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“Its my pleasure, Mr.

President,” said Gu Ning.

The fact that she had saved the presidents life was a big deal, but she should be modest.

Gu Ning continued.

“After they failed this time, Im afraid theyll try again.

Ninjas are strong, but we can still defeat them.

So you should probably hire two more bodyguards to protect you.

I think four strong men should be able to deal with two ninjas.”

“Great, Ill get more bodyguards,” said Wei Lingfeng.

For his own safety, Wei Lingfeng accepted Gu Nings advice.

“Oh, I have a special medicine with me.

It can cure nearly all illnesses, wounds, and pains, including wounds caused by knives, swords, guns, and injuries inside and out.

It can even cure cancers.

All members of the Red Flame have it to prevent them losing their lives when they carry out tasks.

If you trust me, I can give you some for you to protect yourself.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Shaoting about it,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning would help Wei Lingfeng unconditionally because he was the president of their country and had Leng Shaotings loyalty.

“That sounds unbelievable!” Wei Lingfeng was amazed.

Although it was normal that strange things happened after he found out that Gu Ning had superpowers, this was the first time that he had heard of such an effective medicine, so he was shocked.

“Right.” Gu Ning replied.

“Even if I didnt believe you, I can trust Shaoting,” said Wei Lingfeng.

Wei Lingfeng trusted Gu Ning because of his trust in Leng Shaoting and the Leng family.

Gu Ning didnt mind that Wei Lingfeng only trusted her because of her relationship with Leng Shaoting.

After all, this was their first meeting.

It was understandable for him to have doubts.

Afterwards, Gu Ning gave Wei Lingfeng a porcelain bottle with ten power crystals inside and explained to him how to take them.

Although they had caught the two ninjas, Gu Ning still sent Wei Lingfeng to Zhonghai Garden after the two ninjas were taken away.

Then Wei Lingfeng arranged for his people to drive Gu Ning back to the Leng familys house.

Gu Ning accepted his kindness.

When Gu Ning was gone, Wei Lingfeng said to his bodyguards, “Keep it a secret.

Dont tell anyone else.”

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“Sure.” The bodyguards nodded.


President, can I ask who the two men are And the girl called Gu Ning…” said a bodyguard.

“Well, there are people with superpowers.

We might not know them, but they have powers that are beyond ordinary peoples imagination.

You just witnessed that today, but its also my first time seeing that.

So, I dont know the details.

Perhaps there are things we cant imagine.” Wei Lingfeng told them what he knew because they were his people and he could trust them.

In addition, they were his bodyguards.

If he didnt let them know, they couldnt protect him properly.

Even though the two bodyguards saw the difference between the two ninjas and Gu Ning, they still couldnt believe that they had superpowers.

After what they had been through today, they would have a brand new understanding of the world.

Gu Ning spent two hours sending Wei Lingfeng back to Zhonghai Garden, then returning to the Leng familys house, so the guests were mostly gone when she was finally back.

Only the Leng familys relatives, Master Xu, and Jiang Zhongyu had stayed.

They had the closest relationship with the Leng family, so they stayed until the end.

The Leng family, Tang Haifeng, and Tang Yunfan were aware that Gu Ning went to deal with a problem, but they didnt know what exactly it was.

Leng Shaoting didnt tell them any details.

He only told them that Gu Ning would be out for a while.

Tang Haifeng said resignedly, “Ningning is too busy every day.

Its such an important day today, but shes still busy.”

He wasnt blaming Gu Ning, but he felt she could relax more.

She was too busy recently.

If Gu Ning was raised in the Tang family, she wouldnt have needed to start up a business at such a young age.

“Well, she carries too much on her shoulders.

But she has her own ideas.

We shouldnt stop her.

Instead, we should be supportive, but I also hope she can relax more.

She doesnt need to be so busy every day,” said Master Leng.

He was proud of Gu Ning for being so outstanding, but also hoped that she could live an easy life.

Nevertheless, it was her choice, and they could only be supportive.

“Right, I remember when I just met Ningning, I even wanted to set her up with my grandson, but she already had a boyfriend back then.

If her boyfriend were someone else, I might have tried to separate them, but the man turned out to be Shaoting, so I gave up.

Its really a shame!” Jiang Zhongyu said.

Even though his grandson was a very outstanding young man, he was still hardly comparable to Leng Shaoting.

He even gave up the idea of competing with Leng Shaoting, because they would only embarrass themselves.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was a little uncomfortable.

He wasnt mad, but felt unhappy that his girl was also desired by other people.

It was understandable, because Gu Ning was too impressive to be ignored, but Gu Ning was his girl, and he wouldnt allow anyone to steal her from him.

Master Leng said proudly, “Well, my grandson is more charming.

Ningning only wants Shaoting.”

He made it sound as if it was Leng Shaotings honor that Gu Ning chose him.

Leng Shaoting didnt hear it, but he wouldnt be mad even if he heard it, because he also thought so.

He wasnt a chauvinist when he was with Gu Ning.

He didnt think men were superior to women.

He also didnt need his girl to be treated unfairly just so that he could save face.

He was happy to be inferior to Gu Ning and could even give up his face for her.

It was true love.

He loved Gu Ning very deeply and took her as his whole life.

Master Xu actually had the same thought as Jiang Zhongyu, but he didnt say it aloud, otherwise Master Leng would become too proud.

However, Master Leng didnt miss this chance and directly pointed it out.

“I remember that Xu also tried to set Ningning up with…”

Before Master Leng finished, Master Xu interrupted.

“Leng, dont stir things up.

I had that idea, but my grandson has a very good girl now.

I like his choice.

My grandsons girlfriend is also outstanding.”


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