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If it was just ordinary blue-tier equipment, Yaeger would at most raise her eyebrows.

However, it was not the case currently.

It was a part of an equipment set!

Finger Accessory: Toxic Ring Grade: Blue (Level 1) Attribute: None Level Restriction: 7 Defense: 20 a 10 Agility 5 Endurance 20% Attack Speed

Special effect: Your attack has a 20% chance to poison the opponent, dealing 15 points of damage per second for 30 seconds.

Description: This is part of the equipment set created by the weapon master Rorona.

The equipment set has three parts in total.

Collecting all the parts will enable incredible set effects.

It was a part of a three-piece equipment set.

Yaeger already had [Toxic Gloves] so she could activate the set effect after equipping [Toxic Ring] along with it.

You could activate special effects with a minimum of at least two pieces of a set in the “Sacred Demon World”.

If you equipped the entire set, the full-set effect would be even more amazing.

“How much do you want to sell it for” Seeing the other side not replying, Yaeger asked again.

“How about… 80,000” Yunuen came back to her senses after hearing this.

She was blankly staring at Yaeger just now.

As time passed further, her face turned beet red.

She was actually fascinated by looking at a girl.

It was simply inconceivable!

“What did you just say” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.

The blue equipment for 80,000 Girl, did you get hit by something hard on your head

Yunuen thought that Yaeger found it too expensive, so she quickly changed the price, “How about 66,000”

“Youre not down with a fever, are you” Yaeger did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“50,000…” Yunuen was slightly aggrieved.

How could Princess be as black-hearted as those dastardly black-hearted merchants

This price was cheaper than the green outfit she sold before!

Rakshasa and Nangong Lin knew that Yunuen had misunderstood the entire situation.

The corners of their mouth couldnt help curling upward, finding the girl very cute and naïve.

Then, the two of them found each other smiling, and immediately the next moment they both soured and imaginary sparks flashed between them.

“Mahou Shoujo… Forget it, Ill call you Yunuen.

50,000 Ill take this ring for 300,000 RMB.” Yaeger gave a reasonable price.

For her, the [Toxic Ring] was absolutely worth the price.

Of course, if the other side had sold the ring to other advanced players, she can definitely get a higher price for the ring.

The underlying premise was that if the other party didnt rob her first.

When she heard the low value in price, Yunuen felt cold in her heart.

She felt that Princess heart was almost blacker than the ink fountain, but her eyes lit up when she heard the six-digit value that Yaeger offered.

Then she showed a surprise, which immediately turned into disbelief.

Im not dreaming, am I


If I had 300,000 RMB, my mother would not have to sweep the floor in the middle of the night and my father would not have to work as a security guard.

I could probably set up some small business with the money too.

Moreover, they could rent a bigger house!

Thinking of her room, which was not much bigger than a coffin, Yunuen felt sad.

After coming back to her senses, she thought that she had heard it wrong and asked in a low voice: “Princess, did I get it wrong just now I heard that you are going to pay 300,000 for this ring.”

“No, you havent heard it wrong.

I will send you the money immediately.” Yaeger opened the trading system and chose to trade with her.

In less than two seconds, Yunuens small treasury had been increased by 300,000 RMB.

Looking at the number, she fell into a trance.

Its really not an illusion.

Its not an illusion.

I really made 300,000 RMB!

Her eyes moistened instantly, and Yunuen bit her lip hard to prevent tears from falling.

It felt like she was in a dream and once the tears fell, the dream would shatter and everything would disappear.

Rakshasa and Nangong Lin looked puzzled.

Its only 300,000 RMB.

Do you need to be so excited

Yaeger glanced at them.

Nangong Lin was born with a golden spoon.

To her, did she even know the meaning of suffering Could she even comprehend the word “suffer”

Rakshasa was a bit more miserable.

She was deaf and mute, but her familys financial situation was still many times better than Yunuens family.

So at this moment, only Yaeger could understand and empathize with Yunuens mood, because they were both struggling at the bottom.

“Princess, here.” Yunuen handed the ring to Yaeger, gradually showing a faint smile on her face.

Yaeger immediately replaced the [Lucky Ring].

This [Lucky Ring] had the word “lucky” in its name, but it did not increase the Luck Points.

Its special effect was: The drop rate of gold coins increases by 5%.

To Yaeger, it was not particularly useful.

After putting on the Toxic Ring, Yaegers stats changed immediately.

Agility changed to: 134 Endurance changed to: 97 Attack Speed changed to 350% (400% after using [Rapid Attack])

At the same time, [Toxic Ring] and [Toxic Gloves] showed a new special effect.

Special Effect of Equipment Set (2): Your attack has a 50% chance of poisoning the opponent, causing 100 points of damage per second for 60 seconds.

Effects can be stacked.

Two pieces of Toxic equipment could cause a total of 30 points of damage per second.

After coupled with the special effect, the damage would reach 130 points of damage per second.

Moreover, it could be stacked further.

With Yaegers Attack Speed of 400%, the poison damage caused could only be described as terrifying.

Originally, she was only 95% sure about what she wanted to do soon, but right now she was at least 99% sure!

Why not 100% Its because she was not a god.

How could she know if her future would be different

“Thank you, Princess.” Yunuen wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and opened the interface while laughing.

She was about to log out of the game to calm herself down.

However, when she was about to log out, Yaeger suddenly said: “Yunuen, I think you have good talent.

Do you want to join our guild I can help you power level.”


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