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Chapter 27: From now on, first place is only mine.

“…I didn’t do this.” Yao Yi hurriedly hid the journal behind her back.

The language arts teacher snorted: “So it was the language arts book page that fell off by itself, and then wrapped around the torn journal by itself.”

Yao Yi looked at the increasingly ugly face of the language arts teacher, and immediately confessed: “This is Qin Li’s book, and the cover of the language arts book is also his.

It’s none of my business.”

Yao Yi still knew the basic principle of not hesitating to do anything for her interests at the expense of others, so she threw Qin Li under the bus without a pause.

“…” The language arts teacher’s mood did not improve after hearing that, and knowing that this student had a language arts attitude problem, who could be happy


“Hahaha, later, Lao Zhou, go and scold that kid.” Lao Han saw the language arts teacher’s face getting darker and darker, and he laughed.

“Let’s get down to business first.

Yao Yi, you go back first, about the journal, I will ask your senior brother.”

Yao Yi immediately turned around and slipped away, for fear that the language arts teacher would continue scrutinizing her.

As soon as she arrived in the classroom, Yao Yi threw the hot potato back to Qin Li.

Conveniently, she gave him a friendly warning in advance: “The language arts teacher knows that you ripped off pages from the language arts book and used it to cover the mathematics journal.”

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Lao Zhou was amazed by Fu Chuan’s answer at first, and when he heard the question he asked he immediately became deeply absorbed.

He put Qin Li and Yao Yi in the back of his head.

He discussed with Fu Chuan in class and talked endlessly.


The teachers who could teach Class Zero were all talented, all of them were super teachers, and Lao Zhou’s literary attainments were even more profound.

It’s just that he was usually a teacher in high school, teaching them texts and occasionally guiding them to understand literature and history.

No student has ever been able to stand on the same platform to have a discussion with him, and today Fu Chuan did it.

For two consecutive class periods, no one went out after class in the afternoon.

The whole class was silent, listening to the discussion between Lao Zhou and Fu Chuan.

Yao Yi’s admiring eyes kept drifting towards Fu Chuan.

She couldn’t tell how high Fu Chuan’s literary attainment was, but she originally only thought that he had good grades in language arts.

That was it. 

Finally, the class ended, Lao Zhou was still in a content mood and wanted to finish his discussion with Fu Chuan.

He had long forgotten about Yao Yi and Qin Li.

He returned to the podium to pack up his lesson plans and then happily walked out of Class Two.

Fu Chuan sat down, opened his water bottle to moisten his throat, lowered his eyes and thought about something.

“You stood up on purpose just now.” Qin Li, who was next to him, suddenly said to his new deskmate.

After a few days of class, Qin Li found that his new deskmate didn’t like to talk to others, at least in school and in class.

He usually didn’t answer the teacher’s questions, and he didn’t even match his answers with others.

Fu Chuan paused while holding the bottle, and did not answer Qin Li’s comment.

Qin Li didn’t care, and muttered to himself, “You don’t like Yao Yi, and I don’t like her either.

You should have let her stand up just now to answer.”

Not knowing where he came to this conclusion, Qin Li instantly classified his new deskmate as someone in his own camp.

Qin Li actually originally had a good impression of Yao Yi at first.

After all, not everyone loved mathematics so deeply, especially Yao Yi seems to have a higher level than loved math as much as he did.

Once Qin Li wanted to have a good relationship with Yao Yi, even though he had a bad start.

However now it seems…



The two were still cowering on the outside terrace, standing in the cold wind, and their unruly short hair was blown everywhere.

“He agreed” Qin Li asked in a low voice like an underground connector.

“Yes, the first phase will start next month.” Yao Yi came back and told Qin Li immediately after receiving Lao Han’s notice, “How about it, are you willing to bear half of the cost”

“Yes!” Qin Li agreed without hesitation at all.

Back then, in order to read other months’ journals, he had stayed at the garbage station for half a year.

Now he has the opportunity, of course he can’t let it go.

“Then it’s settled.” Yao Yi came up quietly and went down quietly.

Qin Li followed behind and thought for a long time, but couldn’t figure out why the two of them had to be so secretive every time.

Buying books was a shameful thing

The two of them entered the classroom one after the other, wrapped in the frigid wind.

When Qin Li pulled out the chair and sat down, Fu Chuan paused and held the pen body tightly.

His clean and well-trimmed nails were slightly pressed white.

“Why are you and Qin Li going out” Zhao Qian leaned back on the chair and chewed hawthorn sticks, turned his head and asked Yao Yi.

Yao Yi stiffened: “How did you know that Qin Li and I went out”

Zhao Qian took out another hawthorn stick from the drawer and chewed: “It’s so obvious, who can’t see.

Did you two not even make your hair neater after coming back from the outside terrace”

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Jiaojiao in front took out a small mirror to Yao Yi and motioned her to take a look.


Yao Yi took it and saw that her hair was as messy as a chicken coop.

