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Chapter 831: Disgusting Older Brother and Younger Sister

Thinking of that, he got nervous, and stopped to observe her vagina.

Zheng Wenmei had no idea what her boyfriend was doing, but enjoyed the sexual pleasure.

When her boyfriend saw her red vagina, he was mad.

Zheng Wenmei did have sex with someone else last night!

Her boyfriend was in a rage now.

He loved Zheng Wenmei so much that it was hard for him to accept it, and he wanted to vent his anger at her.

Therefore, he attacked Zheng Wenmei again.

Although Zheng Wenmei thought that it was painful, she still enjoyed it, and moaned with sexual pleasure.

However, her moans which were supposed to be encouraging and exciting now became sarcastic in her boyfriends ears.

She must have moaned like that last night! He thought to himself.

“Am I good” he asked.

“Y-yeah!” Zheng Wenmei said.

Am I better than the man who f*cked you last night He asked himself, but didnt say it aloud.

He made up his mind to dump Zheng Wenmei.

Although he loved her deeply, he couldnt accept the fact that his beloved woman had sex with another man when they were in a romantic relationship.

However, even though he was going to dump her, he would f*ck her as hard as he could to punish her.

At this moment, Zheng Wenhao arrived.

He came to deliver some food for Zheng Wenmei, because he didnt want her to eat takeout.

However, he heard a man and a womans crazy moans of sexual pleasure when he came near the door.

He was annoyed at once.

He knew that Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend must be inside making love to her.

Without delay, Zheng Wenhao took out the key, and opened the door.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, both Zheng Wenmei and her boyfriend were scared and shocked.

Before they could dress themselves, Zheng Wenhao walked in, and they were still in the same position on the sofa.

“Wenhao Why did you come in Get out now!” Zheng Wenmei shouted in panic.

It was super embarrassing for her older brother to see her like that.

What she didnt know was that Zheng Wenhao had already seen her naked body last night.

Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend left her body at once, and covered her with her sleeping gown.

Zheng Wenhao, on the other hand, didnt think that he was an intruder.

He dashed over, and punched Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend with great force.

Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend was struck dumb.

Why did Zheng Wenhao punch him He was Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend, and it was very normal that he would have sex with her.

He wasnt raping her.

Did Zheng Wenhao have to be so mad

Nevertheless, Zheng Wenhao didnt stop, and tried to punch Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend again, but failed.

Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend caught his fist and stopped him by force.

He was stronger than Zheng Wenhao, so Zheng Wenhao wasnt able to move.

“Zheng Wenhao, what are you doing Wenmei is my girlfriend, and its very normal that we have sex.

You dont have the right to punch me!” he questioned Zheng Wenhao in anger.

“Wenmei is mine! Shes mine and nobody can touch her except me!” Zheng Wenhao lost his reason and yelled.

“What” Zheng Wenmei and her boyfriend was stunned.

All of a sudden, Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend realized that Zheng Wenhao was the man who had f*cked Zheng Wenmei last night.

Zheng Wenmei was Zheng Wenhaos half-sister!

In Zheng Wenmeis boyfriends eyes, it was even more unacceptable that Zheng Wenmei had made love with her half-brother instead of a strange man.

If Zheng Wenhao was so terribly possessive of Zheng Wenmei, it was highly possible that they had made love many times before!

Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend slowly turned to look at her with astonishment, but Zheng Wenmei knew nothing about it, because she was drugged every time.

“Wenhao, are you insane” Zheng Wenmei couldnt believe it.

She hoped that Zheng Wenhao didnt mean it, or that she heard it wrong.

“Wenmei, youre mine.

Youre mine! You cant have sex with any man but me!” Zheng Wenhao said in a domineering tone.

“What” Zheng Wenmei was shocked.

“Zheng Wenhao, youre a sick jerk, and you f*cked your younger sister!” Zheng Wenmeis boyfriend was furious and punched Zheng Wenhao in the face.

Although he loved Zheng Wenmei and had deep sympathy for her, he couldnt tolerate it and felt utterly disgusted now.

“Wenmei, I think were done.

Zheng Wenhao, I wont tell anyone else what youve done, but the truth always comes out.

Good luck!” he said, then dressed himself as fast as possible before he left.

He wasnt a backstabber, so he wouldnt say anything, but they were really disgusting.

Once he was gone, Zheng Wenhao pressed Zheng Wenmei down and sexually assaulted her in all kinds of ways.

Zheng Wenmei wanted to struggle, but she was too weak to do it.

In the following hour, Zheng Wenhao penetrated her again and again with violence.

At this moment, Zheng Wenmei wished that she were dead.

It was beyond her imagination that her half-brother would force her to have sex with him.

An hour later, Zheng Wenhao gradually got his reason back.

When he realized what he had done, he removed himself from Zheng Wenmeis body in an instant.

“I-Im sorry, Wenmei…”

Zheng Wenhao wanted to explain, but didnt know how, because the damage was done

“Why Why did you have to treat me like that Why” Zheng Wenmei lost control of her emotions and burst into tears.

“I-I love you.

I know that I cant do that, but I lost control of myself.

I got jealous every time I thought about you having sex with other men,” Zheng Wenhao said.

He was also in pain after falling in love with his half-sister.

Their amoral relationship wouldnt go anywhere, but he couldnt control himself.

Actually, he was old enough to be married, and his parents had urged him to do so many times before, but he had no interest in other women.

He was deeply in love with Zheng Wenmei, which already affected his life, but he was willing to accept it.

The only thing he felt sad about was that he couldnt marry her.

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