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In the real world.

Inside Roc City, in the relevant authority departments.

“Captain Chen, even after comparing all the data of the patrol bureau, we could not find a portrait that matches the [Princess].” In the conference room, a young man with black-rimmed glasses took the lead to speak.

“What about the data on Fruits side” A beautiful woman with her black hair tied into a ponytail, under the age of twenty-five, held her smooth chin with one hand with a slightly dissatisfied expression on her face while chiming in.

She was named Xina Chen, and her acquaintances called her Sister Xin.

“The domestic data have been submitted, but the foreign immigration counterparts have also found no match.

After comparison with our technical department, we still havent found a matching portrait similar to [Princess].”

“What about Penguins” “Its the same.” “Are you trying to imply that this player named [Princess] popped out of nowhere” Xina Chens tone became more and more displeased, giving everyone the creeps.

“This… we dont know about it.

According to the entry-exit data provided by the customs, we cant find a similar person.” “Huh…” Xina Chen sighed, “Is there an analysis of that surveillance video”

The young man with glasses raised his eyebrows: “To be honest, we can only recognize the general outline.”

“You people from the technical department are useless, right” Xina made an unfriendly expression.

As of now, the big shots of capital had put forth the absolute order, which required them to find out who was Princess as fast as possible and protect her.

However, she couldnt even find a single strand of her hair!

How was she going to report the follow up on this matter to higher-ups

“Sister Xin, its wrong of you to accuse them.

Although theyre trash, they are doing their best.” The young woman next to Xina said indifferently.

She was the person who went to the Nancheng Department Store to get the recording.

When the young man with glasses heard this, blue veins immediately appeared on his forehead and his anger almost got the better of him.

Xina had saved him a little face, but the woman just called them trash, which was ‌outrageous.

“Sister Xin, why dont I enter the game and get in touch with [Princess] How about it” The young woman didnt even glance at the young man with glasses.

Her eyes were fixed on Xina.

“No, you stay here, Lil Sil.

Ill go into the game.” Xina sighed again and then looked at the young man with glasses, “You will carefully check all the surveillance recordings around the Nancheng Department Store.

Be sure to find [Princess]!”

“Yes!” The young man with glasses was upset, but he promptly responded.

Xina walked out of the meeting room, took out her mobile phone to check the information, and suddenly muttered to herself: “No way, that person ‌came to Roc City…”

Tian Family Residence, Twilight District, Capital.

“She wrecked them like a champ!” An old man about 70 years old, wearing a white sleeveless garment and lying on a reclining chair, was watching a video clip on a tablet.

In the video, an incomparably beautiful girl sent people flying into the air with a punch and hung them on the wall.

“If this girl appeared in the real world, she would definitely be a master!”

The old man repeatedly exclaimed in admiration.

His eyes flickered and his face slightly flushed.

It could be seen that he was very excited.

“Grandpa.” At this moment, a soft voice came.

The old man hurriedly got up and looked to the back.

He saw a petite figure approaching.

She was about 152 cm tall and wore a white dress.

She had an adorable appearance and looked as if she was 12 or 13 years old.

She was actually 18 years old.

She wore a pair of black gloves that didnt match her dress.

If you looked carefully, you could see that the gloves were occasionally flashing with white light.

“Mylene, are you ready”

“Well, I havent seen my brother for ten years.

I miss him a lot, so I packed my luggage early this morning.” When the girl called Mylene smiled sweetly, she was incomparably cute.

“Ah, you are the trump card of the Bureau.

How can she be willing to let you go to Roc City to carry out a minor task Its really killing a chicken with a cleaver.”

The old man shrugged his shoulders to express his dissatisfaction.

“It doesnt matter.

I will just treat it like a tour.

Anyway, I havent been with Grandpa for a while.

This time we will go to Roc city together to experience the Linhnan style.

Isnt it great”

Mylene giggled.

“You lil rascal, Im afraid that you just want to see your brother!” The old man glanced at her.

“How could that be!” Mylenes face immediately reddened.

She hadnt seen him for ten years.

Does brother still remember me

She felt a sense of anxiety.

Her eyes fell on the gloves and she sighed softly.

If only I were an ordinary person.Then…

The girl shook her head.

Her eyes moved up, and she looked at the gray sky.

Newbie Village 101.

Many commodities had been refreshed.

While being happy, the players also despised Princess at the same time.

The black-hearted Princess had no conscience at all.

She ‌sold the refreshable items at such a high price!

The heartless Princess opened the stall again.

When she led people to level up, she and Rakshasa got a lot of equipment, which was now being sold at low prices.

“Theyre selling the green equipment for only 5,000… Princess does have a conscience!” The people who just yelled at Princess for being shameless in their heart immediately exclaimed when they saw the price.

At this moment, all the green equipment posted on other forums were priced at 30,000 RMB at minimum.

However, Yaeger was selling them for 5,000 RMB, which was definitely a super low price.

Some people were worried that Yaeger would dig a hole for them to jump again, so they just watched everything from afar.

After a while, all the equipment was snapped up.

Unexpectedly, there was no scam involved at all!

It almost made those people cry in regret.

“Level 9 players at the present are carrying the low levels, who have equipment on them.

This is going nicely.

Keep on raising your levels.

I will give everyone a big surprise soon.”

Yaeger looked at the players who were going to level up happily and the corners of her mouth curled upward slightly, sketching out a meaningful smile.

Rakshasa: Princess is so wicked.

On the other side, the City Lords Mansion.


walked in with a few party members, preparing for a dirty scheme.


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