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Chapter 2174: The Woman Zhao Xiaoxi Had Talked About

“Thats the case, but there is no need to care so much.

Your own feelings matter most.

As long as you like it and feel comfortable in it, its enough.

Anyway, its not easy to run into other people who wear the same dress as you once you walk out of this shop,” the womans friend said.

She was more open-minded.

If they gave up the dress just because it looked better on someone else, they wouldnt have clothes to wear because all the clothes looked better on models.

It was tiring to care about it too much!

“Youre right, but I think I better choose other clothes,” said the woman.

She still felt it wasnt suitable for her.

Jing Yunyao had many clothes because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had prepared a lot for her, so she didnt shop for clothes, neither did Gu Ning.

After buying the clothes, it was time for dinner, so they were ready to go.

However, when they were about to walk out of the mall, they met Mrs.


With Mrs.

Xu, there was another rich lady.

“Yun-Shen Yao, its you!” Mrs.

Xu greeted Jing Yunyao happily when she saw her.


Xu was originally going to call her Yunyao, but Jing Yunyao had said that her current identity was Shen Yao, so she changed her words immediately.

Jing Yunyao and Mrs.

Xu had already met.

After all, Mrs.

Xu and Yu Yin had a very good relationship, so when they were together, they would call Mrs.

Xu to meet them.

Therefore, Mrs.

Xu also knew that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

It was just that everyone thought that she was dead, so she didnt want to make her return public, nor did she want too many people to know about it.

As a result, she used the identity of Shen Yao.

Therefore, when they were outside, Yu Yin and Mrs.

Xu still called Jing Yunyao Shen Yao.

Because they met by accident, Mrs.

Xu asked Jing Yunyao to dine with them.

It was rare for them to meet, so Jing Yunyao didnt refuse.

They were going to have a meal anyway, so they agreed.

“Oh, let me introduce you, this is my relative.

Shes Yan Min.” Mrs.

Xu said to Jing Yunyao and the others.


Xus in-law was the mother of Xu Jinglins fiancée whose name was Wen Siyi.

After that, Mrs.

Xu introduced Jing Yunyao and the others to Yan Min.

“This is my friend, Shen Yao.

This is Gu Ning.

You must know her.

And this is”


Xu turned to look at Jing Yunyao, signaling her to introduce Miao Jingjing, because she didnt know Miao Jingjing and had no idea how to do the introduction.

“This is my friend, Miao Jingjing, and my business partner.

Were going to run a business together,” Jing Yunyao said.

She mentioned the business as an advertisement.

If she directly said she was going to sell flowers, it wasnt smart.

“Youre going to open a business” Mrs.

Xu was surprised to know that, but didnt think it was inappropriate.

Although the Leng family was rich and Leng Shaoting was very wealthy, and Jing Yunyao wouldnt lack money, it was still better for her to have her own career.

She didnt need to make too much money, she just had to have something to do.

If she had nothing to do, she would live a meaningless life.

In fact, Mrs.

Xu had her own career as well, but it wasnt very successful.


Xus business wasnt too successful, but it was a medium-sized company and had hundreds of million yuan in assets.

“Yes,” said Jing Yunyao.

“What business are you opening” Mrs.

Xu asked.

“A flower shop.

I dont aim to make a lot of money, but I must do something.

I cant rely on other people to feed me.

I dont want to be useless,” Jing Yunyao said.

“I agree.

When will it open then Dont forget to let me know once it opens.

Ill definitely join in,” Mrs.

Xu said.

“Me too.

I usually like to grow flowers, especially succulents.

They are so cute.

Will there be succulents in your store” Yan Min asked.

Although she just met Jing Yunyao and they hadnt had a long talk yet, she would go to the opening as well since Mrs.

Xu would be there.

Besides, she was very interested in flowers and plants, especially succulents.

Therefore, when they talked about succulents, Yan Min put on an adoring look as if succulents werent plants, but her kids.

“We mainly sell succulents.

I can also promise that our succulents are more lively than those in other stores,” Jing Yunyao said.

Jing Yunyao was only saying that the plants would be strong and healthy in their store.

Mortals couldnt feel magical power from the plants, but they could see that they were growing much better than ordinary plants.

“Really If so, I must go to have a look.

Oh, when will it open for business” Yan Min became more interested after hearing that and she couldnt wait to shop.

“At 10 am the day after tomorrow, at the urban flower trading center, shop No.

89,” Jing Yunyao said.

“Great, if nothing comes up at that time, well definitely be there,” Yan Min said.

“Sure, youre always welcome,” said Jing Yunyao with a smile.

“By the way, do you have anything you want to eat” Mrs.

Xu asked Jing Yunyao.

Since she was inviting them to dinner, she naturally asked them what they wanted to eat.

“You can order.

We arent picky eaters,” Jing Yunyao said nonchalantly.

In that case, Mrs.

Xu made the decision.

“No problem, then we can go to the restaurant I often visit.

Its right in front.

The food at that restaurant is pretty good.”


Xu liked delicious food, so the restaurant she chose couldnt be bad.

Because it was the weekend, there were many people everywhere.

Fortunately, it was not peak time yet, so when they arrived, there were still a few vacant seats in the lobby, but there were no available private rooms.

They didnt care about it much, so they decided to dine in the lobby.

Less than two minutes after they sat down, the remaining three tables were immediately occupied.

However, by coincidence, they were acquaintances with the people at the table next to them, but they were Mrs.

Xus and Yan Mins acquaintances.

There were three noble ladies at that table.

When they saw Mrs.

Xu and the others, one of the ladies took the initiative to greet Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min.

“Oh, isnt this Mrs.

Xu and Mrs.

Wen What a coincidence!”

She didnt sound kind.

“Hi, Mrs.

Xu, Mrs.

Wen.” The two ladies who were with the lady also greeted Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min.

Their attitude was not as bad as that of the first lady, but they were also cold and indifferent.

After all, their relationship was antagonistic, and they greeted them just out of manners.

“Oh, hi, Mrs.

Yuan, Mrs.

Peng, what a coincidence!” Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min greeted them calmly.


Yuan She was from the Yuan family.

Was the woman Zhao Xiaoxi had talked about there The woman should be Yuan Yilins mother.

Actually, the first noble lady who greeted Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min was the wife of the eldest son of the Yuan family, but Gu Ning wasnt aware of it yet.


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