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Chapter 2499 Crazily Selfish

Although Jing Yaorong treated Jing Yunyao badly, he was nice to Jing Yanhua.

Anyway, he had never exploited Jing Yanhua.

Because Jing Yanhua was always obedient, Jing Yaorong didnt bother to see Jing Yanhua as his enemy.

However, if Jing Yanhua dared to behave against him, he would change his attitude towards him.

Jing Yaorong was not tolerant, and he wouldnt listen to other peoples opinions.

Jing Yaorong also didnt have outstanding abilities, since the Jing family was losing its influence under his leadership, but the Jing family was still powerful.

At least other major families who tried to remove it all failed.

Till now, the Jing family was still one of the four major families, although it was the least influential.

There werent many cultivators in the cultivation world, but there were about seven influential families.

Among them, two families were comparable to the four major families, and had the ambition to become new major families.

After hearing Jing Yaorongs words, Jing Yanhua was struck dumb for a second.

He wasnt displeased because Jing Yaorong was suspicious of him.

After all Jing Jining was his son, and was aware that Jing Yunyao was still alive, so it was understandable that Jing Yaorong was suspicious of him.

However, he honestly had no idea that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead, so he sincerely said, “Yaorong, I swear I dont know that Yunyao is still alive.

I was also shocked when you told me that.

You should know that Jining had a very good relationship with Yunyao.

If he knows that Yunyao is still alive, do you think hed tell anyone else in the Jing family”

“If Jining really kept it a secret, I should apologize to you on his behalf, but its not his fault that he wants to protect Yunyao.

So please, Yaorong, dont blame Jining,” said Jing Yanhua.

“As a member of the Jing family, how could he keep it a secret Isnt he afraid that Jing Yunyao will come back and cause us trouble one day” said Jing Yaorong.

It was clear that he blamed Jing Jining for that.

In the old days, he would let Jing Jining go, but now Jing Jining became a threat to him, so it was impossible for him to do nothing.

Jing Yanhua was mad.

“Yaorong, although you never admit that Yunyaos death has something to do with you, its not a secret.

We all know it.

Yunyao broke the rules of the cultivation world, but I dont think she should have been sentenced to death.

Tiandaozong only decided to chase her out of the cultivation world and didnt allow her to come in again.

However, you insisted on killing her.

Shes your daughter! Even a monster would not hurt its own children.

I sincerely dont understand how you could be so cruel”

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong became angrier.

Because Jing Yaorong was aware that everyone knew he caused Jing Yunyaos death, he didnt bother to deny it when Jing Yanhua pointed it out.

“She humiliated the Jing family.

She couldnt live!”

Jing Yaorong didnt think he was wrong.

Instead, he believed that he was right.

“Did you get your honor back after killing Yunyao No, you ruined your own reputation.

Many people now agree that youre a cold-blooded, cruel father, and that you dont deserve your kids!” Jing Yanhua argued.

Even though he had never talked about that with Jing Yaorong before, he couldnt tolerate it any longer.

“You…” Jing Yaorong was furious, but Jing Yanhuas words made sense.

Therefore, he didnt argue with Jing Yanhua.

However, he still thought that he was right.

At least, he felt much better after killing Yunyao.

Besides, he disliked people who criticized him behind his back.

It was his family affair.

It had nothing to do with them!

“Its none of your business!” Jing Yaorong angrily shouted.

Whether he was wrong or not, he wouldnt allow other people to judge him.

“Yes, its not my business, but Jining is my son.

You can ask him about it, but I wont allow you to hurt him.

Hes my son, and I care about him,” said Jing Yanhua.

He only summoned up his courage to act against Jing Yaorong when it was related to Jing Yanhua.

If he said nothing when Jing Yaorong hurt Jing Jining, he would be an unqualified father.

The Jing family wouldnt disable or even kill Jing Jining, but the punishment would be serious, so Jing Yanhua had to stop it from happening “He betrayed the Jing family by harboring our enemy.

Why cant I punish him!” Jing Yaorong lost his temper.

“Yaorong, do you really think everyone has to listen to you no matter what you do You wanted to kill Yunyao.

Do you expect her to forgive you” Jing Yanhua mocked.

He didnt think that Jing Yaorong was dumb.

Jing Yaorong was simply too selfish, crazily selfish.

“As a member of the Jing family, she ought to protect our familys reputation, but what did she do She did the opposite!” said Jing Yaorong.

He was implying that Jing Yunyao had no right to hate him.

“Fine, I cant interfere in your grudge with Yunyao, but Jining is my son.

If you dare to hurt Jining, Ill report it to the head of Tiandaozong.” Jing Yanhua realized that Jing Yaorong wouldnt listen to him, so he stopped arguing

He said that he wouldnt get involved in Jing Yaorongs grudge with Jing Yunyao, not because he was cold-blooded, but because Jing Yaorong couldnt really hurt Jing Yunyao.

If the woman was really Jing Yunyao, Shangguan Yang would protect her.

“You…” Jing Yaorong was furious.

“How could you say that to me!”

It was the first time that Jing Yanhua had stood up against him, so Jing Yaorong couldnt accept it.

“Because Jining is my son, and Ill protect him with my life.” Jing Yanhua argued.

Jing Yaorong could kill Yunyao, but he was protective of his kid.

Even if Jing Jining made the same mistake as Jing Yunyao and got together with a mortal, Jing Jining could be punished according to the rules of the cultivation world, but he wouldnt hurt his son further.

If his son really fell in love, he would allow his son to leave the cultivation world and live a happy life.


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