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Not to mention the medicinal powder and pills.

Even the clothes she made were extremely exquisite.

The pastries made by Chen Menger were so delicious that even Elder Liu, whose appetite was not as good as before, ate several pieces, not to mention Fatty and the others.

Every time Fatty heard that his familys little miss was cooking, he would definitely be waiting at the kitchen door.


He would wait for Chen Menger to bring out the delicious pastries.

He knew very well that if he did not wait at the kitchen door, he would only be able to get one or two pieces of pastries to taste.

Now that he knew that Chen Menger was cooking personally today, not only Fatty, but Zhuge Yu and the rest were also reluctant to go out until they ate the pastries made by Chen Menger.

One by one, they were satisfied and went out to do some work.

Looking at the greedy looks of Zhuge Yu and the others, Elder Liu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He looked at Chen Menger, who was making tea for him and smiled and said, “Girl, its a good thing that you dont cook often.

If you cook often, in the future, Im afraid that we wont have an appetite for other peoples dishes.”

“Its okay.

If Grandpa likes to eat, Ill cook every meal in the future.” Chen Menger handed the brewed tea to Elder Liu.

“That wont do.

I cant bear to let my precious little girl cook every day.” Elder Liu took the tea that Chen Menger handed over and drank a mouthful.

Then, he picked up one of the pastries on the table and took a bite.

His face was full of satisfaction.

Elder Liu never thought that in his lifetime, he could live so comfortably and happily.

“Oh right, why havent I seen your other grandpa in the past two days”

Elder Liu and Elder Qu were two old men who were completely at loggerheads.

When they saw each other, they quarreled endlessly.

However, they couldnt bear to not see each other.

They also missed each other terribly.

“I really dont know about this.

Why dont I give him a call later” After Elder Liu said that, Chen Menger then remembered that Elder Qu, who came to report to the Green Gang every day, had not come yesterday.

“Go ahead.

Ask if hes feeling unwell.

If hes feeling unwell, you can go and take a look.

Hes getting old and his body is getting worse.” Elder Liu was fortunate to have Chen Mengers care, otherwise, he would probably have to call for a doctor every three days.

“Okay.” Chen Menger had just finished speaking when she heard Elder Qus energetic voice.

“Whos feeling unwell My body is very healthy.

I didnt expect you to miss me so much, Elder Liu.” Elder Qus loud voice rang out.


Chen Menger knew that the Green Gang would be lively again.

“Bah! As if Id miss you.

If you didnt come, I would be happy to be alone.

No one would snatch Mengers pastries from me.” Elder Liu said this, but the smile in his eyes could not be hidden no matter how hard he tried.

Chen Menger was already used to the bickering between the two old men.

With a smile on her face, she swiftly poured a cup of tea for Elder Qu.

“Ah, my granddaughter is so considerate.” Elder Qu unceremoniously took the cup from Chen Menger and drank it in one gulp.

“What a boorish man.

Such good tea has been ruined by you.”

“A boorish man is a boorish man.

I have always been a boorish man, unlike some people who disregard the interests of the Liu family for their own interests.” Elder Qu said this with a pained expression.

“Whats going on It looks like youve suffered quite a blow.” Elder Liu had rarely interfered in other matters.

In the past few years, he had given power to Chen Menger, and the things he had to do had dwindled.

He now lived a leisurely life.

He really did not know much about what had happened to his superiors.

On the other hand, when Chen Menger heard Elder Qu take the lead, she understood in her heart why Elder Qu was so angry.

From the looks of it, the person at the top was not slow in his actions.

It should be said that this matter had made the person at the top anxious.

“The blow is not small, Elder Liu.

I never would have thought that the brother who had gone to the battlefield with me and fought against the enemy together, who would even sacrifice his own life in order to protect his family and country, would actually turn out like this.

For the benefit of his family, he would lose his country.” When Elder Qu said this, his heart was filled with anxiety.

“Youre not talking about the Lu family, are you” Although Elder Liu was no longer in charge of things, there were some things that Elder Qu could point out to him.


You know” Elder Qu looked at Elder Liu and asked.

“Know what That the Lu family is full of ambition” Elder Liu asked back.

“Yes.” Elder Qu nodded and stared unblinkingly at Elder Liu, waiting for Elder Lius answer.

“I know.

Im not the only one who knows.

I think many people in the capital know, but only those who have been close to the Lu family for the past few years dont know.

Do you think that old fellow from the Lu family is a pushover Let me tell you directly, the few of you treat him as your own brother, but he doesnt treat you as brothers at all.

He only treats you as stepping stones for the Lu family to climb up the ranks.” Elder Liu also saw that he was familiar with Elder Qu, that was why he didnt hesitate to say these things.

Otherwise, with Elder Lius temper, he wouldnt be willing to pay attention to those trivial matters in the courtyard.

In any case, it was just that the other party didnt plot against him, so he didnt care.

“Is it just this matter”

“Its just this matter.

Grandpa isnt angry that easily.

What hes angry about is that the matter of my father and the others being captured by Liu Yi and Zhang Da is directly related to that person from the Lu family.

It should be said that all of this was instigated by him from behind the scenes.” The one who spoke wasnt Elder Qu, it was Chen Menger.

“Girl, you know about it too” Elder Qu looked at Chen Menger with a shocked look.

“I know.

But after dad and the others were captured by Zhang Da and Liu Yi, I sent people to investigate.

Oh, I have all the evidence of the Lu familys crimes over the years.

Grandpa, do you want it If you want it, Ill go get it for you now.

If you dont want it, Ill deal with it myself later.” Chen Menger already had all the evidence of the Lu familys crimes in her hands.

Elder Qu thought for a moment.

After he finished his mental struggle, he said to Chen Menger, “Girl, give it to me.”


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