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These players shared the same thoughts as Nangong Lin.

They thought that even if lv10 players were quite powerful, they still had a limit.

They could kill them with numbers.

Its nothing impressive at all.

However, the moment they saw Yaeger kill S.K.Y., they knew that their previous thoughts were too naive!

No, they didnt even see Yaegers whole archery process.

The moment S.K.Y.

was shot, Yaeger had already stood down from a combat stance.

One could imagine how terrifying her reaction speed was!

Whats more, Yaeger hadnt used any skills, because it was just an ordinary attack!

“You guys may have misconstrued my mercy as a sign of cowardice.

I havent even messed with you but youve come to my door again and again to cause trouble.”

Yaeger pulled the bowstring full with an icy glare: “Since you want to die so badly, dont blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as the voice fell, they saw countless purple energy-filled arrows flying.

Seeing the rain of arrows rapidly growing in size in their pupils, no one could react.

Because its too fast and too dense!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sound of arrow feathers piercing the air rang, followed by bursts of electric flashes and then throngs of screams everywhere.

Countless light sparkles drifted away and every player faced death with boundless fear.

“Ding! Your current name status has changed to: Deep Red.”

The sound of the system sounded, but Yaeger ignored it.

[Multi Shot] exploded with a loud bang and kept reaping lives.

“Ding! Your current name status has changed to: Blood Red.”

Nangong watched this scene tongue-tied.

Her mind couldnt help but tremble.

This was simply a one-sided massacre!

Ferocious to the extreme!

Yet to her it was beautiful and dazzling at the same time.

The death animations of the players looked like a blossoming blood-red flower, displaying peerless beauty.

“Ding! Your current name status has changed to: Bright Red.”1

The jaws of the players who were not in the attack range dropped in surprise.

They thought that Princess before was already very strong, but unexpectedly it was just the tip of the iceberg.

This was definitely her true strength!

This kind of high-speed life-reaping attack was simply terrifying!

Rakshasa tilted her head slightly.

She was a little confused.

Only she knew that Princess hadnt even used 1/3 of her strength.

She was just being lazy.

Otherwise, these players who were weaker than the mushroom eating boars could be killed in a few seconds.2

But after thinking about it carefully, she was relieved: Why use a sledgehammer to butcher a chicken

In fact, Yaeger wasnt really being lazy.

She strictly controlled her attack speed.

She neither attacked too fast nor too slow.

In any case, her attack speed was of a moderate level.

However, even so, in the eyes of other players, to them it was an extremely terrifying attack speed.

“Ding! Your current name status has changed to: Crimson.”

Hearing those three words, Yaeger almost stumbled.

What the hell was this!

By this time, all the 950 players had disappeared, making a large open space in front of them.

The 50 players who were kicked out of the guild by S.K.Y.

felt a lingering fear.

They almost became one of the thousand sacrificial victims of Yaeger!

Until now, the players presently on the scene did not know that the Level 10 Yaeger was the absolute king of the Newbie Village!

It could be seen that Yaeger was really tolerant of their existence before.

Otherwise, they would also suffer a fate similar to the other 950 players.

At the same time, these players thought of a very important thing: It seems that if one doesnt buy equipment from Princess, dont even think of leaving this Newbie Village!

Some players looked at their shabby wallets and felt like crying.

Some players shouted in their hearts that heaven and earth were unfair, and justice did not exist.

Some players decided to further ponder the situation first.

Some players shook their heads.

They could only accept their fate and be held at ransom.

Who told them not to be powerful enough to beat Princess or escape from Newbie Village

A few years later, some players would still remember the horrific story of Princess ruling the Newbie Village.

The audience in the live broadcasting room immediately became enthralled when they saw the body-sweeping performance without any green mosaics.

They only paid attention to Yaegers beauty and didnt pay much attention to her strength.

Now when they saw Yaegers amazing attack power, they all kneeled down at the keyboard to worship.

She could obviously make a living just by her appearance but her strength was unexpectedly terrifying.

She wouldnt let anyone else steal the spotlight at all!

Human beings would feel inferior only when they were in front of those who were particularly outstanding.

At this moment, everyone felt that Yaeger was a high-level existence, completely beyond the norm.

Nobody else could be compared to her at all!

At the same time, these people couldnt help but develop a thirst for strength in their hearts.

They wanted to become as powerful as Princess!

Those who were still watching from the sidelines immediately turned off the live broadcast and took out their terminals to enter the game.

Such players were constantly increasing in numbers, everywhere.

Having seen such a powerful existence, who could calm down!

Yaeger didnt know that her slaughterfest had made so many people crave power.

However, even if she knew about it, she would be too lazy to care about it.

Now Yaeger only cared about her red name state.

When she opened it, the corners of her eyes couldnt help twitching.

Red Name: Crimson Favorability: Whole citys favorability has dropped by 10,000 points.

Defense: – 50% Attack: 40% Equipment: When dying, the drop rate of your equipment is increased by 45%.

Temporary skill: [Bloodthirsty Rage]

To remove the red name state: 1.

Actively or passively enter the Broken Leaf Citys prison for ten days.


Leave the vicinity of Broken Leaf City.


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