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Chapter 8 World One: the Stronger in the End-time World (5)

Han Yanyan had a dream, she dreamed of a pair of indifferent eyes.

Under the gaze of those eyes, the whole world collapsed, whether it was inorganic or organic, stones or flesh, plants or blood, all ashing.

Han Yanyan woke up from a nightmare until noon the next day and was sweating cold.

When she heard a voice in the corridor, she got up and opened the door.

The women in pairs went to eat together.

As Ding Yao said last night, the girl in Thunder who willing to lie down and sleep with men had eaten three meals a day.

As for what men are willing to give, it was all up to the girls.

The men in Thunder were powerful and had good things in their hands.

Compared to the outside, these girls’s life was quite well.

If thay had to make a comparison, it could be said that it was not only well-paid but also guaranteed personal safety.

But if it was not to live, who would be willing to do it

Han Yanyan would not look down on these girls.

If she didn’t have a plug-in, if she really was born as a native girl in this world, she didn’t know where she was and what she would be.

She saw Qi Tongtong who lived in 321 and greeted each other.

Qi Tongtong asked her while patting the door of 317, “You look pale, didn’t you sleep well yesterday”

Han Yanyan reluctantly replied, “I used too much extraordinary ability.”

“Take your time,” Qi Tongtong said.

Qi Tongtong asked Zhao Yuxuan out, and called Han Yanyan, “Let’s go eating.”

Han Yanyan didn’t move.

Zhao Yuxuan hesitated and said, “Without her food.

She belongs to the search team.”

Qi Tongtong looked at Han Yanyan’s, as she was a fool.

Han Yanyan, with a pale face, said softly, “I haven’t gotten to the point where I can’t live.”

Zhao Yuxuan sighed and pulled Qi Tongtong’s arm.

Qi Tongtong said angrily, “Just your little power, don’t think about it! You are just like me! Who didn’t get through like this”

Zhao Yuxuan took her arm and dragged her away, and the girl twisted her arms and pointed at Han Yanyan with her fingers and shouted, “I’ll talk to you when I come back!”

Han Yanyan lazily leaned against the door frame and watched the two of them disappear at the end of the corridor, smiled.

When the other girls walked past her, they either stared at her boldly or peeped secretly.

Han Yanyan was not afraid of these sights.

She greeted them back.

Most of those women hurriedly retracted her sights, and a few would roll their eyes or give her a disdainful sneer.

They were all beautiful women with good looks.

They were to be put in the palms of their hands as little princesses to be cherished and chased before the last days.

Han Yanyan liked to observe these living people.

She can’t help it, it was an occupational disease.

She closed the door and went back to the room.

She took a bath with the last tank of water last night and ate all the instant noodles and biscuits she had earned last night.

She felt her strength back, and her stomach was not full.

She glanced at the tin can and held back her thought.

At this time, the women who ate came back one after another, and Han Yanyan went knocking at the door one by one.

The tap water had been restored, so her water could not be sold, but the ice was selling exceptionally well, especially the room on the south side of the hotel, which was like a steamer at noon to heat people to death.

Han Yanyan ate the food in the room until she was full and then collected the rest.

Holding several kinds of food, Han Yanyan returned to the corridor, to found that Qi Tongtong was knocking at her door.

“Where did you go” Qi Tongtong complained.

“To earn food.” Han Yanyan showed her the rewards and opened the door.

Qi Tongtong followed her without politeness.

“Zhao Yuxuan told me, Ding Yao fancied on you, right” She talked straight and asked more straightforwardly.

“He told me three meals and five brothers a day.” Han Yanyan said.

Qi Tongtong asked, “Why did you even join the search team”

“I didn’t agree.

I just wanted to join the search team.” Han Yanyan said.

But Ding Yao brought her back.

The search team went outside to search for supplies.

Although Nanling City barely maintained the operation of a city, it could only provide some basic living materials.

As long as people were alive, they needed too many things and had to look outside.

This work was hard and dangerous and required a lot of labor.

These laborers were recruited externally, and most of them come from ordinary people without remarkable talents or remarkable talents.

These people were more likely to die if they go out to pick up the waste.

People followed the team as a search team, although people gave away half of what they find, the probability of survival was much higher.

But who will bring back a person who was going to join the search team Ding Yao brought Han Yanyan back, Was it not clear enough

“What is your expression” Han Yanyan was speechless.

“Jealous,” Qi Tongtong admitted.

Han Yanyan: “…”

“Forget it, it may not be a good thing.” Qi Tongtong sighed.

“I’ll tell you about my experience.

Failure experience, I can’t do it anyway, but it may help you a little.

Han Yanyan listened respectfully.

Qi Tongtong said, “If you don’t have the confidence to get Ding Yao down in100%, don’t sleep with him.”

Han Yanyan turned her head.

“I’m not mean to harm you, I had lessons.” Qi Tongtong regretted even now.

“That’s it, on this floor… don’t need to cover it up, They all prostitutes.

Understand” She said, “Some luck girls being fallen in love with by someone and then can live with that man.

They also sleep with men, but they don’t have to be a prostitute.”

“I was **ing stupid at the beginning.

I shouldn’t fancy on Ding Yao.

I am a complete fool.” The beautiful girl laughed herself.

“This team has a great ice-talent member called Zhang Youquan.

He likes me very much.

If I were willing to live with him from the beginning, I wouldn’t be on the third floor now.

But I was so stupid that I just want to live with Ding Yao at that time.