When she took a look at Qin Li, it was also a chicken coop.

She hadn’t cared about her hair for nearly a semester, and now she realized that it had grown to the tips of her ears.

Li Ge also turned around and snatched the hawthorn stick from Zhao Qian’s hand conveniently: “The liberal arts class is annoyed of the two of you, saying that you two are always disturbing their romance.”

The liberal arts class was full of romance, but the hard-working science students were still struggling in the sea of questions.

They have long found their partners and went there sweetly, especially places like the outdoor terrace.

It was private, which was full of temptation for them.

Yao Yi was silent for a long time, completely unaware that there were other people on the outdoor terrace when she went.

“But the two of you are discussing questions, why go to the outdoor terrace” Li Ge asked curiously, “Is there anything you can’t say in the classroom”

The liberal arts class itself was weak in mathematics, and they had absolutely no idea what Yao Yi and Qin Li were talking about.

They only thought that they were discussing mathematical topics.

“It’s just to discuss a little thing, not to discuss topics.” Yao Yi pulled her hair, thinking about when it would be best to get another haircut.


The next half a month was calm and tranquil, some people were busy making new friends, some people were eager to catch up, and wanted to get the desired results in the first exam after the division of classes.

During this period of time, Yao Yi was very comfortable.

Their most wanted journals were ordered, and there was no stress in her studies every day.

She also had snacks from time to time from her deskmate, and she had a leisurely life.

It was just that all of this came to an abrupt end after the first monthly exam after the division of classes, and her nightmare began.

In the past, a few new faces were occasionally added to the first exam room.

Now, one-third of them were new after classes were divided.

Of course, Yao Yi couldn’t recognize them at all.

It was Li Ge who shared his analysis with her after the exam.

As for why, it was because Li Ge also wanted to go to the first exam room.

There were only thirty people in each exam room, and his best result currently caused him to be placed in the second exam room.

“Good morning.” Yao Yi greeted Fu Chuan in the back seat in a good mood.

He was the only person in the exam room that she was familiar with.


Fu Chuan glanced at Yao Yi and nodded, very polite.

It seemed that the two of them had returned to the state when they had just met each other, and he didn’t say one extra word to Yao Yi.

Yao Yi didn’t take it seriously.

She always knew that Fu Chuan didn’t like to talk to others, and she hadn’t noticed any difference between how Fu Chuan treated her before and now.

For Yao Yi, this exam was more like going through the motions.

In addition to spending more time on the language arts exam papers, Yao Yi’s other exam papers were more like doing one plus one equals how much.

As usual, after the exam, there would be a rest period on Sunday.

After the flag was raised on Monday, the list of the top 100 would be posted on the bulletin board.

Yao Yi was calculating a math question Qin Li gave her, and was not interested in the top 100 list, so she didn’t notice the strange glances of the classmates who came in after checking the top 100 list.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!” Li Ge covered his face and Han Jiaojiao, while Zhao Qian was walking in the stairwell, all three of them had complex expressions on their faces.

“Will Yi Yi be uncomfortable” Han Jiaojiao asked hesitantly.

“If it were you, would you be uncomfortable” Zhao Qianguang felt pain when he thought about it.

The myth that he knew from elementary school to high school was suddenly broken, and no one would feel happy.

“A full ten points difference!” Li Ge sighed, “Fu Chuan is crazy.”

It was already very eye-catching to be tied for first place with Yao Yi before, but this time he surpassed Yao Yi by a full ten points! Yao Yi was no different from the past this time.

The mathematics, physics, and chemistry exams were full marks as usual, and the English was also close to full marks.

There was no big difference between language arts and the usual, and it fluctuates between one hundred and one.

“I heard from the teacher on the road just now that Fu Chuan’s essay composition was a perfect score.” Zhao Qian remembered something and commented.

Han Jiaojiao snorted coldly: “It’s more than essay composition, you didn’t see that his total score in language arts was almost full” Who knew why, but she just didn’t like Fu Chuan.

The three of them became silent when they entered the classroom.

Yao Yi was still sitting in her seat with her head bowed to calculate the problem.

She didn’t hear the usual gossip of them for a long time, so she raised her curiously: “What’s wrong with you all Did you guys fail the exam” Everyone’s face was heavy.

“Fu Chuan did very well this time.” Zhao Qian said tentatively.

Yao Yi was not surprised: “Well, is he tied with me again this time”

“…Yi Yi, one test doesn’t mean anything, we can do better next time!” Han Jiaojiao took Yao Yi’s hand and comforted her.

Yao Yi was confused, not knowing what they meant.

In the end, Li Ge gritted his teeth and said it directly: “This time Fu Chuan is in first place, and his total score is ten points higher than yours.”


The author has something to say: Fu Fu: Not only is first place mine, but your eyes can only fall on me ( ̄へ ̄)

(TLN: Fu Fu is like a nickname, for anyone who is confused.)


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