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That year

Yimeng Ruge was a member of an aristocratic family from the Da Xiao Kingdom, and had already had his spiritual roots tested.

It was definitely no problem to enter Kun-Lai.

And the Bai family, their Yimeng family friend, was also a big affluent family, with a member of the family already in Kun-Lai.

And during this time’s Dragon and Phoenix Selection, they had already very early decided on two seedlings.

The two chosen from the Bai family were twins, but one was a son and the other a daughter, both have spiritual roots, and both of them have engagement intentions.

So after asking Yimeng Ruge’s opinion, he was engaged with the Bai family daughter.

Only later did he know that the Bai family was extremely patriarchal, and no one had ever asked the girl for her opinion.


Entering the mountain

Yimeng Ruge finally saw the twins of the Bai family.

The first time he saw them, both of them were dressed in men’s clothes.

One of them looked gentle and demure with red lips and white teeth, and very pleasant to his eyes.

He couldn’t help but hug that beautiful girl and give her a kiss.

The handsome girl with wheat-colored skin next to them laughed wantonly: “Brother, you are indeed prettier than me.”

Yimeng Ruge received the first slap in his life that day, and apologized for an hour.



Yimeng Ruge didn’t like Bai Xiaomei, this woman was so wild that she was lawless.

Although she was born from the same mother’s womb as her brother, the lady of the Bai family must have given birth to the wrong genders.

Every time he looked for Bai Liu, Bai Xiaomei always gave him trouble ——by the way, Bai Xiaomei’s name was indeed Bai Xiaomei (TN: literally ‘little sister Bai’), and it couldn’t be changed as it was written on the Dao Disc, which showed just how patriarchal the Bai family was.

Bai Xiaomei couldn’t sit still as if she has ADHD, and Bai Liu must run with her while explaining their lessons to her, only this way could she get it, and manage to scrape by on Kun-Lai’s terrifying exams.



Bai Xiaomei came back from fights every day full of injuries.

Kun-Lai’s medicine was quite expensive, and Bai Liu’s money was basically used up to buy her wound medicine, but he still couldn’t make ends meet.

Later, he read a few books and tried to prepare some medicine himself.

He first tried it on animals, and the effect was good, and then he tried it on himself, and there was no adverse reaction, so he started to create the wound medicine himself.


Supply and demand

Kun-Lai’s medicine was very expensive, especially for the lower gate students.

Bai Liu’s wound medicine was often asked for by people.

He had a soft temper and a good heart, and as a result he started to have difficulty making ends meet again.

Yimeng Ruge told him that he should not give it next time, but so long as someone asked for it, he would still give it.

Yimeng Ruge really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he thought of a way.

He invested money for Bai Liu to buy the materials needed to make the medicine, and then he would sell the completed product.

After several times, the business actually began to do very well.

Their cheap medicines were very popular in the outer sect, and the supply exceeded the demand.

Yimeng Ruge had also learned through practice to distinguish medicinal materials and bargaining down prices.

At the end of the ten years in the outer sect, Yimeng Ruge found that his wealth could buy ten of his own family, half of which belonged to Ah Liu, but he could not give it to him directly.

Instead, every month he would give him some money to spend on whatever he wanted but wouldn’t let him be slaughtered like a fat sheep.



Yimeng Ruge and Bai Liu have excellent grades, and they have long entered the eyes of the Kun-Lai Medicine School, which practically snatched them away eagerly.

Bai Shuixian even kicked Yan Zhao’s ass for this, because he wanted to take Yimeng Ruge from her.

Bai Xiaomei’s grades were at the bottom, and practically scraped the admission line.

None of the several peaks wanted her, so she was also admitted to Shennong Peak, and was assigned to farm.

But she wanted to enter Wenjian Peak wholeheartedly, and went to Wenjian Peak every day to study hard and practice hard, but her aptitude was limited, and it was difficult to cultivate past the Golden Core Formation stage.

Compared with her, her twin brother belonged to the kind who could cultivate just by sitting, drinking water, and writing medicine prescriptions.

Yimeng Ruge was also the same.

