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“Come on, its undeniable that Chang Bingjian is a corrupt official and he should be put in jail.”


“I think youre defending this corrupt official.”


Although the Internet user pointed out the truth, he was amid criticisms within a short time and didnt dare to talk about it further.

Once the scandal broke, the Chang family heard about it.

It was angry, but chose to abandon Chang Bingjian.

There was solid proof, and the Chang family might be involved in big trouble if it tried to help Chang Bingjian out.

As a result, the Chang family wasnt annoyed at Tang Quanjun, but Chang Bingjian, because he was too careless.

It wasnt a secret that Chang Bingjian had accepted bribes many times.

However, Chang Bingjian made it public this time.

Besides, although the Chang family was aware of Chang Bingjians bad deeds, it didnt know that he had accepted such a huge amount of bribes.

In that case, Chang Bingjian was doomed to be put in jail.

He was too dumb to be a good pawn now.

People in power actually couldnt do whatever they wanted.

Instead, they had to be more careful than ordinary people.

Precisely because they were powerful, only those who were more powerful than them could cause them trouble.

However, once their dirty secrets were exposed, no one would be able to help them out.

After Chang Bingjian was arrested by the police, the other members in the Chang family had to be more careful than ever.

They didnt know whether their enemys target was only Chang Bingjian, or the whole Chang family.

In order to keep the whole family safe, the members of the Chang family had to investigate to find the person who had the ability to put Chang Bingjian in jail.

At 4 pm, Xu Qinyin planned to go to Tang Qingyangs home and cook for him.

Tang Qingyang was injured because of her, so she needed to thank him.

However, Xu Qinyin didnt have Tang Qingyangs phone number, so she asked Jiang Ruiqin.

Tang Qingyang was single, and he felt bored when he was alone in his house, so he often stayed in Jiang Ruiqins place.

Although Ba Tianyang stayed by his side, he seldom talked with him.

The two didnt have common interests, and Ba Tianyang wasnt talkative either.

Jiang Ruiqin lived in a big house after all, and he was single too.

He felt bored as well, so he welcomed Ba Tianyang and Tang Qingyang to visit him.

Jiang Ruiqin was unwilling to go back to the Jiang familys old house, because his parents always urged him to find a girlfriend.

He knew that he wasnt young, but it wasnt easy for him to find a girl he liked.

To be specific, he needed to find a girl who liked him too.

For example, he liked Gu Ning, but Gu Ning already had a boyfriend.

When Xu Qinyin heard that Tang Qingyang was in Jiang Ruiqins home, she directly drove to visit them.

Jiang Ruiqin didnt know why Xu Qinyin wanted to see Tang Qingyang, so he was surprised when she showed up with bags of meat and vegetables.

“What are you doing here” Jiang Ruiqin asked.

“To cook.” Xu Qinyin smiled at him.

“Wasnt Qingyang injured because of me yesterday.

I think I should thank him by cooking for him.”

Saying that, Xu Qinyin pushed the door open and walked into Jiang Ruiqins place as if it were her own.

She and Jiang Ruiqin grew up together, so it was totally fine for her to do that.

Jiang Ruiqin nodded and followed her.

Xu Qinyin was good at cooking, so he loved to eat food cooked by her.

In addition, he always dined outside, and it wasnt healthy.

If his parents could stop urging him to find a girlfriend, he would be more than willing to go back to live in the Jiang familys house.

Tang Qingyang was a good cook too, but he was injured now.

“Miss Xu, did you want to see me” Tang Qingyang said from the living room.

The next second, he was surprised by the bags of meat and vegetables in her hands.

“Yeah, and I want to thank you by cooking for you tonight!” Xu Qinyin said and shook the bags in her hands.

“Miss Xu, you dont need to do that.

Im already fine,” Tang Qingyang said.

He was indeed much better now, because he wasnt seriously injured and had the help of Gu Nings pill.

“Dont fool me.

You were bleeding the entire time yesterday,” Xu Qinyin said.

Afterwards, she walked straight to the kitchen.

“Come on, just wait to enjoy the meal!” Jiang Ruiqin patted Tang Qingyangs shoulder.

Since Xu Qinyin already went to cook in the kitchen, Tang Qingyang accepted it in the end.


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