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Chapter 28: Best Match

Yao Yi thought for a while and finally reacted: “Then I’m second place”

“Yeah.” Han Jiaojiao nodded, scrutinizing Yao Yi’s expression worriedly, for fear that she would be uncomfortable.

Yao Yi just acknowledged it, lowered her head and continued to calculate her questions, it seemed as if nothing had changed.

The other three did not see any change in her expression, and they observed it from time to time throughout the morning.

Yao Yi was still the same as before, and they finally gradually calmed down.

Actually, Yao Yi’s brain was full of paste all day.

Although her facial expression was still the same as usual, several teachers also observed Yao Yi during the class period, and no one noticed Yao Yi’s eyes wandering.

This was unbelievable for Yao Yi, no one has ever taken away her first place.

At most they could only be tied with her.

She has grown up with this result, she has always thought that she would get first place every time she took an exam.


After a dazzle, everyone in the classroom was almost gone.

Yao Yi slowly packed her schoolbag and wanted to go downstairs to go back to her dormitory, but accidentally bumped into a person at the door.

It was Fu Chuan.

Yao Yi looked up at him, and his eyes were complicated.

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“Don’t be sad, I have a new set of questions, I just picked them up, the difficulty is not bad.” Qin Li looked at Yao Yi, who still appeared blank, and decided to contribute his own collection.


“…” Yao Yi’s interest raised a litte, “Give it to me.”

When he took it out, the book was brand new, and it didn’t even have a name written on it.

“I guess that some college student didn’t want this.

I bought it from the uncle at the garbage station for five yuan.” Qin Li took out two books from his schoolbag.

“This book is okay, you can try it.”

“What is that book” Yao Yi took it and looked at the book in Qin Li’s hand.

“It’s just concepts, no questions.” Qin Yue turned a few pages and let Yao Yi have a look.

Qin Li didn’t go home at noon.

Today he accompanied Yao Yi in the classroom to do math problems for the whole noon.

 The two sat face to face, writing and charting with their heads lowered.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

This is what Fu Chuan first saw when he came to the class.

He stepped into the classroom a little slower than usual, Fu Chuan lowered his eyes and his facial expression was cold.

When Fu Chuan took his seat, Qin Li immediately noticed him, the book in his hand was not enough for him to ignore Fu Chuan.

His foot quietly stretched out to kick Yao Yi, motioning her to look beside him.

“…” Yao Yi looked past him, her body stiffened.

Subconsciously, she remembered what Fu Chuan said after class before lunch break.

“I’m leaving, lend me to read the book first.” Yao Yi stood up and said to Qin Li.

“Okay.” Qin Yue nodded.

He felt a little sympathetic to Yao Yi today.

He didn’t want to take her rent again, counting it as to console the injured heart of his classmate. 


The first class in the afternoon was Lao Han’s class.

He walked in and looked around the classroom, musing about something.

Many students noticed that his eyes fell on Yao Yi in the last row for a few moments.

Unfortunately, Yao Yi was distracted and didn’t notice his gaze.

Lao Han taught class normally, and there was not much difference from usual.

Ten minutes before the end of class, he packed up the lesson plan and announced to the students below: “I didn’t have a seating arrangement before, and I was too lazy to plan it out too.

But some parents have commented that other classes have had arranged seats, and we can’t make special arrangements.

Secondly, there are still some students in the class who are not doing very well in specific subjects.

I hope that by adjusting the seats this time, everyone can learn from each other’s advantages.”

As he spoke, he took out a new seating chart and asked the class president to direct it.

The seat transfer was rather large, and almost half of the class moved into different seats.

The class president read to the end and paused.

“Phew, fortunately we were not moved apart.” Zhao Qian sighed, just wanting to be happy for a while.

“Read, handwritten notes also count.” Lao Han directed when he saw that the class president stopped.

The class president stood on the podium and nodded: “Fu Chuan, go take Zhao Qian’s seat, and Zhao Qian move to Li Ge’s place.”

“What about me” Li Ge was confused by the sudden roll call.

 “You go to Fu Chuan’s seat.” The class president said with a good temper.


“…” The last group of four looked up at Lao Han silently, not moving.

Fu Chuan sat in his seat and hadn’t moved yet.

Lao Han coughed and couldn’t hold back under his daughter’s stare.

He stood up and explained: “Yao Yi’s language arts are too weak, and Fu Chuan’s other subjects still need to be improved.

I believe that if they can learn from each other, they will definitely be able to bring a good atmosphere to our class.”

If the former headteacher Zhou Hui was here, she would definitely scold Lao Han for being greedy.

One Yao Yi is enough, but he still wanted Fu Chuan to also get full scores.

“Zhao Qian, don’t be unconvinced.” Lao Han frowned, “Look at your grades, you are the person with the worst English grades in this class! Jiaojiao’s English is good, letting her help you is best.”

“It’s already pretty good with one in front, and one in the back.” Zhao Qian muttered.

“But there are other students who need to be helped.” Lao Han replied coldly, “Hurry up and pack up.

Go and let Fu Chuan sit there.”

The classmate who was ‘helped’ – Qin Li, didn’t have time to digest this huge transfer at all.

But he was not qualified to refute, who made last overall in the class.

“…” Yao Yi watched as Li Ge packed up and left, while Zhao Qian moved in front of her and then she watched Fu Chuan walking towards her.

