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30 I am sleeping here tonight

A big man liking to watch cute kittens on Onyx Starnet was indeed unusual and it temporarily calmed this mama bear for a while. No matter how many times Lynn Feng tried to poke the hornets nest, Zi Xingxi didnt take the bait.

She was as calm as an undiscovered galaxy with a tranquil expression on her face. This wonderful peaceful aura of hers stayed with her as she entered the captains cabin, took a long relaxing bath, slipped into her pyjamas and crawled under her quilt.

*Sigh... what a lovely ending to a tiring day. She finally had some well-deserved rest. Well, this was her expectation but the reality was completely different. Two hours in and she still couldnt sleep.

Why Thats because that sense of ease that Zi Han had nothing to hide in his light brain shuttered the moment she was alone.

Thoughts like,what if he meets a creep on Starnet,what if he is watching improper stuff andwhat if he gets tempted to do inappropriate things, raced through her mind like a marathon. She regretted not installing spyware on Zi Hans light brain.

In her mind, teenagers deserve privacy but not her son. He had already been involved in distributing illegal substances. Though his reason was righteous that didnt stop Zi Xingxis suspicions. After tossing and turning for a very long time she finally gave in and got up.

She grabbed her morning gown, put on her fluffy bunny slippers and left her cabin. It was just one glance... just one glance at his light brain. There was nothing to feel guilty about, right

In a few steps, she reached her sons cabin and exhaled deeply as though convincing herself that there was absolutely nothing wrong with checking her sons light brain. After much personal encouragement, she unlocked the door with her fingerprint and with a barely audible whoosh sound the door slid open.

Zi Han was still obediently laying in his quilt. It seemed as though he hadnt tried to free himself from the quilt as of yet. She tiptoed to the bed and began to look around for that light brain. Maybe it was because she felt guilty that she didnt realise she was looking for something right in the open.


After searching the drawers and around the bed Zi Xingxi felt a little flustered. She bit the nail on her thumb contemplating whether to go or stay. Just when she decided that this was the most ridiculous thing ever and that she should just go back a thought flashed in her mind.

Since Zi Han had passed out he hadnt taken off his light brain it meant she forgot to remove it from his arm when she tucked him in. That meant it was....

“Damnit,” she swore internally with black lines all over her face as she stared at that quilt.

This is the moment where most would give up and just walk away but she knew that if she left this room she wont be able to sleep.

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Hence she climbed on that bed and tried to untuck the very same quilt she tuck in a couple of hours ago.

After tugging for a while it loosened and Zi Han was still sleeping like the dead. It was to her own advantage that he didnt wake up but she was also a little annoyed. This brat had no vigilance at all. What if she was a bad guy who came to assassinate him

With a disapproving look, she slipped her hand underneath the quilt to grab his arm when the person she had chided for not being vigilant suddenly opened his eyes.

Zi Han, “WTF!!!!!”

Zi Xingxi, “!!!!!”

“Ma!... What are you doing” he asked in an accusatory tone his eyes wide open in astonishment.

Zi Xingxi, “”

“What kind of tone is that I am your mother for **s sake. And why cant I sleep here This isnt the first nor will it be the last time we sleep on the same bed. Just last week who was so frightened about the break-ins and took over my entire bed, huh” Zi Xingxi spared no effort to emotionally blackmail her son to the best of her abilities.

“That!....,” said Zi Han but he found he couldnt retort. He had indeed been afraid his mum would get hurt if those burglars came back again and his mother had moved over giving him half of her bed but in the end, his limbs were spread to all four corners and he almost kicked her off the bed.

“That was different. I asked you in advance but you... you snuck in and terrified me half to death,” he said speaking half-truths. His initial response was to beat the ** out of the intruder but when he recognized that berry blast shampoo he knew who it was.

“Well, I am sleeping here tonight..... move over,” she said claiming half his bed as her territory.

Zi Han who didnt want to relent refused while saying, “No, you hog the quilt. You have a perfectly fine bed in your cabin an even more spacious bed than mine yet you want to monopolize my space.”

“Oh, now I see just because you have grown a little hair you wont share a bed with your mummy dearest When you had nightmares you would come find me with snot and tears begging for a sleepover. How heartless you are Zi Han,” she said putting on the most dramatic act of her life.

Zi Han, “...” What hair

“Yes, I have grown the hair on my head so I can be a little more willful,” he said clearly aware that his words would either set off a nuclear explosion or get his mother out of his room. With that look on her face, it was easy to tell that she had a motive. When she came here she was actively looking for something.

“Thats not the hair I am talking about. You know what..... forget it,” she muttered a little frustrated.

Zi Xingxi who hadnt expected such resistance pouted while slipping into his quilt. There was no way she was going to let him win unless.....

“Okay, I will listen to you. How about you take off your light brain. It must be uncomfortable sleeping with it on your wrist,” she said laying on her side with her elbow propping up the top half of her body while looking at him.

Zi Han narrowed his eyes suspiciously but in the end, his mother was right. When he does sleep with his light brain on his wrist he would get shallow marks on his skin which was a little annoying.

“Okay,” he said while taking off the light brain from his wrist. Zi Xingxis smile visibly widened seeing him take it off but the corner of her mouth slowly fell as he slipped the light brain under his pillow.

Her lip twitched as she heard him say, “Goodnight mum,” while turning to his side to sleep.

She had two options right now. She either walks out and forgets about this little incident or wait until her son was sleeping again so she can pull that light brain from under his pillow. Her choice was obvious. She chose to stay.

The only problem was that instead of waiting for Zi Han to sleep she passed out and forgot the reason she was here in the first place.



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