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Jade City, Commercial District.

A crimson figure appeared on the streets.

Walking with slender legs, her beautiful figure instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Just by seeing her sexy figure and fair skin was enough to excite anyone.

They felt the urge to pounce at her and do the deed right away.

However, they instantly shrunk after identifying that person.

Not because she looked ugly or looked unique.

On the contrary, she was incredibly beautiful and was an unforgettable sight.

Anyone would question if something was wrong with them if they couldn’t become erect after seeing such a pretty girl.

Yet, nobody on the scene felt this way.

Because this incredibly beautiful girl was none other than the scourge of the Empire—Black-hearted Princess!

Indeed, she was regarded as another scourge, after the seventh princess, Kastina.

She was now infamous and known to all within the Empire.

The bustling streets instantly became silent after Yaeger’s appearance.

Then, the crowd instantly cleared a path for her.

At this moment, nobody dared to stand too close to this scourge! Yaeger felt a little speechless as a response.

She felt that only Kastina would receive such treatment.

Swiping her long black hair, she continued walking after glancing across the crowd.

She wasn’t wearing her armor at this moment.

Instead, she wore a fancy, red dress that glimmered under the sunlight.

When Yaeger disappeared at the end of the street, the entire place instantly returned to normal.

There were some people that cursed at her but they were instantly muffled by the noise.

At the end of the street, there was an equipment store.

It was quite large but it seemed somewhat fell into disrepair, like an old building.

When the players inside spotted the beauty coming in, they were all excited and wanted to chat her up.

However, once they realized that this beauty was familiar to them, all of them instantly ran away after a slight hesitation.

Yaeger was already accustomed to such reactions back when she was in the Novice Village.

She wasn’t displeased at all.

‘They’re just ants.

I don’t need to be bothered.’

“Are you asking me to craft equipment for you too I’m busy, I’m busy!” Within the store, there was a middle-aged man sitting on the ground.

He leaned against the wall and drank alcohol.

This middle-aged man had a name tag above his head—[Behn].

He was this store’s owner.

He seemed like a deadbeat man with messy clothing.

But in fact, he was actually the crafter with the best skill in Jade City.

The reason he turned out this way was not because his lover or child had passed away.

He just enjoyed drinking and didn’t want to work.

After all, his income from collecting rent alone was enough to fund his luxurious lifestyle.

Hence, he wouldn’t be thrilled to work all day and night.

Behn only worked 15 days a month at most and would be on vacation on the rest of the days.

According to his rules, he wasn’t on vacation today.

However, he was the owner of this establishment.

So, he could take a break or vacation whenever he pleased.

“Behn, I’m not here to craft equipment.

My equipment’s a little worn out.

I need to borrow the [Omni-Furnace] in your store to repair it.” She said.

Behn impatiently put down his bottle of alcohol as a response.

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Then, he glanced at Yaeger and frowned deeply.

“As I said, I’m busy! Get lost!”

He had a terrible temper.

Unfortunately, he was facing someone with a worse temper.

“If I leave because you told me to, then wouldn’t I look bad” Yaeger clenched her fists and spoke indifferently.

The NPCs in this game were different from a simple program.

They were capable of independent thinking.

Sometimes, using dialogue alone won’t be enough to handle issues with them.

During these situations, the best solution was also Yaeger’s favorite one—using absolute strength to dominate the other party.

Regardless, the Favorability of NPCs in Jade City towards her had already plummeted to its lowest limit.

Hence, she wasn’t bothered with being friendly with them.

When they deserved a beating, she would dispense it without hesitation!

“You are very arrogant, woman.” Behn half-squinted his eyes after seeing Yaeger’s demeanor and light flashed.

Immediately after, a powerful aura appeared from within his body.

“If you want to fight, then we fight!” Clenching his fists, his fighting spirit soared as his powerful aura expanded within the store.

The fight was about to commence.

In real life.

In a certain fancy office in Huadu.

“Ahhhhhh!” Taurus Zhang screamed hysterically.

By now, Cathay’s side of the Internet had spread the video about him—where he was crucified by other players while getting whipped and hammered.

Of course, there was also a video about all these players being beaten up collectively.

At this moment, these two videos were respectively the most popular and second-most popular trending videos.

The video in third place was the duel between Yaeger and Yasa.

Thus, it was obvious to imagine how much popularity Taurus had gained by now.

However, he didn’t wish to attain popularity in this way.

In other words, it was more appropriate to see it as great humiliation.

Without any investigation, Taurus already knew that all of the upper-class people had made a laughingstock of him!

“Black-hearted Princess, I’m not done with you yet!”

He wouldn’t embarrass himself to such an extreme degree if Yaeger hadn’t hosted a scam event.

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Hate! Overwhelming hate!

Even the waters from River Styx couldn’t extinguish the hatred that he felt!

At this moment, Taurus finally understood why S.K.Y.

was so obsessed with her.

It was because of hate! Deep hatred that could never be vented! The massive hatred in his heart would only dissipate if he could utterly ruin her.

“Huff… Huff… Huff…” After some intense roaring, Taurus collapsed into his sofa.

His face was pale but his eyes were glowing in passion.

“Black-hearted Princess, soon, I’ll show you how a rich person fights wars! You better get ready to die!” His spiteful voice resounded within that office.

In Behn’s equipment store.

“Weren’t you very fierce just now” Yaeger stepped on Behn’s head and spoke without emotion.

The store was in a mess, and the flooring was completely tattered.

The owner, Behn, laid on the ground.

His head was stepped on and he couldn’t move at all.

“Spare me!” After the battle, no, after being beaten up, Behn finally realized the difference in strength between him and Yaeger.

Hence, he begged for mercy.

Huh Dignity Is that more important than being alive Feh!

‘I still haven’t enjoyed my life to its fullest yet!’ Behn screamed in his heart.

At the same time, he was deeply terrified.

He realized that this girl, who didn’t wear any equipment, was actually this strong!

He had been drinking alcohol for the past few days, barely paid attention to worldly affairs, and paid zero attention to Yaeger.

Hence, he naturally wouldn’t know that the girl in front of him had the terrifying strength that could decimate the average Platinum-ranked individual.

“Do you have time to fix my equipment now” Yaeger spoke calmly while still stepping on his head.

“Yes, yes! I’ll be happy to serve you whenever and wherever you wish!” Behn yelled in a pitiful way.

He was just about to lick Yaeger’s shoes with his tongue.

“Very good.” Yaeger took a few steps back after moving her foot away.

When it came to dealing with these difficult NPCs, she would dispense a couple more beatings if one couldn’t do the trick—all the way until they became obedient.

Hence, this was the most optimal solution in Yaeger’s eyes—it never failed!


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