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The long sword slashed, and the withered corpse controlled the elite infected body to meet the enemy.

Su Xiao held the sword with one hand.

At this time, his right arm was a little sore.

This was the aftereffect of continuous use of the ring break.

As he slashed down, the elite infected person, who almost looked like a monster, raised his claws to block.

The sharp bone claws flashed with a metallic luster, and the appearance of the elite infected person at this time could no longer be seen as a human.

The long sword cut on the bone claws, and bone fragments splashed.

Su Xiao raised his eyebrows.

The power attribute of this thing was not inferior to his.

No, the power attribute of this thing was higher than his.


The elite infection roared, its bloody mouth opened, and the jagged teeth were like sharp daggers.

The blood plate bit Su Xiao and the dead body behind the elite infection pressed its hands on the back of its head, its eyes closed, controlling the action of the select disease.

Su Xiao stretched his palm forward, and an energy shield with 120 points of strength appeared.

With a bang, the head of the elite infected body hit the energy shield.

At this moment, Su Xiao removed the energy shield.

The green steel shadow energy rushed into the blade.

Su Xiao took a step forward and cut the neck of the dead body.

He did not attack the elite infected body.

The dead body controlled this thing.

After killing the dead body, this thing was easy to deal with.


The blade cut through the neck of the dead body, and the head of the dead body flew up.

The head flew in the air without showing any expression of fear or surprise.

There was only anger and disdain in the eyes, and there was a vague meaning of conspiracy succeeding.

After cutting off the head of the dead body, Su Xiao only paused for a little and made a second cut.

This knife cut to the chest of the dead body because the dead body whose head was cut off did not die.

Su Xiao was already used to this situation.

The ability of the violators was strange, and he had met all the violators who were more challenging to kill.

A face appeared on the dead body\'s chest, full of pain and disbelief.

What the hell is this

The green steel shadow energy invaded the dead body through the wound.

The pain almost made the dead body lose consciousness.


The dead body\'s trunk was cut off.

At the same time as the trunk was cut off, a brownish-yellow ball of flesh broke out of the dead body and directly drilled into the elite infected body.

The elite infected body stopped, and the eyes changed.

I\'m going to kill you.

This is my last chance to change my body.

I\'m looking for a few derivative worlds, and forced me to this situation.

No Elite Infected Body should be the dry corpse standing upright.

After feeling this vital body, the dry corpse shook his head.

This body was too unstable.

At this time, a purple light appeared beside the dry corpse.

A purple light dot floated in the air, and the light dot gradually enlarged.

Here it is.

The dry corpse stared at Su Xiao fiercely as if he had already seen the enemy\'s death.

So it is like this, living in a parasitic way.

The index finger of Su Xiao\'s left hand moved, and the broken line wrapped around the dry corpse\'s leg.

He pulled hard, and the very shallow wound was now on the dry corpse\'s calf.

The dry corpse did not care about this degree of injury at all.

Just as he slammed his claw at Su Xiao, the green steel shadow energy spread along the broken line and invaded the body of the dry corpse from the wound.


The shrill scream came far away, and the dead body fell to the ground with a thud.

The green steel shadow energy was his nemesis.

His body was too weak.

Su Xiao stepped forward and pierced the neck of the dead body.

The green steel shadow was wrapped in the sword light, and the shadow thorn was generated.

More than a dozen light blue energy thorns broke out of the body of dead body, like a blooming thorns flower.

This, this...

The dry corpse\'s mouth was wide open, and his pupils were trembling.

Su Xiao stepped on the dry corpse\'s shoulder with one foot and slowly pulled out the dragon flash.

The long sword was cut down, and the large head of the corpse was cut off.

A brownish-yellow meatball came out of the elite infected body, and a face appeared on the meatball.

This is impossible, and the boss is coming.


Su Xiao stepped on the brownish-yellow meatball with one foot, and the juice splashed.

[Hint: The hunter has successfully cleared No.

107 offenders, and the hunting mission has been completed(2/5).


[Warning: Discovered violator is about to approach! ]

Su Xiao knew that violators would approach without the reminder from the reincarnation paradise.

The purple light dot beside the dead body quickly expanded and became a space crack.

A man in a purple suit with a gentle smile walked out of the space crack.

The man looked around until he saw the meatball that was crushed.

Oh The dead body is already dead, and he lost another subordinate, although he is foolish.

If not for the head of the contractor in his hand, the man was very polite.

It seems that you kill the dead body.

The man looked at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao did not say anything and directly cut out a sword light.

The sword light passed through the body of the man in the suit.

Su Xiao was not surprised because he did not feel the other person\'s breath.

Don\'t be so murderous.

I am just a projection sent here.

By the way, you can call me Red Clown.

The red clown threw the head in his hand.

His body was more than a hundred kilometers away, and under his feet was a headless body.

Looking at the red clown, Su Xiao confirmed that the other party was indeed a projection and returned the dragon flash to the sheath.

He was ready to leave this block first.

Wait, Mr.


The smile on the red clown\'s face began to become neurotic.

Su Xiao stopped and turned to look at the red clown.

This name is quite appropriate.

Chasing after us, this unreasonable contractor, I don\'t know what the reincarnation paradise called you.

Maybe it is also a hunter

Su Xiao\'s eyes narrowed slightly.

This offender might know something.

Don\'t worry.

I won\'t reveal your identity to the public.

Even if I wanted to, I wouldn\'t be able to.

I failed hundreds of times.

The red clown seemed to think of something interesting.

He took a small knife and pressed his thumb against the blade\'s tip.


Hunter, how about we play a game

The red clown cleared his throat.

From now on, I will bring my subordinates to kill you.

I will tell you a secret about the violator if you can kill me, but...

The red clown said this as if he could not hold back his excitement.

The knife pierced his thumb.

If you lose before you die, you must tell me some secrets about the hunter.

How about it so that the game is fair.

Su Xiao did not know the purpose of the red clown for a while, but it was good that the other party could kill him.

Even if the other party did not come to him, he would find a way to find the other party.

See you in Youke Xin City.

Hahaha, you spoke.

I thought you were mute.

Sorry, I forgot myself.

The red clown seemed unable to hide the excitement in his heart, and this guy\'s emotions were volatile.

See you in Youke Xin City.

I haven\'t encountered such an interesting thing in a long time.

The shadow of the red clown gradually disappeared, and the space crack also disappeared.

Su Xiao sighed.

If the red clown body dared to enter this space crack, then he had a way to kill the other person quickly.

He could force the space crack to close after the other person entered the space crack and then trap the other person in an unknown space.

This was the ability that he got in the Naruto world.

Brand effect(pale gold): primary space imprisonment: can seal the space fluctuation within 50 meters.

The space skills below level 5 in this area are ineffective.

The effect lasts for 30 minutes, and the cooldown time is two natural days.


Unfortunately, the red clown seemed to have found something, and his body did not enter the space gap.

The Gentlemen\'s Alliance, it seems the real troublesome guy has not appeared yet.

Su Xiao turned and disappeared into an alley.


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