It took him only a few decades to reach the Nascent Soul stage, trampling most of the seniors on Shennong Peak, the speed of which made people very jealous.


Daily life

Yimeng Ruge found that Bai Liu was still often bullied, and he would help when others asked him to help, and those who asked him to help see their injuries even dared to order him around.

So he found his good brother and said, “Ah Liu, I really like the ‘surgery’ mentioned by the Sect Leader, but now I’m at a bottleneck, can you help me”

With this reason, he could be with his good brother twelve hours a day, and no one could bully him anymore.

And many of his ideas, Ah Liu could help him to refine the research, for example, on blood vessel stasis and vein blockage, they jointly researched the method of acupuncture with spiritual energy to dredge the blockage, which was more convenient and accurate than using medicine and pills.

Likewise, on trauma suture, Ah Liu tested more than 3,000 kinds of herbs to weave threads, finally developing the True Spiritual Technique which could heal one’s spiritual core.

This method could instantly turn Spiritual Core Damage, a serious injury that almost cuts off one’s path to immortality, into a curable condition, and they received praises and even a meeting with the Sect Leader.

They were both extremely excited.



After 100 years, Bai Shuixian found that she had nothing more to teach.

After 150 years, she found that her two apprentices could be her teacher.

After 200 years, she found that her disciples’ disciples could be her teachers.

She gave Yimeng Ruge the position of the head of the Medicine School, only for him to say that he didn’t want it and to give it to Ah Liu.

Bai Liu said he didn’t want it, give it to Ruge.

The two pushed back and forth all afternoon, and were almost beaten by Bai Shuixian out of impatience.

Later, they both became the head at the same time——no distinction between the principal and the vice.

When Bai Shuixian left, she said meaningfully to Yimeng Ruge: You are bold in everything, but why are you so timid in that matter

Bai Liu asked Ruge curiously about what matter

Yimeng Ruge immediately laughed and said it was nothing.


Mountain Ascension

There were more and more members of the Medicine School, and more and more it gained influence.

Yimeng Ruge and Bai Liu cooperated seamlessly, almost overwhelming Grain School.

The two sides had all kinds of quarrels, so Yimeng Ruge took Medicine School to ascend the mountain and named it Qingdi Peak.

Emperor Qing was one of the five heavenly emperors in mythology, who lived in the east and captured the green dragon.

As the god of spring and the god of flowers, it was said that he was also in charge of marriage and childbirth…..

But when Bai Liu heard this name he just said that it was fine if he liked it, and he would listen to him.

Yimeng Ruge was unhappy for several days.

Bai Xiaomei also came to Qingdi Peak, after all, she was really not good at farming.



Bai Xiaomei had someone she likes, but she was opposed by Bai Liu, because he was a spiritual demon without a Kun-Lai Dao Disc, and his cultivation base was also low.

In Bai Liu’s opinion, how could different races be together, and how could there be children in the future Besides, she had long been engaged to Ruge.

This reason made Bai Xiaomei sneer, saying, you let a man who has designs on my own brother marry me, are you out of your mind

Bai Liu said angrily, what nonsense are you talking about, Ruge and I are both men.

Bai Xiaomei yelled, she wasn’t talking nonsense.

During the quarrel, Yimeng Ruge who was next to them remained silent.



Bai Liu and Bai Xiaomei had a cold war, and the spiritual demon had to leave because his Kun-Lai temporary stay period had expired.

Bai Xiaomei angrily demanded Bai Liu to bring him back to her.

Bai Liu had no choice but to check the records of the Mountain Patrol Bureau, and asked a few of his co-workers.

Knowing the basic location, he accompanied his sister.

When they found their way to the spiritual demon’s hometown, it turned out that the other party already had a lot of children and grandchildren.

But the excuse he gave her was that those did not count, only she was his real wife.

If it wasn’t for Bai Liu stopping her, Bai Xiaomei would have killed the demon.


Once again

Bai Xiaomei in the subsequent three hundred years, dated several times, but they all failed.

There were all kinds of reasons, but most of them were because of her brother’s opposition.

Her older brother always felt that Yimeng Ruge was the one who she could be entrusted to for life.

