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It was true that she was always busy with work when Zi Beiying asked her out before.

“Can I join you” asked Leng Shaoxi.

She wasnt familiar with Zi Beiying and normally she shouldnt go.

And if she did go, she needed to prepare a gift.

However, they werent close, so a gift might be too much.

They didnt lack gifts, but it just wasnt appropriate.

However, Zi Beiying mentioned it in front of them now, so she needed to show her willingness.

It wasnt just as a courtesy either, she really hoped they could be friends.

“Of course, please come.

And Miss Zhan, if you arent in a rush to go home, you can join us too! Itll be fine if more of us can celebrate together,” said Zi Beiying.

It was a sincere invitation and she didnt care about gifts.

She just wanted to have a fun party.

“Great, if Im in the capital for a few more days, Ill go.” Zhan Zhiyin replied.

If Zi Beiying didnt invite her, she wouldnt mention it.

After all, this was her first meeting with Zi Beiying, but since Zi Beiying invited her to go, she would be happy to join them.

Zi Beiying was Gu Nings friend so she was also her friend.

A short while later, Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna arrived.

However, Xu Qinyin didnt come with Tang Qingyang.

Tang Qingyang had a relationship with Gu Ning, but wasnt connected to Leng Shaoting, so he wasnt coming.

Once Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna arrived, Gu Anna complained.

“Oh, Beiying, you came earlier before us.

Why didnt you call us Arent we friends”

The Gu family was invited by the Leng family, so Gu Anna and Xu Qinyin knew that Gu Ning had arrived at the Leng familys house early, but unexpectedly, Zi Beiying was also there.

It was their first meeting Zhan Zhiyin, so they didnt know her.


“Youre here whether youve been called or not.

I dont think I need to waste credit to give you a call,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Anna and Xu Qinyin were surprised.

Gu Anna rolled her eyes and said in sadness, “Youre so successful and have billions of yuan.

Why do you even care to save a little credit Do you cherish money more than your friends Its heart-breaking…”

Saying that, Gu Anna even covered her chest as if her heart was aching.

Everyone was amused by her and didnt take it seriously.

They knew it was just a joke.

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“Are you implying that Im mean Then the medicine…” said Gu Ning and gave Gu Anna a meaningful glance.

She didnt finish, but her expression said everything.

“Ha-ha!” Gu Anna felt embarrassed and immediately changed her attitude.

“Im just joking.

Youre the most generous and the best friend in this world.

Its my honor that I can be your friend.”

Gu Anna fawned on Gu Ning.

She just got precious medicine from Gu Ning, so she couldnt say that Gu Ning was mean.

Anyway, they were just joking and no one actually got mad.

Afterwards, Gu Anna directly sat down and started to complain.

“You dont know how hateful that woman is.

Ive never seen someone so shameless before.

About two days ago, we went to drink in a bar.

I met a schoolmate from high school and the man the woman admires walked over to drink with me.

We were just drinking.

I didnt think too much about it, but the woman was unhappy.

She came to drink with me too.

It couldnt be more obvious that she was trying to embarrass me.

I had had a lot of alcohol when we ate, so I was no match for her.

So I challenged her to have the competition again when my stomach wasnt so full, otherwise it would be unfair.

The woman agreed.

And the loser would shout that she is a bi*ch three times.

Well meet on Friday night at the same bar.

However, she wont stop sending me messages these days, as if shes afraid Ill be absent.

Come on, I always keep my word.”

Gu Anna was really mad.

“So, are you afraid youll lose,” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Anna looked uneasy.

She didnt want to admit it, but it was proved that she was worried when she went to ask Gu Ning for the medicine.

“Just in case! I dont want to loudly call myself a bi*ch three times in public.

Its humiliating.

My reputation is important in high society.”

She only wanted to win and didnt care about the woman at all.

Anyway, it was the woman who caused her trouble first.

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing.

“Oh, weve talked about me for so long.

I should have asked you to introduce this beauty to us.” Gu Anna changed the topic.

The beauty was Zhan Zhiyin.

“This is the granddaughter of Master Lengs good old friend, Zhan Zhiyin,” said Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Zhan.

Im Gu Anna.” Gu Anna greeted Zhan Zhiyin at once.

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Gu.” Zhan Zhiyin replied politely.

“Hi, Miss Zhan, Im Xu Qinyin.” Xu Qinyin smiled at Zhan Zhiyin.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Xu.” Zhan Zhiyin responded politely.

After that, they continued to chat casually.

After 4 pm, guests started arriving one after the other.

The Leng familys relatives, like the Jiang family and the Yu family, arrived earlier.

Collateral branches of the Leng family were also present.

Master Leng had two brothers and three cousins.

They were very supportive of the Leng family and were loyal too.

One of his brothers and cousins stayed in the capital, and the others had important positions in other cities.

The Leng family became powerful, not only by relying on Master Lengs family.

He needed support from his brothers and their connections.

Although they were all retired now, their sons were very outstanding and even surpassed them.

And because Master Lengs brothers and cousins were retired, they had time to celebrate his birthday.

So they came with their grandkids.

After all, they were older and it was a long distance.

Their family members were worried about their health, so they came with one or two other family members.

Even though they had bodyguards by their side, family could keep them company.


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