For the first time, Yao Yi felt that she would be jealous of someone.

Fu Chuan didn’t have much stuff.

Except for the books issued by the school, he didn’t have anything extra in his hand, so he just sat down.

The group of four who had been united for a semester was suddenly dismantled, and the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became solemn.


“Okay, it’s not like you guys can’t see each other again, it’s just a change of seats.” Lao Han was helpless, but he didn’t have time to comfort the sensitive and weak minds of these students.

He still had other classes to teach.

As soon as he walked out of the classroom, the class immediately exploded.

“Why did Lao Han suddenly pull such a trick”

“Could it be that our grades are not ideal”

“Come on, the top 50 on the top 100 list are almost all taken by our class.

What else is he dissatisfied with” A boy who used to be in Class One before the reassignment grimaced, “Your teacher is too much.”

“He’s your teacher now too.” A classmate from Class Two refuted.

On the contrary, Han Jiaojiao fell into a rare silence, and Zhao Qian also lowered his head uncharacteristically.

He sat there thinking about something, and didn’t even eat snacks between classes.

Li Ge, who was separated by two groups, looked anxious.

He quietly took out his phone and pulled Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian into a group chat.

【Don’t patronize your sadness, Yi Yi is the one who needs to be comforted the most now!!!】

Li Ge thought further, they were just separated, and it was recognized that Zhao Qian’s English was not good.

But Yao Yi was different.

It was the first time that she didn’t get the first place in her grade, but Lao Han took it out on her alone and gave her a seat next to Fu Chuan.

To know that the two were clearly competitors, even if they were already in the same class, it would not change this iron-like fact.

When Zhao Qian just moved seats, he saw the news at a glance before he put his phone in the drawer.

He couldn’t help but be stunned, he glanced at the two people in the back seat through the corner of his eye, and sure enough, there was a suffocating depression.

Zhao Qian slowly nudged Han Jiaojiao with his elbow, and gestured his mouth to her: “Phone.”

After doing it several times in a row, Han Jiaojiao took out her phone from her pocket.

Seeing the news from Li Ge, Han Jiaojiao was also stunned and reacted.

 Looking up and connecting eyes with Zhao Qian, Han Jiaojiao moved her fingers:

[What now Since my dad made this decision, he will definitely not change it.]

Li Ge: [You guys act normal, don’t let Fu Chuan irritate Yi Yi.]

Zhao Qian: [But this morning, I felt that Yi Yi was normal, but now in the afternoon it feels like it’s changed.]

Han Jiaojiao: [Bullsh*t, try letting my dad tell you that.]

Zhao Qian: [He already said it.]

Han Jiaojiao: […]

As they chatted, someone changed the group name to: For Yi Yi.

The three noticed it at the same time, and no one actually objected to it.

It wasn’t until the third class period, that the classroom gradually calmed down.

None of the teachers who were capable of teaching Class Zero were fuel-efficient lamps (TLN: They are a bit of a handful), and they were not particularly good-tempered.

People like Lao Han usually seemed gentle and harmless, but once he made a decision, no one could change it.

Yao Yi unconsciously drew messy lines on the scratch paper, and she felt that the left half of her body was stiff.

As if there was a bomb sitting next to her, she would explode if she moved.

This class period was a physics class, and the teacher’s favorite students were Yao Yi and Fu Chuan.

Yao Yi had a clear idea of ​​solving problems, and the steps were never cumbersome or lazy.

And Fu Chuan’s good handwriting on the blackboard made the physics teacher happy when he saw it.

Usually, he liked to call the two of them together to solve problems.

While appreciating Fu Chuan’s handmanship, he used him as a negative teaching material, and compared Yao Yi’s perfect problem-solving method.

Today, the physics teacher was as usual, with presbyopic glasses hanging on the breast pocket of his shirt, squinting to teach everyone.

“Yao Yi, Fu Chuan, come up and do the math.” The physics teacher raised his head and squinted his eyes.

As a result, he saw two vague shadows stand up together from the last row.

When Yao Yi and Fu Chuan stepped onto the podium, the physics teacher asked the students in the front row in surprise, “This is… a seat change.”

The students in the front row nodded: “The headteacher made the adjustment last period.”

“Oh” The physics teacher put on his reading glasses and looked at the students sitting in the classroom.

“Well… not bad.” The physics teacher nodded and looked back at the two people who were solving the problem.

“The seat positions the headteacher arranged are good.

You two should sit together.”

Yao Yi exerted force with one hand, and the chalk broke directly, making a harsh sound on the blackboard.

Fu Chuan seemed to be unaffected, and the font was still clear and elegant.

The physics teacher nodded with satisfaction as before, “Everyone, let’s look at Fu Chuan’s practice and compare it with Yao Yi’s, is it understandable”


“Mhm.” The physics teacher looked at Yao Yi’s blackboard writing and Fu Chuan’s writing on the blackboard, “You two are the best match.”

This time, Fu Chuan made a harsh sound on the blackboard with the chalk.


TLN: For anyone who is confused by the seat changes, here’s the explanation (*/ω\*).

Basically, Fu Chuan moved to Zhao Qian’s seat, Zhao Qian moved to Li Ge’s seat and Li Ge moved to Fu Chuan’s seat.

So Li Ge is currently next to Qin Li, and Zhao Qian is currently next to Han Jiaojiao.

Hope this helps to visualize the seat changes better now~


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