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Chapter 2226: Obey My Rules

She wasnt afraid of trouble, but would avoid unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, Gu Ning now acted as Jing Yunyaos disciple and followed her side.

Jing Yunfei didnt think it was a big deal that both Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao hid their faces.

After all, they werent ordinary people, and it was understandable that they didnt want other people to recognize them.

Gu Ning stood outside the door, while Jing Yunyao walked into the yard.

Seeing Jing Yunyao, Jing Yunfei didnt feel she was familiar.

After all, he hadnt seen her for over a dozen years, so he could barely remember her face.

Looking at Jing Yunfei, Jing Yunyao seemed calm, but she actually couldnt wait to hurt him.

“Now, lets begin!” said Jing Yunyao.

“Sorry if I hurt you.” Jing Yunfei held his fists and bowed to Jing Yunyao, then went to attack her.

Jing Yunfei was at a much lower level than Jing Yunyao, and Jing Yunyao didnt bother to be gentle as long as Jing Yunfei wouldnt be killed.

Therefore, Jing Yunfei could hardly take her first attack and was forced back a few meters by her unbelievable magical energy.

He was immediately injured a little.

Jing Yunfei rounded his eyes in shock.

He knew she was at a higher level than him, but unexpectedly she could easily injure him with a single move.

How strong was this woman as a cultivator

Although Jing Yunfei was immediately injured after the first attack, he had no intention of giving up, but he became more careful.

Jing Yunfei prepared himself and ran to attack Jing Yunyao again, but unfortunately was injured by her once more.

By the sixth attack, Jing Yunfei was already seriously injured.

He realized that he would only be more seriously injured if he continued to fight with this master.

Since he was injured and he was doomed to lose in the end, there was no need for him to continue to have the fight because he wouldnt get the energy-gathering magical pill anyway.

Therefore, Jing Yunfei stopped.

“Senior master, please stop.

I give up.”

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao stopped beating Jing Yunfei.

Looking at him, she said mockingly, “You give up Great, but Ill cut off your three fingers if you give up halfway.

Do you still want to give up”

“You…” Jing Yunfei was mad.

He already gave up, but she still wanted to cut his fingers.

It was totally unacceptable.

“Youre so cruel!”

“Cruel” Jing Yunyao sneered.

“Since you accepted the condition, you must obey my rules.

You gave up halfway and wasted my time, so I cant forgive you.”

Jing Yunfei was stunned and didnt know what to say all of a sudden, because what Jing Yunyao said made sense.

However, he was reluctant to be bullied by her like that!

“Alright, lets continue!” Jing Yunfei clenched his teeth.

He would rather take the next four attacks than lose three fingers.

He didnt think this master would kill him, because he could see that she had no intention of killing him.

He would merely be seriously injured and would be fine after resting for a period of time.

He had bad luck this time and fell into trouble now.

It seemed that Gu Ning knew there wouldnt be a good result, so she told him not to blame her no matter what happened.

Although he had a bad result now, he didnt want to blame Gu Ning for it.

Nobody forced him to come here after all, and he had agreed not to blame Gu Ning for it.

Because Jing Yunfei was already injured, he couldnt use his full strength in the following fight and his injuries got more and more serious.

After Jing Yunyao finished her ten attacks, Jing Yunfei passed out from pain.

He was badly injured, but his life was out of danger.

However, it would take months for him to recover.

Jing Yunyao didnt want to kill Jing Yunfei.

Actually, it couldnt be easier for her to do that if she wanted him dead.

After Jing Yunfei passed out, Jing Yunyao took out a dagger from her Qiankun Bag.

Without hesitation, she directly cut the fingers of his right hand.

Seeing that scene, Gu Ning didnt think it was wrong.

Even if Jing Yunyao killed Jing Yunfei, she wouldnt stop her or think it was inappropriate.

She wasnt Jing Yunyao, so she couldnt feel her hatred towards the Jing family.

Jing Yunyao must be that determined to cut Jing Yunfeis fingers for a reason.

In a second, Jing Yunfeis three fingers were cut off.

Although he had already fainted, his body still trembled a little in pain.

Once it was done, Jing Yunyao suddenly became much more relaxed.

She wouldnt need to pay Jing Yunfei back afterwards.

She didnt need Jing Yunfei to die to forgive him, but it would be different if Jing Yunfei found out she had injured him and cut off his three fingers and wanted to take revenge.

In fact, Jing Yunfei was no match for her.

“Lets go now!” Jing Yunyao said to Gu Ning.

After that, they left together.

“Ningning, thank you, I feel much better now.” Jing Yunyao thanked Gu Ning.

She didnt take it for granted just because Jing Yunyao was her future daughter-in-law.

No matter how close they were, it wasnt their duty to help each other.

“Were a family.

You dont need to say that.

Im glad that youre much better now,” said Gu Ning.

“Actually, I cut off his three fingers because I almost lost mine under his foot that year.” Jing Yunyao explained, even though Gu Ning didnt ask about it.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised and understood why Jing Yunyao did that.

Because neither of them had eaten, they went to eat first after going back to the city center.

After having the meal, they went to Mountain River Garden together.

Gu Ning would stay there tonight.

When Jing Yunfei woke up, it was already past 2 am.

As soon as he woke up, he saw his cut off fingers and almost passed out again from the pain and anger.

That woman was too cruel! She had seriously injured him and even cut off three of his fingers.

It was a great humiliation to him!

The next second, Jing Yunfei found he was still outside the wooden room, but the wooden room was already empty.

In an instant, he felt he had been trapped.

It might not be what he thought, and they could be left because he was unconscious.

Anyway, Jing Yunfei really regretted coming here, but it was too late.

Now he was too injured to leave on his own, so he had to call someone to pick him up.

Jing Yunfei wanted to take revenge, and wanted to kill that woman, but he felt a little timid upon thinking of her level and her status as an ancient pharmacist.

Even if he told his mother, his mother might not help him.


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