Ding Yao slept with me, but he didn’t want me, so I can’t have meals without work, so others can also sleep with me.

But Ding Yao had slept with me, so others dare not to live with me unless Ding Yao no longer sleeps with me.

But I don’t have a fixed man, so Ding Yao would sleep with me.

He wants to sleep with me, can I **ing say I don’t want to sleep with you Unless I want to die.” Qi Tongtong thought of her own pain and wanted to vomit blood.

Han Yanyan understood it, and could not help but feel sorry for Qi Tongtong.

“A vicious circle,” she said.

“Zhang Quanquan is coward” Qi Tongtong cursed.

“He didn’t dare to tell Ding Yao that he wanted to accept me.

Ding Yao didn’t care at all.

Whenever he talks to Ding Yao, Ding Yao would care about it!”

But this man would never open his mouth.

He liked Qi Tongtong but didn’t go to the point of robbing a woman with Ding Yao.

Men are always more realistic, more utilitarian, and colder than women.

Regardless of whether Qi Tongtong knew it before, she certainly understands it now.

“You think about it by yourself.

If you don’t think you have the capability to take down Ding Yao, you should find a good man as soon as possible.

If you can take down Ding Yao…” Qi Tongtong happily encouraged her, “You bravely do it, maybe you can liberate me.

Han Yanyan preferred Qi Tongtong more than Zhao Yuxuan.

Zhao Yuxuan was still alive, but she gave a feeling that the soul was dead.

Qi Tongtong’s soul was still alive, and she would have fun in pain.

At dinner time, Sun Lijun appeared on the third floor.

Some women teased him with a grin, “Oh, brother Sun, are you going to betray sister Ling while she is outside”

Sun Lijun laughed and scolded, “Nonsense! Don’t do that!”

He ran to knock at the door of 315, “Boss told you to go up.”

“Which floor” Han Yanyan asked.

“The top floor.”

“Which room.”

“Just one room opened there.

The boss lives alone on the top floor.”

Han Yanyan understood that Qi Tongtong slept with Ding Yao last night.

Han Yanyan took the elevator to the top floor and found Ding Yao’s room at once.

There was only a door was open on the top floor, and the room was with two wide doors.

Ding Yao lived in a large luxury suite on the top floor.

Although the door was open, Han Yanyan knocked on the door and heard a man’s voice, “Come in.”

Stepping into that room, she felt it was hard to believe that this was the end-time world where people starved to death every day.

It was luxurious and clean, with the air conditioning working, which was especially comfortable and cool.

There were several dishes on the dining table, and white rice was still steaming.

Ding Yao was sitting on the large leather sofa in the living room, reading a book.

Once he saw her come in, he closed the book.

The girl who wore a white cotton skirt and was incompatible with this place the night put on a black T-shirt and jeans at this time, and finally looked a bit like people here.

The clothes and pants were too loose, but fortunately, there was a belt.

The T-shirt was tucked into her pants, her thin waist seemed to break when it was folded.

The black especially matched her white skin, like the first snow.

Before Ding Yao didn’t tell her to sit down, Han Yanyan could only stand in front of him.

Ding Yao closed the book and looked at her wildly.

She looked down.

After a long time, Ding Yao seemed satisfied, and said, “Are you hungry Eat first.”

“Thank you, no need.” Han Yanyan raised her eyes.

“I’m full.”

Ding Yao was somewhat surprised.

Han Yanyan said, “I sell ice to people on the third floor in exchange for food.”

Ding Yao raised his eyebrow.

“Don’t have to work so hard.

You can stay in this room and live the same life as before.” Ding Yao posed his conditions, “don’t care about others, just make me happy.”

This condition was better than yesterday’s “five brothers a day” or “four brothers a day”.

It was already the dream of many women on the third floor.

Qi Tongtong dreamed of becoming a woman of Ding Yao for long time.

However, what Han Yanyan gave herself a character of a stubborn, tenacious, unyielding strong girl yesterday, and she was still a growing type.

She raised her eyes and said firmly, “I’m here to join the search team.”

Ding Yao nodded and said indifferently: “Okay, the search team will start at seven tomorrow morning.

You can come with us from the base.”

Han Yanyan said thanks and asked if she could leave.

With Ding Yao’s permission, she turned.

Ding Yao didn’t speak loudly.

His expression was not harsh, and his attitude was easy-going and indifferent.

But in front of him, Han Yanyan was tense involuntarily.

As soon as she stepped out of the room and came to the elevator, the sight behind her disappeared, and Han Yanyan’s shoulders suddenly loosened.

The next day, she got up early in the morning, brought a broken bag and packed some food, and went out then met Qi Tongtong who came out for breakfast.

“Do you really want to go to the search team” Qi Tongtong’s eyes widened.

“Can I get a bun if I cheat you I haven’t had breakfast yet.” Han Yanyan teased.

In fact, she was originally a person who didn’t talk much, but she didn’t know why she liked to talk with her.

Maybe she had a karma with her

Qi Tongtong glared at her and said to her, “Wait a while!” She went back to the house after speaking, took a double-strap backpack to Han Yanyan, “I lend you, come back and remember to return me.”

With a cheery person, Han Yanyan did to pretend to be polite: “Thank you.”

They separated on the first floor, and Qi Tongtong was going to the restaurant–now called the big cafeteria, while Han Yanyan was heading out.

“Hey!” Qi Tongtong called her.

Han Yanyan turned her head.

Qi Tongtong looked at her and said, “Come back alive.”

Han Yanyan smiled, turned and walked out.


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