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Ch 73 Part 4 – Medical Holy Land (IV)

 May 6, 2021May 27, 2021By koffeam

Sikong Xing looked at Su Junmo’s erratic face and muttered again: “Are you really talking about the Demon Monarch’s clan library The library on the celestial tree that is managed by the white tiger elder But I heard that other than celestial demons, others cannot enter that place” Sikong Xing’s eyes were as bright as Meng Qi’s eyes just now.

“The library is said to have an extremely rich book collection from all over the three realms.

I always want to go there and have a look.”

Su Junmo “…”


Su Junmo’s gaze was a bit weird: “I also didn’t get permission often.

Only five times in total.” He shook his fingers: “Three of those five times were before I departed for Three Thousand Worlds.

The Lord gave me permission to go and read books related to Three Thousand Worlds.”

“You are still lucky, ah.” Sikong Xing pouted.

“I have never been there once! My father said that I am still far away to get permission, maybe for the rest of my life!”

She held Meng Qi’s arms: “Meng Qiqi, have you really been there How many books are there Is it super big Have you seen the white tiger’s elder”

“Hey, hey, don’t ask Meng Qiqi!” Su Junmo quickly stopped Sikong Xing, “You will know when you get permission in the future.

Remember, celestial tree…be careful of your words!”

“Ah.” Sikong Xing was extremely disappointed.

Meng Qi “…”

What about Su Junmo! Has he ever been careful of his words!

She felt that she almost knew everything!

Meng Qi took a deep breath.

Since Master still didn’t want her to know, refused to appear in front of her, and didn’t want to recognize her…

She would just pretend to know nothing!

Meng Qi pursed her lips silently.

After being interrupted by Su Junmo and Sikong Xing, she missed the three presiding elders’ speech and only caught the last few words: “In accordance with the Medical Cultivators Conference tradition, we are going to hold the Grand Tournament for young medical cultivators on this first day.” The elder paused and smiled: “I know that many Fellow Daoists are coming from thousands of miles away for this tournament.

But the rules must be abode by, and only Nascent Soul stage and below can participate.

The Grand Tournament will select the best talent among the younger generation of medical cultivators.

According to usual tradition, the top three winners can choose one of the alliance sects and enter their library to study for seven days.”

The Apricot Forest suddenly filled with cheers.

The elder smiled again and continued, “Of course, you don’t have to be disappointed even if you don’t reach the top three.

For Young Daoists who have no sect or want to switch to another sect, please perform well in the Grand Tournament.

Perhaps there will be a sect who is willing to accept you.”

There was another burst of cheers.

For many of them, this was one of the major purposes of coming to this conference.

With a sect—especially a large sect—as the backing, it was easier for a cultivator to survive in Three Thousand Worlds.

“Alright.” The elder smiled and said, “This old man will not speak too long.

If there are no other questions, the Grand Tournament will officially start after one incense stick of time.


“Aaaaaahhhhh!” The elder had not yet finished his speech when a scream suddenly came from the entrance.

Immediately afterward, three young cultivators staggered forward.

They wore robes of different styles and colors, seemingly belonged to different sects.

“It’s Junior Brother Chun Yuchen!” On one of the twelve peaks, a young man’s voice suddenly rang.

When Meng Qi looked over, the speaker had already jumped down from the peak, quickly rushing towards one of the cultivators who was still screaming in pain.

“It’s Senior Brother Wu!” Someone else yelled from the peaks.

Two figures also jumped down and rushed towards the other two.

“They are poisoned!” Almost everyone here was medical cultivators, and those who were closer to the three immediately noticed.

“They are also wounded!”

“This poison is strong! Fellow Daoists who are close, be careful!”

“This injury…it’s a bit weird!”

The people present looked at each other in doubt.

In this paradise-like medical holy place, in the most sacred place for many medical cultivators, three injured and poisoned people suddenly appeared.

Furthermore, the three seemed to be disciples of large sects who occupied positions on the twelve mountain peaks.

On one of the peaks, Xue Lingfeng, who was standing next to Xue Chengxuan, couldn’t help but take a look at the commotion below.

After recovering from her injuries, blood had returned to her previously pale face.

But at this moment, fear flashed through her eyes.

Seeing that there was no Feng Alliance disciple among the three, she seemed to be relieved and murmured: “Fortunately…”

Before Xue Lingfeng finished her words, her elder brother Xue Chengxuan swept a disapproving gaze at her.

She hurriedly closed her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“I’m shutting up!”

Xue Lingfeng smiled and leaned towards her eldest sister Xue Zichen.

“Eldest sister, do you think that eldest brother has become more powerful and stern like daddy after he returns from practice this time!”

“Lingfeng.” Xue Zichen patted the little girl’s shoulder amusedly, “Don’t make trouble.”

A trace of disdain quickly flashed through her eyes, and she looked at the situation that seemed to be a bit out of control below.

Xue Lingfeng also watched, curling her lips in disdain: “If it were our Xue City, we definitely would not allow the conference to be messed up like this.” She snorted softly and moved her gaze towards Pei Mufeng, who was standing on the middle peak.

Indeed, there had never been such chaos in the Medical Cultivator Conference before.

On the grasslands below the mountain peaks, the three screaming cultivators had been restrained by their fellow disciples of the same sect.

They lay on the grass, no longer screaming but still panting in pain and desperately reaching out towards their own neck.

They seemed to be delirious, not even knowing that they were scratching their own skin.

They scratched so heavily that in no time, their necks were full of bloody marks.

Meng Qi and her group also followed the crowd towards the three injured people.

She was a little far away, and with so many people standing before her, she couldn’t see the situation at all.

“There is another person!” Cultivators standing nearest to the entry gate suddenly yelled.

“Here is another one!”

“It seems to be Xue Clan’s member!”

“Third miss Xue”

“Yes! It is third miss Xue!”

The people’s words reached Meng Qi’s ears.

Xue Jinwen

Meng Qi was startled and quickly walked towards the gate.

Is Sister Xue also injured


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