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Chapter 1954: He Thought His Grandson Had Finally Found Himself a Girl

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‘Hmm Is she your friend Do you mean shes not Jinchens girlfriend” The moment Master Xu heard Gu Nings introduction, he felt upset.

Initially, he thought his grandson had finally found himself a girl.

Now that Gu Ning had introduced Zi Beiying as her friend, his good mood instantly got ruined!

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying felt embarrassed.

Even Master Leng and Jiang Zhongyu felt speechless.

Just because they were standing beside each other did not make them an item!

Fine! He genuinely wanted a granddaughter-in-law very badly since Master Leng kept bragging about Gu Ning all the time.

Gu Ning could not bear to look.

She asked teasingly, “Grandpa Xu, do you want her to be Jinchens girlfriend”

“Of course! Jinchen is not getting any younger.

Is it not about time he settled down Shaoting already found a girlfriend.

Now that I finally see a girl standing beside him, I thought he finally got smart and found himself a girl, but…” said Master Xu disappointedly.

He even felt a little sad about it.


“Pffttt.” Gu Ning could not help laughing out loud.

“If you want him to get the girl, then you have to tell him to work hard.”

Gu Ning had already revealed what level they were at.

Although they were not dating, no one was saying it was impossible.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying could not help feeling even more embarrassed.

Master Xus eyes lit up.

He said to Jinchen solemnly, “You had better work hard.

If you dont settle down this year, you are going to get it from me.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he looked at Zi Beiying genially and said, “Miss, Jinchen is a nice boy.

Even though he is not a sweet talker, he is good-looking and capable.

More importantly, the men in our family make loyal husbands, so no harm giving him a chance!”

Master Xus words left Zi Beiying embarrassed.

She was at a loss about answering the old man, so she looked at Gu Ning imploringly.

“Grandpa, you…” Xu Jinchen was speechless too.

He did not want to deny his relationship with Zi Beiying.

Even though they were not dating now, it was just a matter of time.

However, since they were not dating, he was not in the position to do that.

He was afraid Zi Beiying might get angry.

“Grandpa Xu, you are embarrassing my friend.

Im going to show her to her seat,” said Gu Ning as she pulled Zi Beiying over.

“Sure!” Master Xu knew he had gone too far, so he did not keep harping on the subject.

However, he kept glancing over at Zi Beiying.

The more he looked at her, the happier he became.

Zi Beiying could not help feeling even more awkward.

Rong Zechen sat in the first row with a complicated emotion rising in his heart when he realized Gu Ning was surprisingly acquainted with Xu Jinchen.

He wondered if she was not simply just acquainted with those family heads and Xu Jinchen alone.

Was she even acquainted with their other family members

Rong Zechen was spot on, but he did not know their family members well.

Since there were only ten more minutes to go before the auction started, most of the people had arrived.

Gu Ning saw Harada Honichi, a renowned concert hall musician from Country R, sitting in the fifth row.

Despite the calmness on Gu Nings face, a cold murderous sensation rose in her heart.

The man with Harada Honichi, or rather, the man following Harada Honichi was a middle-aged man.

He was also the man behind Chen Darongs kidnapping.

The man was called Zhang Chengtao.

He was a company CEO and was worth billions.

Also, his uncle was a government official serving as deputy director, so he was a powerful man.

Since Gu Ning had decided to teach Harada Honichi a lesson, she naturally would not forget about Zhang Chengtao either.

Even though he was not the mastermind, he was an accomplice.

She would take care of them later.

Other than Harada Honichi, there were some foreigners among them.

Foreigners were welcome to attend the auction, but they were not allowed to take part in it.

Only locals had the right to bid for the items on auction.

It certainly did not stop foreigners from attempting to get locals to help them bid for the objects for sale.

It was quite unavoidable.

However, they were all here for the bronze chimes.

Since the bronze chimes were going to the museum, they were destined to go back empty-handed.

Members of the Yuan family arrived five minutes before the auction commenced, namely Master Yuan and his granddaughter, Yuan Yilin.

The moment Yuan Yilin saw Gu Ning, she was startled.

She did not expect to see Gu Ning here at all.

Also, Gu Ning was even prettier and classier than usual, so jealousy swept past Yuan Yilins eyes.

Also, she was surprisingly seated in the second row with Master Leng, Master Xu, and Master Jiang sitting beside her.

Gu Ning even knew Master Leng and seemed to be on close terms.

What was going on How could Gu Ning be acquainted with Master Leng Also, Xu Jinchen was surprisingly seated with Gu Ning as well.

Yuan Yilin had genuinely underestimated Gu Ning.

She was surprisingly well connected.

No wonder she was so arrogant!

However, Yuan Yilin did not think that Gu Ning was that close to Master Leng and the elders.

After all, Gu Ning was just a young woman, so it was impossible for them to think highly of her! They probably felt Gu Ning was talented for her age and chatted with her a little since they were impressed.

Since Yuan Yilin did not witness the interaction between Gu Ning and Master Leng previously, it was normal for her to think this way.

After all, no one believed people like them could be close friends considering the huge age gap between them.

It was easier for people of similar ages to become friends.

A thought suddenly crossed Yuan Yilins mind and a sinister look swept across her eyes.

She smiled warmly and greeted Gu Ning as though they were on friendly terms, “Gu Ning, wasnt expecting to see you here! It is quite the coincidence!”

Since it was abnormal for Yuan Yilin to take the initiative to act so warmly to Gu Ning, Gu Ning promptly smelled something fishy.

She did not feel Yuan Yilin wanted to improve ties with her when she saw how close she was with Master Leng and the other elders.

Yuan Yilin hailed from the Yuan family and they were foes with the Leng clan.

Since they were on par in power, Yuan Yilin did not have to bother about leaving a good impression on Master Leng.

It made no sense for Yuan Yilin to attempt to be close to Gu Ning on account of Gu Nings ties with Master Leng.

The only reason Yuan Yilin would deliberately pretend to be close was to make Master Leng keep a distance from Gu Ning.

Why was she doing it

If Gu Ning was on close terms with Yuan Yilin, the Leng family would keep a distance from Gu Ning.

It was not good to keep your enemys friends in close proximity.


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