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“We can prove it by your handwriting.

There are many of your notes in your and Shaotings fathers room.

You can write down several characters and Grandpa Leng is a calligraphy expert.

Hell know whether youre the same person,” said Gu Ning.

“Great.” Jing Yunyao nodded.

“If they still dont believe it, then forget it.

Its enough as long as Shaoting trusts you,” said Gu Ning.

Because she respected them, she was willing to prove it, but she wouldnt beg them to trust her if they still refused to believe it.

They couldnt tell them that Yunyao was a cultivator after all!

After Gu Ning got out of the car, Leng Yuanzhen called Master Leng without delay.

For the convenience of driving, Leng Yuanzhen used Bluetooth earphones.

“How is it Have you made any discoveries” Master Leng asked in a hurry once he received Leng Yuanzhens call.

“I discovered that the woman went outside with Gu Ning, so I followed them, but Gu Ning saw me,” said Leng Yuanzhen.

“What You were exposed And then” asked Master Leng.

He wasnt surprised that Gu Ning caught him, but he was curious about what happened next.

Would Gu Ning be mad

Because he believed that Gu Ning wouldnt hurt Leng Shaoting or the Leng family, his first reaction wasnt to ask Leng Yuanzhen what they had done, instead he cared more about whether Gu Ning would be annoyed.

“We had a talk, and Gu Ning told me that the woman is Yuanhans wife, Yunyao.

Gu Ning said that she has already confirmed it, but the woman lost her memories and Gu Ning is helping her get them back,” said Leng Yuanzhen.

“Im not so suspicious of the woman anymore, but I still cant believe that shes really Yunyao.

I know Gu Ning wont hurt Shaoting, or the Leng family, and she proposed to prove it using the womans handwriting.

Father, you know a lot about calligraphy, so you can see whether the woman and Yunyao are really the same person later.”

Hearing that, Master Leng got excited.

“I trust Ningning.

I trust her.

The woman could really be Yunyao!”

Master Leng had spent a lot more time with Gu Ning than Leng Yuanzhen did, so he understood Gu Ning better.

Since Gu Ning had confirmed it, he believed that it was close to the mark.

If it wasnt real, Gu Ning wouldnt propose to prove it using her handwriting.

Although he knew that handwriting could be imitated and faked, it could only fool ordinary people; it was impossible to fool him.

He had liked and studied calligraphy and painting for decades after all.

Leng Yuanzhen opened his mouth.

He wanted to tell Master Leng not to be so excited at such an early stage, or he would be greatly disappointed if the result wasnt what he wanted.

However, Leng Yuanzhen didnt say it aloud in the end, because he believed it a little.

If the woman was really Yunyao, Master Leng wouldnt be happy if he told him not to be so excited right now.

It might make Master Leng misunderstand him, and think that he didnt want Yunyao to come back.

Anyway, Master Leng was full of excitement at this moment.

“Now we should get the paper, ink, brush, and inkstone prepared.

Well arrive in about 40 minutes,” said Leng Yuanzhen.

“Sure!” said Master Leng and hung up the call, then left to prepare paper, ink, a brush, and an inkstone.

Even though he trusted Gu Ning, Leng Yuanzhens words also made sense.

It was possible that the woman had successfully deceived Gu Ning into believing that she was Yunyao.

Besides, she lost her memories.

One must know his or her enemies well in order to win a battle.

If the woman aimed to hurt the Leng family, she had to be well-prepared beforehand.

Therefore, whether she was really Yunyao or not, they had to make sure of it before they accepted her.

Master Leng loved calligraphy and paintings.

Not only was he a lover of them, but he also liked writing and painting himself, so there was paper, ink, brushes, and inkstones of high quality in his study.

The inkstone was even an antique.

Within a short while, Master Leng prepared everything they needed, but he still needed to wait for a long time.

At the same time, he suddenly wondered whether Shaoting was aware that Yunyao might not be dead.

Thinking of that, Master Leng took out his phone at once and wanted to call Leng Yuanzhen again, but he put it down later when he remembered that Leng Yuanzhen was driving.

Afterwards, he walked out of his study.

In the living room, Yu Yin, Leng Shaoxun, and Leng Shaoxi were still there.

Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi were playing Battle in the Sky.

When they saw the excited expression on Master Lengs face, they thought that Leng Yuanzhen might have shared good news with him.

The idea that the woman might really be Yunyao dawned on Yu Yin.

She ached to ask Master Leng that question, but she had to control herself because Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi were there.

“Shaoxun, Shaoxi, you two can go upstairs now,” said Yu Yin to Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi.

“Why” Leng Shaoxun didnt understand.

Before Yu Yin could say anything, Master Leng opened his mouth.

“Well have guests in a while, so you should go upstairs now.”

They didnt want Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi to know about Yunyao right now, in case they told other people.


Hearing that, Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi knew there had to be important guests coming today, and it would be inconvenient if they stayed in the living room, so they went upstairs.

Although they were curious to know what guests would come this late at night, they didnt dare to ask questions about it.

The Leng family wasnt an ordinary family, and the guests must be very important since they came at night.

After Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi went upstairs, Yu Yin asked Master Leng, “Father, you look excited.

Do you have any good news”

Master Leng then told Yu Yin what Leng Yuanzhen had said to him on the phone.

After hearing that, Yu Yin had the same reaction as Master Leng.

She also chose to trust Gu Ning and believed that the woman could be really Yunyao.

“If shes really Yunyao, thatll be the best,” said Yu Yin, but she looked upset the next second.

“If shes Yunyao, who was the woman who died together with Yuanhan Why did Yunyao disappear all of a sudden after Yuanhans death She even lost her memories.”

Yu Yin had to admit that she had the suspicion that Yunyao might have something to do with Leng Yuanhans death.

If Yunyao survived and Leng Yuanhan died, it was possible that Leng Yuanhan died because of her.

Master Leng was displeased as well.

It was obvious that he had the same suspicion as Yu Yin.

However, it was hard for him to believe it, because Yunyao and Leng Yuanhan were deeply in love back then.


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