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These people left the crowd and looked around.

Soon, they found Wenzel.

“Youre finally out!”

It turned out that these people were Wenzels men!

“Have you found the person I am looking for” Wenzel had a sinister expression.

He was electrocuted in the white space for nearly half an hour, making him angry and afraid at the same time.

“I found her, but Wenzel, the other partys level is too high.

Wouldnt it be bad if we created trouble for her…” one of the men responded.

“We have more than 100 people.

Are you still afraid of her” Wenzel raised an eyebrow and said unhappily.

“Wait, what about the others!” Immediately after speaking, he realized that there were only a dozen men that appeared in front of him.

“They were assigned to other newbie villages.” “S̲h̲i̲t̲!”

“Wenzel, why dont we raise the level first and then seek revenge” One of his subordinates suggested.

He had personally seen Yaeger kill a player over a slight disagreement! Moreover, it was an instakill.

“You want me to wait!” Wenzels eyes were open wide and bloodshot.

His hatred for Yaeger had soared to the extreme during his imprisonment.

He couldnt calm down at all.1

If it wasnt for that persons sudden attack that killed him, how could he suffer such an inglorious treatment like this!

“No, I dont mean it!” Knowing that he had said something wrong, he quickly changed his words, “Wenzel is wise, powerful, and unparalleled in the world.

He always repays his debts…”

“Okay, stop saying b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲! Lets go!” Wenzel interrupted him by waving his hand, “Max, lead the way!”

On hearing this, the person named Max immediately walked in front and shouted: “Get out of the way! Dagger Society will handle affairs here.

All bystanders get out of the way, otherwise, whatever happens, is on you!”

When the crowd saw a dozen of ferocious-looking players approaching, they decisively gave way.

The crowd was just a sheet of loose sand.

Its impossible for them to stand against more than a dozen players.

Moreover, these guys seemed to be filled with malicious intent and wanted to cause trouble for Princess.

There was definitely going to be a good show to watch.

Yaeger was very upset with these peoples attitudes.

Now that she saw someone looking for trouble at her doorstep, her eyes flashed with cold light.

As soon as she saw that the newcomer troublemaker was Wenzel, she moved as fast as lightning to appear in front of him.

All players saw a flash of sword light passing by.

The next moment, more than a dozen heads rolled in the air as blood spurted out.

Wenzels vision kept spinning.

Before his HP was completely depleted, he saw Yaeger, who was full of murderous aura and her face was ice-cold, slowly retracting her sword.


The heads fell and spun on the ground.

Everyone present was dead silent.

The live broadcast channel was also dead silent.

However, people who were watching the live broadcasting channel didnt know how to react because they only saw a pile of green mosaics.

“Ah…!” No one knew who screamed first.

The people on the scene seemed to be infected with mass hysteria and screamed one after another.

Those who were present hadnt turned on the green mosaic mode so what they saw was a bloody massacre.

Just imagine if, in reality, you saw peoples heads suddenly fly off and the blood sprayed out of their necks like a fountain, could you remain calm, and not be frightened Could you!

Some people directly started vomiting.

Some peoples eyes rolled back and they fell backwards, before they tumbled to the ground.

Many people had their stomach spasms and trembled all over.

Only now did they realize the implications of 100% realism!

Earlier, the player [Vast Sky] was shot by Yaeger, however, his corpse was kept relatively intact so the shock it brought was not very large.

Yet, now they felt the true horror of death so close.

All of them were frightened and horrified.

Nangong Lin covered her small mouth and her eyelashes trembled slightly, displaying her inner discomfort.

Rakshasa followed Yaeger to kill countless times.

She had long been accustomed to corpses and blood so she looked indifferent.

“What an annoying fly.” Yaeger turned around and gracefully walked back to the stall with her long legs.

It seemed that she didnt take Wenzel and others seriously at all.

Whether it was the players who had been here before, or the players who had just entered the game, they all felt a shiver when looking at this super beautiful girl!

Some players decisively slipped away, fearing that staying here would accidentally provoke Yaeger and they too would be cut down.

As for the remaining players, some were Yaegers fans, some were potential buyers who were waiting on the sidelines, some were interested in the spectacle, and some were cunning individuals who wanted to fish in muddy water.

Yaeger glanced at these people and then opened the forum to browse the information.

She was eager to know what kind of impact she had made in-game or reality.

When she saw a red headline bounty post, Yaegers body trembled with shock and her eyes flickered.

《High-priced rewards for information on the player [Princess] in Linhnan server, Newbie Village No.


High rewards for all confirmed information in reality! 》

Someone had wanted to crowdsource information about her!


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