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Chapter 40.1: Complex

Yao Yi clutched the bundle of umbrellas and walked forward blankly, with Fu Chuan following and holding an umbrella over her head.

“Where are you going” Fu Chuan leaned his umbrella towards Yao Yi and asked.

“Seeing if any tourists want these.” Just as Yao Yi finished speaking, she saw two tourists scurrying around shielding their heads, “Over there.”

“Excuse me, do you need umbrellas Fifteen for one.” Yao Yi raised the umbrellas with difficulty.

The two tourists stopped and immediately responded, “Give us one.”


Fu Chuan suddenly pitched in: “It seems that the rain is going to be heavy, and it shouldn’t be able to support two people.”

The tourist subconsciously looked over, was shocked by Fu Chuan’s appearance, and answered after a moment: “Then, two.”

“Thirty in total, thank you.” Yao Yi pulled out the QR code that hung around her neck, “Are you paying in cash or by scanning the code”

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“Ybx.” Ww Ubwyd dseele.

“Take it, you can lift it up when the tourists pay.” Yao Yi smiled.


Fu Chuan carefully took the sign off Yao Yi’s neck, and watched her carefully observe the surrounding tourists, feeling distressed and helpless.

“There are also folding umbrellas, which are easier to carry.” Yao Yi added when she saw a tourist who thought the long-handled umbrella was too big.

“Then give me a folding umbrella.” The tourist agreed.

Yao Yi turned around and turned her back to Fu Chuan: “Can you get the umbrella for me”

Fu Chuan took out a sky-blue folding umbrella from inside, and after the tourists paid and left, he asked, “What would you do if I didn’t come”

Yao Yi didn’t mind that Fu Chuan had so many questions today, and smiled softly: “It’s okay, I can let tourists get it by themselves, but I still want to thank you for your help today.”

After all, it was an emergency.

Many tourists did not lack this small amount of money when they came for vacation.

In order not to get wet, they were willing to pay generously for umbrellas.

After a while, in the afternoon, Yao Yi’s hands were mostly empty, except for a few leftover umbrellas in her bag.

“Your shoulders are wet.” Yao Yi took a deep breath and found that Fu Chuan had been leaning the umbrella towards her.

“What if you get sick later”

The umbrella in Fu Chuan’s hand was nudged by Yao Yi, and the two of them inadvertently touched each other.

Fu Chuan lowered his eyes and moved a little closer to her side, as she wanted.

“I’m wearing a raincoat, so I won’t get wet.

You have to cover yourself.” Seeing that Fu Chuan had only moved a little, Yao Yi sighed and grabbed the umbrella, “Let’s go home.”

Anyways, the umbrellas were already almost sold out.

In the past, Yao Yi would have definitely waited for them to be sold out, but now she wanted to go back early and let Fu Chuan rest.


Yao Yi held the umbrella and leaned against Fu Chuan.

He was tall, and Yao Yi had to raise her hands.

It was okay at first, but it gradually became more difficult to do so.

“I’ll lift it, this time I won’t lean it towards you.” Fu Chuan was paying attention to Yao Yi, and took the umbrella from Yao Yi’s hands again.

Walking on the road, the umbrella surface was hit by heavy rain, which was really hard to support.

The two leaned together unconsciously, the umbrella was not big, Fu Chuan said that he would not lean it towards her, so he could only shorten the distance between him and Yao Yi.

A gust of wind blew by, and the umbrella was blown to the side.

Fu Chuan frowned and moved it over again, subconsciously hugging Yao Yi over.

It was so natural that Yao Yi didn’t even notice, and walked to her villa with his arms around her.

“Go back and change your clothes.” Yao Yi said to Fu Chuan, whose shoulders were half wet, after being sent to the door.

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan stood under the steps, his long and curled eyelashes were soaked by the rain and mist, even his eyes seemed to be covered with mist.

Unfortunately, there were still four foldable umbrellas that were not sold.

Yao Yi walked to the living room, still thinking about the umbrellas in her backpack.

At this moment, her phone suddenly vibrated.

As soon as Yao Yi opened it, she saw that the final report card had been sent out in the group chat.

Feeling her beating heart, Yao Yi felt nervous again.

Sometimes you knew what was going to happen next, but you still didn’t want to believe it.

Holding the phone, Yao Yi slowly unloaded her schoolbag, sat down, and then clicked on the file.

Fu Chuan was still in first place.

Yao Yi stared at the phone for a long time with complicated emotions.


On one hand, she was unwilling to be suppressed by Fu Chuan all the time.

On the other hand, Yao Yi was unwilling to be jealous of Fu Chuan, because he was a very benevolent person.

Yao Yi felt that her state of mind was completely different from before.

She felt sad but couldn’t control it.

In the end, the days went on as usual.

Yao Yi and Qin Li went out to set up their stall everyday, selling some small trinkets, and bought their goods according to the weather.

Occasionally, when Yao Yi saw Fu Chuan, she couldn’t help but think that she was still ranked below Fu Chuan.

But as soon as they talked together, that thought would completely leave her mind.

Even when they parted, there would always be a smile on her lips that she didn’t notice.

The time that school started was getting closer and closer, along with the time that the competition began.

Qin Li and Yao Yi spent the whole summer vacation sending questions to each other, and their tacit understanding rose to a very high level.

The two had long forgotten the matter of stinging each other back then.

Qin Li already thought in his heart that Yao Yi could reach the level of brain wave synchronization with himself, of course only in mathematics.

“I must join the national team.” Qin Li declared to Yao Yi the day before school started.

“You can get in.” Although Yao Yi had not compared herself with students from other places, she was quite confident in herself.

Not to mention, Qin Li’s comprehension in mathematics could completely keep up with her own, so it was definitely not bad.

“When Lao Han asked me to come join Class Zero, he told me about you.” Qin Li suddenly remembered, “He thought I had great potential in mathematics, and then Lao Han said that he hoped that we could learn from each other.”

“Lao Han He didn’t tell me.” Yao Yi asked suspiciously, “Did the class teacher look for you”

Before, Lao Han merely said that he picked up two people from the back of the rankings to make up for the two extra spots.

Up till now, those two were still at the bottom of the rankings of Class Zero.


“Yes, he thinks that Class Zero doesn’t necessarily need students who excelled in all subjects.

Lao Han went to the principal and said that he hoped that he could have students who are gifted in particular subjects, so… I wonder if I have a talent in mathematics.” Although Qin Li was usually vicious and stingy, he still showed some timidity when it came to his future.

Lao Han’s words were a bit harsh.

The students in Class Zero were basically in the top 50 of the entire school, and falling out of the top 100 was a serious setback.

The results of all subjects were considered top-notch in the key classes.

It was just that the students that Lao Han hoped for were not only reflected in their scores.

Especially those who had learned ahead by themselves, but also had talents in a certain subject that others did not have.

“You’ll find out after the competition is over.” In the past, Yao Yi would have been very confident, but now her self-confidence has taken a blow.

Her words were not as firm, “Don’t be discouraged.”

Both of them were squatting by the roadside of Lugu Mountain, worrying about a small domestic competition in the future.

However, they didn’t know that they would end up stirring up troubles internationally in the future.


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