Bai Xiaomei looked at Yimeng Ruge with a sneer, and said to Bai Liu that as long as you get married, I will marry him.

Bai Liu said: Fine.


Getting married

Bai Liu got married.

In his eyes, love meant finding a wife who he could communicate with, having children, and living a peaceful life, just like his mother.

And the women who like Bai Liu were many, he was gentle and attentive, considerate and responsible.

If it weren’t for Yimeng Ruge blocking all kinds of bees and butterflies, Bai Liu would have married three hundred years ago.

And when Bai Liu said that he wanted to find a suitable woman to marry, Yimeng Ruge was silent for a long time before agreeing.

Bai Liu quickly found a woman he liked.

The woman had a slightly strong personality and was from Wenjian Peak.

Once, Bai Liu had become interested in her when he was treating her wounds, but Yimeng Ruge blocked them several times from meeting on the grounds of discussing business.

This time, he couldn’t stop it any longer.

On the night of Bai Liu’s marriage, he drank all the wine in Qingdi Peak.

Then he began to keep a distance from his good brother, and no longer appeared by his side casually.

Keeping the appropriate distance of a friend.



The expedition had begun, just like every time before, this time they were going to the Fire Domain, and the route had been chosen.

There were not many fighters on Qingdi Peak, Yimeng Ruge could be counted as one, but most of the others only cultivated healing related techniques.

The only ones with relatively strong attack power were from the poison vein, which were relatively few people anyway, so they hired combatant cultivators from other peaks.

Soon, a big event happened.

A spiritual demon hid in Qingdi Peak while being pursued by enemies, seriously injuring three disciples, and even kidnapped Bai Xiaomei.

Bai Liu searched for a month, and the schedule was also delayed.

He was urged repeatedly by the elders above, and he almost went crazy in anxiety.

A month later, Bai Xiaomei came back with a seriously injured spiritual demon.

Bai Xiaomei informed them about what had happened.

At that time, as soon as they left the Flying Peak, Hai Gongzi released her and apologized to her, and then left.

Who knew that the pursuer regarded her as one of Hai Gongzi’s people and so she had to flee together.

They barely survived.

That spiritual demon belonged to the Dragon Snake clan, his surname was Hai and his name was Langqi.

He was extraordinarily handsome, with a slightly wicked look in his eyes and blood on his hands.

Bai Liu didn’t like him the moment he saw him.

But unfortunately, his little sister was really in love this time.

He held back his displeasure and performed sutures on the spiritual demon’s wounds.

But who knew that the spiritual demon stretched out his hand and lifted his chin, saying, beauty, you are more beautiful than your sister.

Bai Xiaomei snorted on the side, why do even you say that.

The spiritual demon immediately said to Bai Xiaomei, but I only like you, no matter how beautiful other people are, they are not as good as you.

Bai Xiaomei was elated, and she laughed and chatted with him in front of Bai Liu.



The spiritual demon healed quickly.

Bai Liu’s medical skills were top-notch, and Hai Gongzi’s healing ability was also extremely strong.

But Bai Liu didn’t have any good attitude towards Hai Gongzi.

He felt that there was something wrong with this spiritual demon.

During the final check on his recovery, the spiritual demon actually touched his face again.

Bai Liu was furious, and fought him.

The other hid left and dodged right, all the while yelling murder, help him, until Bai Xiaomei appeared.

This kind of situation happened more than once, the spiritual demon was subtle in his actions, and Bai Xiaomei only felt that her brother wanted to obstruct her relationship again.

After all, this was not the first time.



Bai Liu made an appointment with Hai Gongzi to meet at a corner on Flying Peak, wanting to speak clearly with him.

Hai Gongzi pretended to be injured, and cried to Bai Xiaomei that he was beaten again, and asked if there was any way to let him resist a few moves from his brother-in-law.

Bai Xiaomei was furious when she saw the injuries on her lover’s body, and told him to hit his Yanggu acupuncture point next time, which was the only spot on his body that didn’t have a protective shield of spiritual energy, and then it would temporarily disperse his spiritual energy.

