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Newbie Village 101, adventurers guild.

Currently, the three major guilds leaders were sitting together and discussing something.

The three were S.K.Y.

from [Limitless Guild], Crystal Heart from [Tomorrows Flower], and Laughing at the Sky from [Berserk Blade Guild].

[Crystal Heart] was a short-haired girl who was about 17 or 18 years old.

She had a cute appearance and seemed like a girl next door type.

She was a priest.

[Laughing at the Sky] was a youth of around 20 years old.

His handsome face seemed slightly shadowy and soft like a piggys.

He had a head of gray hair and overly white skin, as if he had intentionally polished it.

He was a warrior.


pretended to adjust a pair of nonexistent eyeglasses as he stated, “Ive invited you two over to discuss the matter of dealing with Princess.”


had been scolded severely by his sponsor after his second failure in trying to kill Princess and prove himself.

On top of that, he had experienced the painful torture of being sliced by thousands of swords from Princess [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation].

His hatred for Yaeger was so deep that even the Ganges River wouldnt be able to wash it away!

At the same time, S.K.Y.

was really afraid of Yaeger.

That was why he contacted the other two guild leaders who also had a grudge against Yaeger in order to discuss the matter of attacking her together.

Standing behind S.K.Y.

was a man with a really ordinary appearance.

The name [Vast Sky] was above his head.

He was the insect who had first antagonized Yaeger and was shot to death by a single arrow.

He had been shot to death again in the final quest.

He hated Yaeger just as much as S.K.Y.


However, [Vast Sky] was different from [S.K.Y.].

[Vast Sky] was an ordinary person who had his limits.

Or, to put it more bluntly, he didnt have any money.

[Vast Sky] knew his limits and abandoned being a person.

He became a glorious dog and sucked up as much as he could to [S.K.Y.].

Only by becoming [S.K.Y.]s dog would have had a chance to take revenge on Yaeger! [Crystal Heart] and [Laughing at the Sky]s expressions instantly changed upon hearing [S.K.Y.]s words.

[Crystal Heart] slapped the table and rose, while [Laughing at the Sky] had an icy look in his eyes.

“Are you an idiot Everyone knows now that Princess is a god of slaughter who can kill countless people with her arrows.

Youre actually telling us to deal with her Your brain must have been kicked by a donkey!”

[Crystal Heart] was in a fervor.

She almost started cursing at [S.K.Y.].

[Laughing at the Sky] didnt say anything.

He just silently stared at [S.K.Y.] to see if the latter really was an actual idiot.

[S.K.Y.] reached out with his left hand and pressed down in midair twice, meaning for [Crystal Heart] to calm down.

He then said, “I know better than either of you how powerful she is.

Her red name status especially is just a nightmare for us.” [S.K.Y.] paused for a moment before continuing.

“However, you guys should know that the red name status will be automatically canceled when she leaves the area of Broken Leaf City.

That means Princess will return to normal status when shes in the main city!”

The other two instantly realized what he meant by this.

So, they werent going to attack her now, but rather when she was in the main city!

[Crystal Heart] sat down as her expression gradually calmed down.

A greedy flame also started rising in her heart.

Everyone knew that Princess currently possessed two purple equipment, an orange random equipment box, a purple random equipment box, and five blue random equipment boxes along with a random luxury gift bag and a countless amount of high-level potions, on top of a [Saint Demon Roulette] spin right which nobody knew the use of.

She was basically a walking treasury.

Of course, others would be tempted.

Unfortunately, her red name status was terrifying.

She could instantly kill countless people in just a second.

She was far too powerful in Newbie Village 101.

[S.K.Y.]s two pitiful deaths were the best evidence of this.

The first time, he hadnt been on guard at all, so he didnt care as much about that death.

However, he had elaborately planned to attack Princess the second time, and even took advantage of NPCs who were capable of ignoring her red name status.

Yet, he died an even more pitiful death back then!

“I can definitely tell you two that Princess is absolutely no ordinary ranger,” said [S.K.Y.].

[Crystal Heart] and [Laughing at the Sky] instantly had an expression that they were looking at an idiot.

Wasnt he just stating the obvious!

That Princess could easily defeat NPCs while empty-handed, face the Wind Wolf King directly, and beat the boss to the point of having the highest DPS stat against it.

It would be strange if she was ordinary!

“No, no, no, Im not trying to talk about something that everyone knows.

Im referring to how her ranger job class is different from other players.

She should have a modified version.

Have you ever seen a ranger use a sword formation before” [S.K.Y.] asked with a serious expression.

“Youre referring to that incident the forums speak of” [Crystal Heart] inquired.

Many people on the forums were currently discussing the technique that [Princess] had used against [S.K.Y.] and the others.

“That sword formation was real” [Laughing at the Sky] hurriedly asked with curiosity in his eyes.

“Of course its real.

I faintly heard [Princess] calling it some ancient sword formation.

Right after that, the sky changed color as countless golden swords sliced us into pieces.”

[S.K.Y.] was still frightened even now as he recalled that moment.

“That sword formation is real Could cultivation of Qi actually be possible here” [Laughing at the Sky] believed about 70% by now after seeing [S.K.Y.]s painful expression.

“Princess was able to defeat you and the NPCs with just a single technique.

With such overwhelming power, what are your intentions in asking us to attack her”

[Crystal Heart] didnt focus on the sword formation.

She didnt want to be taken advantage of by others.

“Please calm down.

Im a forthright esports competitor.

How could I possibly set pitfalls for other players I naturally have a guarantee since Im discussing this matter with you.”

[S.K.Y.] smiled slightly.

“Princess sword formation is incredible, but I learned some important information from the NPCs who survived.

Basically, the sword formation has incredible consumption! After Princess used this technique, her aura instantly became much weaker, and it was obvious that she couldnt use it a second time!”

Upon hearing this, the other twos eyes both lit up as flames ignited within their hearts.

“Hahaha, after reaching the main city, as long as we use some players to waste Princess sword formation, then shell be a lamb waiting for the slaughter!”

[S.K.Y.] became more and more excited as he said this.

“At that time, not only are we going to take all her equipment from killing her, were going to kill her until she loses all her levels, and well send people to guard the revival point every day and kill her every time that we see her until she despairs!” [Crystal Heart] and [Laughing at the Sky] now had unconcealed greed in their eyes.

It was as if Princess orange equipment, purple equipment, and large amount of potions had all become theirs already.

“Comrades, are you interested in allying with me to attack the blackhearted Princess together” [S.K.Y.] adjusted his imaginary eyeglasses again as he smiled.

[Vast Sky] knew that the alliance was successful already simply from looking at the two guild leaders expressions.

He immediately became really excited.

‘Princess, once you reach the main city, youre dead!

The two guild leaders were about to respond when someone suddenly howled, “the blackhearted Princess is online!”

The very next moment.

“Im cooking some mung bean soup at home.

I think its about ready, so I should turn off the stove.

Bye-bye!” [Crystal Heart] instantly flashed white as she logged off.

“I promised a friend that Id eat together with him!” [Laughing at the Sky] also flashed white and logged off.

The majority of players in the adventurers guild suddenly flashed white.

It was obvious that they were all logging off.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! Are all of you that afraid of the blackhearted Princess!” [Vast Sky] shouted loudly.

“You cowardly craves, I was mistaken about you!” [S.K.Y.] shouted.

“I hear that you wanted to attack me”

A clear voice suddenly spoke up at this time.


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