

“Just like how I charge for medical treatment, it is normal for me to pay for protection.” Meng Qi said matter-of-factly: “I don’t like to owe any favor.

It’s better for us to settle accounts properly.”

“You know I’m not asking about this.” Chu Tianfeng stared at Meng Qi.

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi was a little speechless.

How could she never know that Chu Tianfeng was such a person Where did the proud and cold young man gone She preferred the former Chu Tianfeng more.


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