He could then take advantage of this and run her way.

Hai Gongzi said, you are too good to me, I will listen to you.

Then Hai Gongzi went to the appointment, and successfully angered Bai Liu with a few words, provoking him to attack and chase him all the way outside the Flying Peak.

When they arrived in a deserted area, Hai Gongzi stopped and begged for mercy.

Bai Liu asked him not to pester his sister, and then fell into the trap.

With the disperse of his spiritual energy, before he was pressed to the ground and had no time to resist, there was a sharp pain in the hidden acupuncture point on his back, a black nail was pierced into his back, causing his spiritual energy to collapse, and even his lips were sealed. 

Hai Gongzi chuckled, how easy it was to get you in my hands.”

He took the prepared quilt and wrapped Bai Liu up, carried him on his back, changed his appearance, and returned to the Flying Peak again.

The Medicine School there was full of patients wrapped up and brought in, so it did not attract any attention.

After waiting for a while, when he saw Yimeng Ruge leave in a hurry, he smiled, walked to Yimeng Ruge’s room with Bai Liu in his arms, and opened the door with Bai Liu’s own spiritual energy.

As he expected, Bai Liu was able to open the door of Yimeng Ruge’s room.

Then he closed the door, lifted Bai Liu’s blindfold, and tore off the gag on his lips.

“How is it, here, do you still expect Yimeng Ruge to save you” He asked softly in his ear, then smiled and licked his ear, and said, “I am a demon who likes exciting things, and you are much more exciting than your sister…..”


See end of chapter 68



Seeing Bai Liu approaching, Hai Gongzi smiled and put the phoenix hairpin in the hair of a happy Bai Xiaomei.

Looking into Bai Liu’s eyes, Bai Xiaomei said angrily: “Why do you have to tear us apart I like him, what business is it of yours”

Bai Liu’s heart was severely damaged immediately, and he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Supporting Bai Liu who almost collapsed, Yimeng Ruge wanted to kill her.



The spiritual demon was too cunning, in the end under Bai Xiaomei’s threat to kill herself, Yimeng Ruge only chopped off half of his tail and a penis, and let him escape.

And Bai Xiaomei still wanted to follow after him.

If you go, I will definitely kill him, including you.

Yimeng Ruge said.

Bai Xiaomei sneered: “Okay, I don’t have to follow, there is only one condition.”

Yimeng Ruge: “Speak.”

“You marry me.” Bai Xiaomei sneered.

“What point is there to this” Yimeng Ruge said indifferently, “You clearly already know.”

“I know you.

If you marry me, even if you don’t want to, you will treat me well.

You are too responsible,” Bai Xiaomei sneered, “Yes, I won’t even allow you to put him in your heart.

He doesn’t know what he has lost, I want you and him to never have a chance.”

“Doing this, what do you get” Yimeng Ruge asked.

“Then splitting me and Ah Hai, what do you get” Bai Xiaomei asked.

“Shut up, I will marry you.”



Yimeng Qingnu was born in the summer.

After Bai Xiaomei calmed down from her impulsive actions, she found that she already had a child.

In addition, her sister-in-law and Bai Liu divorced, and went to Yuntian Domain to take up residence.

Said that she didn’t want to spend her whole life with a man who wouldn’t even touch her.

Bai Yue was given to Bai Liu to raise.

Bai Xiaomei began to talk about divorce with Yimeng Ruge.

She was rejected because of Yimeng Qingnu, Yimeng Ruge must take responsibility for their child.



It was the expedition year again, this time to Yuntian Domain.

They couldn’t take their children with them.

Then they met the spiritual demon again.

Afterwards, a conflict occurred, and after killing that spiritual demon, it was only then that they learned that that reckless and wanton spiritual demon was the son of the Great Sage Fuhai and the Great Sage Longshe.


The ending

Other than the lower levels, of the higher level cultivators of Qingdi Peak, only Bai Liu came back.

Yimeng Ruge was the first person to sacrifice his life to power the defense array.

He told Bai Liu, you can’t die, Qingdi Peak can’t be without you, and then he left.

