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The white-haired young man was 1.85 meters tall and had a sturdy body.

He looked around 23 to 24 years old.

He had neither an ugly nor handsome facial features, yet he had a fierce aura around him.

Who else was this man other than Wenzel

Like Nangong Lin, he used his original appearance to log in the game.

When enemies meet on a narrow road, fury will erupt.

Nangong Lin helped Yaeger out last night which caused him to lose face in front of his subordinates.

Wenzel was also the leader of Roc citys underworld.

If he lost face and didnt take revenge, would his subordinates still obey him

The answer was a big NO.

“Meddlesome woman, Ill kill you now!” Wenzel clenched his big fists and his blood-shot eyes locked on Nangong Lin.

He couldnt wait to beat her up.

Nangong Lin always lived like a princess.

Bodyguards accompanied her whenever she went in and out.

How could she ever prepare for such an unexpected situation Her face immediately turned pale and she retreated backwards.

Strangely, she felt as if her body was as light as a feather, as if she could fly to the sky.

However, a fist as big as a casserole directly came down smashing towards Nangong Lins face, giving Nangong Lin no time to ponder any longer.

Wenzels fist struck nothing but empty air and doubts rose in his heart.

Why is this woman so fast I just went all out with that punch!

Without thinking much about it, Wenzel threw another punch, which was equally powerful and heavy, with the sound of wind breaking faintly in the wake of that powerful punch.

Nangong Lin stared at the fist that was growing bigger in her sight.

Her heart filled with terror.

When she retreated back, she didnt notice that there was a raised brick on the floor.

Her heel touched it, immediately making her lose balance and causing her to fall down.


Wenzels punch didnt hit any target, but he didnt get discouraged, instead he showed a sardonic smile: “Dodge! Why dont you continue dodging Haha, you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! Im going to kill you!”

Having said that, he jumped high above, ready to stomp on Nangong Lin.

This jump actually traversed nearly three meters.

Wenzel couldnt help but be excited.

Spending 500,000 to acquire the werewolf bloodline via lottery was simply worth it!!1

Nangong Lins eyes contracted and her complexion paled as paper.

Despair arose in her spontaneously.

At this moment, she regretted adjusting her pain level to 100%.

With Wenzels weight and his falling momentum, if he stomped on her, perhaps all of her bones would be broken.

If it was more serious, she might directly die!

Someone please help me…

Nangong Lins mind went blank.

Just like a lost child, there was only fear in her heart.

“Die for me!” Wenzels face was ferocious.

Although he only wanted to teach this woman a lesson in the game, it still made him feel good.

‘You dare to make me lose face Ill make sure that your death is a tragic one!

Nangong Lins pupils contracted and her heart almost stopped beating.

A sense of death suddenly appeared in her mind.

It was the second time she felt this way in her whole life.

Nangong Lins desperation and Wenzels ferocity form a strong contrast, just like a classic picture scroll painting, which depicted the unchanging truth of strong fish devouring the weak fishes.

“You dog-like scum!” Suddenly, a voice sounded in the square.

Wenzels eyes followed the sounds direction but he only saw a black flash.

Before he could even respond, the sword light flashed and blood stained the sky.

Wenzels eyes widened abruptly.

A heart piercing sharp pain broke out in his body and then he felt as if his body had been sliced apart.

No, he was really sliced into two!

Seeing his body slashed in two, Wenzel was so terrified that even his three souls and seven spirits disappeared.

At the same time, the shadow of death turned into giant claws, holding him in the palm of its hand and squeezing him hard.

“Ah!” The horror of death and the acute pain that his body suffered made Wenzel involuntarily cry out.

He now regretted it very much.

Why was he so confident in his abilities that he actually committed the mistake of adjusting his pain level to 100%!

Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret in this world.

The vigor in Wenzels eyes rapidly faded and his HP bottomed out.

Nangong Lin stared at this scene intently.

Not only did she not feel afraid, but the corners of her mouth couldnt help but curl upward, forming a smile.

Evildoers had their retribution! He deserved it! After that, she could clearly see the person who rescued her.

Her black hair fluttered about.

Her looks were beautiful enough to cause a civil war within a nation and the sword in her hand shone with dazzling light, as if she was a real Celestial with utmost perfection!

The next moment, Nangong Lins heart beat wildly.

Dammit… Why is my heart beating so hard!

Nangong Lin could swear to heaven that she had never seen such a beautiful person.

She looked as if she was the most beautiful person in the world, nay, no other person in this universe could probably outdo her in terms of beauty.

She was simply beautiful beyond description!

She was so beautiful that it caused people to lose themselves.

Wenzel turned into light particles and disappeared.

The beautiful girl who looked like a fairy landed on the ground lightly.

She suddenly leaned down in front of Nangong Lin and stretched out her hand.

She said softly, “Are you all right”

Nangong Lin kept staring at her and didnt recover her senses for a long time.

Her heart was still beating fast as if it was a runaway train.

This was the first time Nangong Lin felt such an emotion.

Maybe this was the feeling of being in love…2


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