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Chapter 2376: The Baby That Falls to the Ground

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“Give the baby back to me.

Give it back to me!”

“Its a cheap girl.

We only want a boy.

We dont want a girl!” said the woman acidly.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was immediately mad.

Gu Man was also angered.

They were unwilling to hear people say girls were cheap.

Besides, she was also a female.

How could she disdain girls

“I really dont understand why there are women who disdain girls.

Its unreasonable,” said Gu Man furiously.

She had suffered the same painful experience where her family valued boys much higher than girls, so she was very sensitive to it.

“Mom, have a seat.

Let me have a look.” Gu Ning supported Gu Man to sit on the sofa near-by.

Because she felt the situation might get worse and she might need to interfere in it, she had to let Gu Man sit down first.

“Great, go have a look.

If its possible, help that poor woman.

Dont let her be robbed of her baby.” Gu Man understood that Gu Ning wasnt going to just watch the drama, so she didnt stop her.

Instead, she really hoped that Gu Ning could help the poor woman.

The poor woman reminded her of what she had suffered, so she really couldnt tolerate the tragedy.

“Of course,” said Gu Ning, then walked over.

However, an accident happened at this time.

When the group of people were pushing and pulling each other, the baby fell from the young womans arms.

Seeing that, Gu Ning was scared.

It was such a little baby.

It might die after it fell.

After all, a baby was too vulnerable.

“No!” The mother screamed.

She wanted to grab her baby, but it was too late because there were too many people standing in her way.

Although Gu Man didnt see when the baby fell, she was frightened by the mothers scream.

Gu Ning rushed over at once, but she was still seconds late.

The baby already fell to the ground with a loud sound.

Nobody knew whether the baby was knocked unconscious or died, but it didnt make any cries, but Gu Nings heart ached at this moment.

She really hoped that the baby was fine.

As long as it had a breath, she would do her best to save the baby.

Other people were struck dumb by the accident and didnt know what to do all of a sudden.

Gu Ning rushed to them a second after the baby fell to the ground, and directly knocked away two people who stood in her way.

One was a man, while the other was the older woman.

Because Gu Ning was furious at this moment, she used a lot of strength and directly knocked them away.

They heavily fell to the ground and screamed in pain, especially the older woman.

She screamed as if she was going to be killed.

It was understandable, because the man and the woman both had an arm dislocated after the hit.

The man just didnt scream as loudly as the older woman.

At this moment, everyone was shocked by their scream.

They turned to look at them, but no one went to help them get back to their feet.

Instead, they stared at Gu Ning in surprise, because she was so strong and easily knocked two people down.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning picked the baby up and put magical power into her.

Luckily, the baby had just passed out and was still breathing.

However, it was seriously injured after the fall.

Without Gu Ning, the hospital might not be able to save it.

After all, a baby was too vulnerable, and it couldnt take the force of the fall.

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The babys mother wanted to carry the baby right away, but Gu Ning was too quick and did it before her.

Right at this moment, Gu Man saw that the baby had been thrown to the ground.

She couldnt help shaking in horror.

How could they do that

Gu Man wasnt aware whether they did it on purpose or whether it was just an accident, but the baby fell to the ground because of them, so she didnt think it was wrong that Gu Ning injured them.

If Gu Man could move freely, she would surely go to help Gu Ning.

“My baby, my baby!” The babys mother ran over and tried to take the baby away from Gu Nings arm, but Gu Ning avoided her.

“If you dont want the baby to die, dont touch her right now,” said Gu Ning seriously.

Hearing that, the mother stopped at once.

She didnt want her baby to die!

At this time, several doctors and nurses went up and wanted to take the baby away from Gu Ning to give it a medical check and treatment, but Gu Ning avoided them too.

“Miss, please give the baby back to us.

Well treat it right away.

You cant bear the result if any accidents happen,” a female doctor said seriously.

“Please, please, save my baby!” The mother got anxious at once.

She obviously trusted the doctor more than Gu Ning.

“Wait a second,” said Gu Ning.

“Wait How dare you tell me to wait Can you take the responsibility if any accidents happen to the baby” The doctor snapped at Gu Ning.

“Sure, Ill take the responsibility if anything bad happens to the baby,” said Gu Ning seriously with a frown.

Although the doctor had a bad attitude, it was understandable, so Gu Ning wasnt mad.

After all, no one would believe a stranger.

Besides, the baby was indeed badly injured, and needed immediate medical treatment.

“Can you take responsibility” the doctor asked again.

She still couldnt believe Gu Ning, because Gu Ning looked too young.

It was impossible for them to trust her.

This time, Gu Ning got angry.

She turned to coldly look at the doctor and said, “If youre responsible, you shouldnt have watched them fighting without doing anything.

Why didnt you stop the tragedy from happening in the first place”

“I…” The doctor didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

Because of the older woman, Mrs Shens high status, she didnt dare to stop them earlier.

However, unexpectedly, the baby was thrown to the floor.

It was their fault to some extent, so they were also worried about the babys safety.

“What are you doing Help me up now!” the older woman yelled angrily.

Because it was too painful for her to stand up on her own, she even cried in pain.

Hearing that, other people by her side came back to their senses and immediately went to help her get back to her feet.

However, as soon as they touched the arms of the older woman and the man, they screamed in pain.

“It hurts.

Be gentle,” the older woman shouted.

“My arm seems to be dislocated,” said the man.


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