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Chapter 2497 Will She Pay Us Back

“Will she pay us back” Jing Yunyan asked again.

He knew more about Jing Yunyaos story than Liu and Jing Bingjie.

He understood that his older brother and sister had bullied Jing Yunyao a lot when they were little.

Because of his mother, Jing Yunyaos mother died.

Now Jing Yunyao reached a high level and joined Shangguan Yang.

If she wanted to pay them back, the Jing family would be in a serious crisis.

“Who does she think she is The Jing family raised her.

She should be grateful.

How could she break the rules of the cultivation world She should be punished.

Since she had good luck and survived, she should have learnt to behave herself.

She shouldnt step into the cultivation world again! If she dares to do so, shell break the rules once more.

Even if we dont punish her, Tiandaozong will,” said Jing Yaorong angrily.

That was his own values.

He believed that the Jing family raised Jing Yunyao so she should be grateful to them.

Anyway she ought to be killed after she went against the rules in the cultivation world.

Therefore, he didnt think Jing Yunyao dared to pay the Jing family back.

Jing Yaorong didnt feel guilty at all about Jing Yunyaos death.

He blamed Jing Yunyao for everything.

However, he actually wasnt as confident as he seemed on the surface.

It wasnt a problem if he only punished Jing Yunyao, but he had attacked Jing Yunyaos husband too.

Jing Yunyaos husband was a mortal.

Therefore, if it went public, justice wouldnt stand with him.

Jing Yunfei, however, felt a little embarrassed, because he remembered how they bullied Jing Yunyao when they were little.

To be honest, if he were Jing Yunyao, he would also harbor a grudge and be determined to take revenge.

Now, he figured out why Jing Yunyao deliberately trapped him and made him lose three fingers.

Jing Yunfei wondered whether it was just the beginning or if it was already over.

“But…” Jing Yunyan didnt think Jing Yaorong was wrong, but he felt it wasnt an easy problem.

“Alright, thats it.

We dont need to be afraid of Jing Yunyao!” Jing Yaorong disliked them being cowards, so he refused to continue to talk about that.

The next moment, he strode outside.

When Jing Yaorong was gone, Jing Yunyan asked Jing Yunfei, “Yunfei, do you think its possible”

In fact, he wasnt too scared, but he was afraid that the Jing family would get in trouble.

The Jing family was already left behind by the other major families.

So if any accidents happened, they would lose their position.

Jing Yunyan was the heir of the Jing family, so he definitely didnt want the Jing family to end up in trouble.

“No idea, but I just feel Jing Yunyao wont let it go.

Shell pay us back sooner or later,” said Jing Yunfei.

“W-What should we do” Liu asked anxiously.

Although she had never seen Jing Yunyao before, as a member of the Jing family, she might not be able to get away.

“Dont be too worried.

It might not really happen.

Although Jing Yunyao has Shangguan Yangs support and Shangguan Yang is a distinguished guest of Tiandaozong, Tiandaozong wont allow them to just do anything they want in the cultivation world,” said Jing Yunfei.

Although he thought that Jing Yunyao would certainly pay them back, she might not be able to really hurt them.

Hearing that, they were slightly relieved.

After that, they walked out, leaving Jing Yunfei alone in the study.

He needed some private time.

When they were gone, Jing Yunfei raised his right hand.

Looking at the three fingers he lost, he was really mad.

He remembered that he had almost broken Jing Yunyaos fingers once when they were little.

If Jing Jining hadnt shown up at that time, he could have really broken Jing Yunyaos fingers.

He also remembered that it took a long time for Jing Yunyaos fingers to recover.

All of a sudden, Jing Yunfei thought of an important problem.

Jing Jining had a very close relationship with Jing Yunyao, and he also knew Shangguan Yang.

In that case, Jing Jining should also be aware that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead.

Thinking of that, Jing Yunfei went to see Jing Yaorong at once.

Jing Yaorong was in a bad mood because of Jing Yunyaos sudden appearance, so he didnt go back to his room after leaving Jing Yunfeis study.

Instead, he went to his study.

He needed some private time.

Two minutes later, Jing Yunfei came.

“Father, I just thought of one thing.

Jing Jining has a very close relationship with Jing Yunyao, and he also knows Shangguan Yang.

In that case, has Jing Jining always been aware that Jing Yunyao isnt dead” Jing Yunfei said.

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong rounded his eyes in shock and suddenly realized it was true.

“Jing Jining must be aware that Jing Yunyao is still alive!” Jing Yaorong was very sure of it.

In an instant, he was filled with anger and started blaming Jing Jining for it.

Jing Jining clearly knew that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead, but he didnt tell them, which meant he deliberately placed them in trouble.

Jing Jining had a close relationship with Jing Yunyao, but he was a member of the Jing family! How could he betray the Jing family for a traitor

However, from Jing Jinings perspective, he didnt think it was necessary for him to tell the Jing family about it.

He could make the decision about whom he should tell.

Nobody could interfere in that.

“I wonder whether uncle knows too” Jing Yunfei said.

He didnt think it was likely, but it could be possible, so he felt they should make certain.

“I dont think your uncle is aware of that.

Anyway, we need to ask him about it.

If he doesnt know about it, it wont be a big deal.

If he knows…” said Jing Yaorong.

If Jing Yanhua acted against him, there had to be a purpose.

In that case, he wouldnt allow Jing Yanhua to live a good life in the Jing family.

He never paid special attention to Jing Yanhua because he didnt think Jing Yanhua could make any achievements.

Jing Yanhua didnt seem ambitious either.

Therefore, he thought that Jing Yanhua did not have the ambition to take over the Jing family.

However, he needed to think twice now.

Jing Yanhua might not be able to make a great achievement, but Jing Jining could be a threat.


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