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Chapter 2353: Shes Really Amazing

“We dont have enough things to do that.

Could you let your little fox finish that work” said Ma Shibiao.

The fox was very agile, so he thought that it wouldnt be a problem.

“What” Gu Ning turned to look at Ma Shibiao disdainfully.

“If I had known that you were so useless, I would have come here alone.”

Ma Shibiao couldnt stand it and argued angrily.

“Miss Gu, I know we relied on you to get here, but you cant humiliate me again and again just because of that.

Stop bullying me!”

His subordinates were also mad at Gu Ning.

They had no intention of hurting her, but they felt reluctant to be humiliated by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning snorted.

“If so, I dont want the treasures inside now.

If you want them, go get them by yourself.”

Once she finished, Gu Ning turned around and was about to leave.

It seemed that she indeed lost interest.

However, Ma Shibiao didnt want her to leave.

“Miss Gu, do you have to be so unreasonable”

“Im unreasonable Its you who is treating me as if Im an idiot.

Why do I have to do everything for you I can only have one-sixth of the treasures.

Its not worth my effort.

Why shouldnt I leave” said Gu Ning.

Ma Shibiao didnt know what to say.

In fact, if he were Gu Ning, he would also feel it was unfair.

“Fine, you can have two shares,” said Ma Shibiao.

As long as Gu Ning was willing to solve the problem for them and take them to find the treasures, they wouldnt mind giving her one more share.

However, she must have the abilities to safely leave here.

“I need three shares.

Ill have two, while my little fox can have one share.

Its done a lot for us,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt mean it when she said that she would leave.

It took a lot of effort to come here, so she wouldnt leave with nothing.

She just wanted Ma Shibiao to give in.

In fact, even if she didnt help, Nicholas could help them get rid of the hidden weapons in this chamber.

She also knew that Nicholas was observing her silently.

Anyway, Gu Ning had no intention of hiding her real abilities.

It seemed that Ma Shibiao had no idea about what Nicholas could do, or he wouldnt have turned to Gu Ning for help every time.

It was true that Ma Shibiao was unaware of how strong Nicholas was.

He only thought that Nicholas was as strong as him, so he didnt think Nicholas could do what he couldnt.

Gu Ning continued.

“You cant get the treasures by doing nothing.

Two of you must join us in the fight.

There are seven blocks left.

My fox and I will deal with four of them, while you can handle the other three blocks.

It should be easy for you.”

“No problem!” Ma Shibiao hesitated for a few seconds, but still agreed in the end.

He bet that Nicholas and he should be able to handle it.

He didnt ask Nicholas for his opinions because they came together.

There was no reason for Nicholas to stay on the sidelines.

Actually, if Gu Ning hadnt come, they would have had to do everything on their own.

Gu Ning might be mad if they did nothing.

This girl and her fox were very skilled and had solved so many problems for them.

They also agreed to deal with four blocks, so they only needed to handle three blocks.

In that case, they were at an advantage, and there was indeed no reason for them to refuse.

If they disagreed, they would have to deal with all the blocks by themselves.

“Great, my fox and I will go first.

You can follow us.

If we do it at the same time, itll be too dangerous when all the hidden weapons are triggered,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Ma Shibiao.

Because Ma Shibiao and the other men were present, Gu Ning ran a distance before she made a jump.

If she directly jumped over, they would be stunned.

She didnt need to hide some of her abilities, but she should keep her secrets from strangers.

However, because it seemed too easy for Gu Ning to jump over, Ma Shibiao and the other men were amazed.

“Jesus, it seems so easy for her,” said one of Ma Shibiaos subordinates.

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“Shes really impressive.

Otherwise she wouldnt have been so disdainful to our boss just now,” said another man.

Once he said it aloud, he realized that he shouldnt have said that.

He immediately turned to look at Ma Shibiao.

Unsurprisingly, Ma Shibiao was displeased, but he said nothing.

He had to admit that Gu Ning was really impressive.

“Im sorry, boss,” said his subordinate in horror.

Ma Shibiao remained quiet, so his subordinate didnt dare to say anything again.

Gu Ning and the monster fox jumped over and stepped on two blocks separately, which triggered the hidden weapons.

Because they did it at the same time, two batches of arrows were fired.

There were so many sharp arrows that it scared everyone.

This time, Gu Ning didnt deal with it just with her bare hands.

She directly used her magical energy to get rid of the flying arrows.

For the time being, Gu Ning was unwilling to completely show her super powers, so she limited herself.

In other peoples eyes, she was only avoiding the arrows.

Nicholas, however, could see something different from her.

He could feel a powerful energy from Gu Ning, but he was a foreigner and knew nothing about kung fu or magical skills.

He didnt know what the power was exactly.

He could only conclude that Gu Ning wasnt weak.

Before long, Gu Ning and the monster fox got rid of the flying arrows, and it became quiet again.

After taking a breath, Gu Ning and the monster fox jumped to two other blocks, triggering the hidden weapons once more.

Although there were already four blocks without hidden weapons now, Gu Ning and the monster fox had to move around within the block they jumped to in order to completely get rid of the hidden weapons.

However, even if there were countless flying arrows, Gu Ning and the monster fox were still able to handle it well.

They were almost injured a few times, but luckily they were fine..


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