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April 2nd, midnight.

The inner city, at a clock tower.

It was completely silent with nobody around.

Suddenly, a beautiful girl wearing a red dress appeared.

This was Yaeger.

She raised her head to glance at the slightly old and simple clock tower as a look of nostalgia flashed in her eyes.

In her previous life, Sachiel Luo had once taken her up on the clock tower to look at the view.

The nostalgia instantly passed.

She hadnt come here in order to reminisce on the past.

It was simply that the clock tower was relatively safer than other locations.

Yaeger gently tapped the ground with her feet and jumped at the clock tower.

She used incredibly elegant moves to easily reach the top, where there was a large window for letting the light in.

Yaeger sent some sword energy out and sliced a round hole in the window.

She then reached her hand through the hole, opened the window, and slipped inside.

She felt as if she was a thief!

Of course, there was nothing valuable here to steal at all.

This was the clock towers storage room where some repair tools were stored.

After Yaeger showed herself in the outskirts, she had attracted lots of attention from many people.

It wasnt convenient for her to show herself until she could become a man again.

Otherwise, it would be really troublesome.

There was also no guarantee for her safety.

Although Yaeger was really powerful, it would be difficult to guarantee her own safety when she was in the game.

That was because she might not react in time if her body in real life was attacked while she was in the game.

Logging out of the game required some time, after all.

Even if she had really powerful senses and reactions, that small time lag would still be absolutely fatal.

Yaeger locked the storage rooms door and then opened up her interface to tap on the [Dream Transformation] ability.

Every page had notices written on them, and she carefully read over every word.

In the end, she determined from reading between the lines that this description was filled with one thing: making her suffer!

“There really is no way to change back!” Yaeger clasped her forehead and really wanted to cry.

She had confirmed repeatedly that the transformation rate wasnt actually a transformation success rate, but rather how much she had fully transformed.

Currently, her transformation rate was at 5%.

Otherwise, with her luck stat of 666, she would become a truly 100% girl after just one transformation.

The transformation rate was currently at 5%, which meant that she had used it once.

But, what was this about not being able to transform back!

Bug! This was definitely a bug!

Yaeger decided to log onto the game.

She felt that this was related to her game character.

Perhaps she could solve this issue by logging on and then logging out!

At this thought, she took out her game device and entered the game.

Newbie Village 101 was really lively at this time.

The world seemed so wonderful without the blackhearted Princess around.

People went wild with their freedom.

Many people acted like tyrants in town and collected protection money or stirred up trouble.

There were also people out in the wilds who took their own territory and collected rent money or toll money.

The entire world seemed to be filled with an addicting aura of corruption.

Outside in the wilds, a team was excitedly hunting down some Wind Wolves when a figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

The team members looked over, which instantly caused all their expressions to suddenly change.

They all ran away immediately as if they had seen a ghost.

“Damn it, the blackhearted Princess logged on again!” Someone exclaimed in a small voice.

“Isnt she busy getting attention in real life How come she still has the time to log in!”

“Who the hell knows!”

“Stop chatting and run for your lives!” The team leader exclaimed with a pale expression.

The team ran really far before they stopped while panting heavily.

It wasnt that they no longer wanted to run, but rather that they had reached the limits of their stamina.

At this moment, someone discovered that there wasnt a single figure in sight apart from some Wind Wolves in the distance.

“Wheres the blackhearted Princess” A team member asked questioningly.

This was a plain that was completely flat with no obstacles.

There was absolutely nowhere to hide.

“Could it be that we saw her mistakenly”

“I also think that we made a mistake.”

“Perhaps we had some dark memories from being killed, which was why we had such a hallucination.”

“…Was it really just a hallucination” Someone muttered in a low voice.

It seemed obviously impossible that the five team members would simultaneously hallucinate.

That person then shook their head, not wanting to think more on this topic.

“Should we go back there and continue grinding” Someone asked.

“The hell with that!” The other four exclaimed simultaneously.

The players in Newbie Village 101 truly did have mental trauma regarding Yaeger now.

They didnt want to be slaughtered a second time.

Inside the clock towers storage room, Yaeger opened her eyes and immediately looked down.

Her face then paled when she saw the voluptuous mountain on her chest.

It hadnt worked! She hadnt changed back!

Yaeger felt a headache at how her idea to try logging in and out hadnt worked.

“Just what should I do in order to change back…”

She then suddenly recalled the System.

Only that existence could help her with this problem!

Yaeger thus logged back into the game.

The Wind Wolves saw some prey and sprinted over without even thinking about it.

“Annoying.” Yaeger furrowed her cute eyebrow in slight displeasure.

She had logged off in the Wind Wolves territory, and she would normally log on here, so it was normal for low-level Wind Wolves with low intelligence to target her.

Yaeger took out her bow and shot furiously at the wolves.

Arrows covered the sky as an uncountable number of Wind Wolves died pitifully.

Someone noticed that purple energy arrows covered the sky in the distance.

He was immediately scared out of his mind.

“It, its the blackhearted Princess!”

The other players in the area all felt thunderstruck when they heard this.

When they regained their senses, they all ran away for their lives, as if boiling water was under their feet.

“Its finally quiet.” Yaeger slowly put her bow away after she eradicated all the Wind Wolves in the area.

She then looked up at the sky and shouted, “My dear Sister System, I have something to ask you!”

One second passed.

Two seconds passed.

Three seconds passed.


A moment later, it seemed as if there was the cawing of a crow from the sky.

“You actually ignored me, you wicked…” Yaeger really wanted to cry.

Her final hope was completely unreliable!

Outside the world, in Chinatown of San Francisco, America.

“Owner, its time to pay this months protection money!” Vincent sat down on the chair of a certain Chinese restaurant and spoke in a cold tone.

More than 10 gangster seeming subordinates stood behind him.

Vincent was Wenzels older brother as well as an elite of San Franciscos [Small Sword Group] gang.

The [Small Sword Group] was a gang created by Chinese Americans and immigrants from China.

They mostly engaged in illegal activities that only targeted Chinese people.

In foreign countries, it was typically Chinese people who bullied Chinese people the most.

The reason was simple.

They didnt dare to attack black people or white people, so they could only bully Chinese people who were honest, friendly, and tolerant.

“I paid the protection fee last week.

Why again…” A middle-aged man who was slightly pudgy was standing next to Vincent and shaking all over.

“What I cant hear what youre saying.

You should repeat yourself.” Vincent had a malicious expression as he tilted his face and revealed a vicious scar.

He then put his hand against his ear and pretended to try and listen better, as if he really hadnt heard clearly.

When his subordinates saw this, they all pulled up their sleeves and showed off their solid muscles.

They also clenched their fists tightly and cracked them.

“Vincent, my business here really isnt that good.

Could you please give me a few more days… Wagh!” The middle-aged man received a fist to the stomach before he could finish speaking.

“Haha, if everyone begged me for a few more days like you did, and I granted it to them, then what protection money would I still collect in the future!”

Right after Vincent said this, his subordinates rushed forward and gave the middle-aged man a terrible beating.

His pitiful screams kept echoing everywhere.

Five minutes later, Vincent successfully obtained his protection money and then enjoyed a delicious meal at the Chinese restaurant that he just robbed before he left with his subordinates.

Right when he left the restaurant, his cell phone rang.

He saw that the phone call came from overseas.

Vincent accepted the call and put the cell phone against his ear, only to hear a crying voice from the call.

“Vincent, Wenzel, Wenzel was killed!”

Vincent instantly widened his eyes as his pupils dilated to needlepoint size.

He then exclaimed, “What, youre saying that my idiot younger brother was killed!”


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