Bai Liu knew that he could neither go crazy nor die.

He wanted to take good care of the orphaned children, but there were always some who slipped through the cracks.

But when he heard others say why wasn’t it Yimeng Ruge who survived, he thought, he also really wanted to know the answer to this question.

The past had become a cage, he couldn’t get out, and he couldn’t forget it.

Until the time of his death, he was still thinking that, after doing such a poor job, he would definitely not be able to meet any old friends who wanted to see him in the Yellow Springs.

(TN: the underworld of Chinese mythology)

Yimeng Ruge, why was I the one who stayed.

If, if I could see you in the Yellow Springs, please tell me.


Yellow Springs

Bai Liu saw Yimeng Ruge in the Yellow Springs.

And his little sister.

He was very nervous: “Sorry, I seem to have made a mistake again this time.”

Bai Xiaomei gave him a displeased look: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

“I couldn’t say it…..” Bai Liu said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I’m too cowardly.

If I said it earlier, you wouldn’t…..”

“If you said it earlier, I would have apologized with my death.

Although, it was not much different, in the end when I killed the sea snake by mistake I committed suicide.” Bai Xiaomei waved her hand, “Actually, after I died, many things became clear.

You often did things for my own good.

If I really didn’t want to listen to you, it was enough to just leave Qingdi Peak and ignore you, but I have a big temper and no patience, and always live a bad life when I leave your protection.

As they say, it is difficult to go from luxury to poverty, I couldn’t give up living an easy life of cultivation, yet I want to find someone who was stronger than you to get rid of you, so my mindset was already lacking from the beginning.”

“It’s I who shouldn’t have interfered with your marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with marrying an ordinary man.” Bai Liu apologized in a low voice, “I was wrong about what happened before, I didn’t take your feelings into account.”

“It’s all over, and I did stupid things to you that I’m sorry for.

Come on, brother, let me hug you again.

Although I don’t want to be siblings with you in the next life——after all, we have incompatible personalities.

At least don’t leave with regrets in this life.

Forgive me, and I forgive you too, okay” Bai Xiaomei opened her arms.

Bai Liu nodded, walked towards his sister, and gave each other their final relief.

“I am going to reincarnation, the rest of the time is yours.” Bai Xiaomei turned and left.

On the other side, Ruge looked at him silently.

Bai Liu nodded to him.

After having died once, he was no longer obsessed with that answer.

Yimeng Ruge confessed to him.

“So, from the first time you saw me, you didn’t regard me as a brother” Bai Liu asked calmly.

“Yes.” Ruge said guiltily.

“Then why didn’t you say it” Bai Liu asked.

“I didn’t dare!” Ruge said softly, “I hinted so many times but you never understood…..so I just thought being by your side was enough.”

“Why didn’t you speak up when my sister said you liked me”

“I was petrified at the time, and I simply didn’t know what to say.”

“Why didn’t you break off the engagement”

“I was afraid you would be angry.”

“Then you could tie my sister down in a loveless marriage like this”

“My fault.”

“When you told me to live later it was because of this reason——that you like me” Bai Liu asked.

“Yes.” Ruge said softly.

Bai Liu had the heart to tear Ruge to pieces!

This damn mental retard!

He never wanted to see this kind of idiot in his next life.

He had actually been fooled by this idiot for so many years.

He was also an idiot!

“All the brothers are gone” After beating the other up, Bai Liu asked, “Are they disappointed in me”

“No, who doesn’t know what your personality is like.

When you were left behind, everyone was mentally prepared.”

“Then why still do it”

“Only you can pass on the inheritance of Qingdi Peak.

You have memorized so many spells and techniques.

You are also very good at teaching.

Didn’t Qingnu inherit all my skills Including acupuncture.

Both the pill and poison veins have leaders to carry on the line, so they are not worried.

As for you spoiling the children, there is nothing we can do about it, at least half of them would be successful, it is already a very high percentage.”

“You only know to comfort me…..I’ve disappointed Qingnu, her temperament is too much like yours, and in my heart, I regarded her as omnipotent as you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Let’s go, go get reincarnated, this life was too much of a failure.”



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