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“H, hotel room!” Sachiel instantly panicked upon hearing these two words.

Her cheeks instantly turned red as she shouted in a panic.

‘This is clearly our first meeting, and weve talked to each other for less than five minutes, yet you already want to get a hotel room with me Isnt this too quick! Princess, I never thought that you were such a person! But, Im not someone whos so easy… no, wait, I prefer boys! Besides, I already have someone I like, and Ive decided to give my virginity to him! But… if it wasnt for Princess saving me just now, my purity would probably have been tainted, so I really must repay her for something as major as this.

Wait a moment, I recall my aunt telling me that doing it between girls is the same as a pure lily flower.

That means that even if I have afriendly interaction with Princess like that, my purity wont be tainted one bit! Additionally, Princess is so beautiful, just like a fairy, so I wont lose anything…

‘Ahh, my heart is beating so rapidly; am I looking forward to this Im so embarrassed! My dear, Im not the type who wants to be with everyone I see.

What goes on between girls is something pure.

“Hmm” Yaeger tilted her head in confusion while Sachiel was inwardly conflicted.

Yaeger really couldnt understand.

Wasnt it simply getting a hotel room Why was Sachiel so astonished

“P, Princess, its my first time, so please be gentle with me.” Sachiels pretty face flushed bright red as she uttered this in a small voice.

“What First time for what” Yaeger blinked, feeling like she wasnt on the same page as Sachiel.

“U, um, its my first time having sex.” Sachiel was so embarrassed that she covered her face with both her hands.

Her voice was as tiny as a mosquitos.

“…” Yaeger felt as if she was struck by thunder upon hearing this.

‘Sachiel, youve changed!

“When did I say that I wanted to have sex with you!”

“What” Sachiel paused in surprise for a moment and put down her hands.

Her watery large eyes blinked upon hearing this.

“You probably know already that my situation is rather special, and that its not convenient for me to show myself in public for the time being.

Thats why I wanted you to help get me a hotel room,” Yaeger explained.

Workers would maintain the clock tower during the day.

It wasnt a place that she could stay at for long, so she needed to find another place to stay.

Roc Citys hotels all required an identification card in order to get a room.

Princess was someone with no identification, and on top of that she couldnt show herself in public, so naturally, she wouldnt be able to stay at a hotel by normal means.

Of course, she could break into a hotel and stay there, but that wouldnt be a good idea for the long term.

Yaeger knew that the Luo Family had a five-star hotel nearby.

It would be no problem at all for Sachiel to use her name to get a hotel room so that Yaeger could stay there for a while.

However, Yaeger never expected that this daughter of a rich family actually misunderstood her to mean getting a hotel room so that they could have sex.

‘No, wait, even if it was getting a hotel room for sex, you cant agree to it, because isnt that blatantly cheating on me with me! Wait a moment, Im Princess, and Princess is me, so it seems like it isnt cheating… besides, were just ordinary friends right now, so theres no cheating anyways.

Yaeger could only gently exclaim in her mind as she thought,Sigh, Im so pretty now that I can even make such a pure girl become a lesbian.

My beauty truly is a sin!

Sachiel widened her eyes slightly and immediately covered her face again.

She was extremely embarrassed.

So all of this had only been her misunderstanding!

‘But, Princess, the way you phrased it was so easy to misunderstand! She couldnt help but shout that in her heart.

“Sachiel, could you help me get a hotel room in a bit” Yaeger inquired while toying with her hair.

There were still several hours until daylight.

She wanted to find a way to cancel her transformation within these few hours, which was why she couldnt waste too much time here.

“Sure, okay, no problem.” Sachiel hurriedly nodded and then realized something.

“Princess, how come you know my name”

Yaegers eyes twitched slightly upon hearing this.

‘Thats right, Im Princess right now, so why would I know Sachiels name!

Yaeger didnt really know what to do.


“Ive seen the top beauties rankings for Roc City Colleges message forum.” Yaeger suddenly had a flash of inspiration and remembered something from long ago.

Sachiel was one of the top ten beauties in Roc City College.

Of course, this was just an unofficial ranking done by the students, not some sort of official ranking.

“I see.

It feels rather embarrassing to be put on that top beauties ranking or whatever…” It seemed that Sachiel didnt really like the topic of the beauties ranking, as she immediately changed the subject.

“Princess, should we go get the hotel room right now”


But before that, could you loan your hat and hairband to me”

“Sure,” Sachiel replied.

Yaeger put on Sachiels hat and tied her hair in a ponytail, which changed her image somewhat to the point where at least people wouldnt instantly recognize her as [Princess].

Yaeger lowered the hats brim and went to the five-star hotel together with Sachiel, who flashed her purple VIP card.

Every problem that an ordinary person would consider a problem wasnt actually a problem at all.

All the arrangements were made

Yaeger chatted with Sachiel for a bit and made sure to tell the latter to keep her whereabouts a secret before going to her hotel suite.

Yaeger really trusted Sachiel.

Still, she decided to lock the door in order to prevent unexpected situations before she logged onto the game again.

“The blackhearted Princess is online again!”

The players in the adventurers guild saw that Yaeger suddenly appeared.

They were all so scared that their souls almost left their bodies as they either ran away or logged off immediately.

Everything soon became quiet here.

“Must I really use this” Yaeger brought out the [Chaos Roulette] with a hesitant expression.

She kept feeling like this item was rather abnormal ever since it appeared in reality after she received her real life skill.

Obviously, she was rather afraid of using it.

Not to mention, this roulette didnt want money, but rather lifespan.

Who knew if she would become addicted to using it and die from spending all of her lifespans

This wasnt even actually the main reason that she didnt want to use this roulette.

The true reason was [Blessing of the Goddess of Fate].

It was all because of drawing that ridiculous thing that she became a girl!


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