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Chapter 16.1: Can I borrow some money

The two classes fell into a strange silence in an instant.

However, the two parties involved did not respond, especially Yao Yi.

She simply sat down on her own and took out a small notebook from her pocket.

There was no match for her today, but as a contestant, she always had to be ready in case someone needed to be replaced.

“Ha, ha…” Class Two’s president gave a dry laugh and hurriedly greeted everyone to sit down, breaking the suffocating awkwardness.

Fu Chuan and Yao Yi were separated by the students of the two classes, sitting on the farthest edges of the seats.

Yao Yi didn’t realize that she was consciously isolated by the class.

The competition officially started at 8 o’clock.

Most of the people from each class gathered on the drill ground to cheer for the players in their class.

A few stayed at the table to write inspirational words, distribute snacks and water, etc.


Yao Yi and several of her classmates huddled together on a seat and shared a table, looking extremely crowded.

On the other hand, Fu Chuan, who sat at the very edge of Class One’s seats, occupied a table and seat alone, which had a lot of space.

“Class President, go to the drill ground and have a look.

It seems that someone in our class is injured!” Class One’s students suddenly ran over and called Yu Qingying away.

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Seeing this scene, people who didn’t know might think that the two of them were classmates with a good relationship.

Li Ge had a toothache when he thought of the competitive relationship between the two.


What a sin.

Yao Yi didn’t care about anything when she started doing math problems.

“Pusi-Pusi-” Li Ge didn’t dare run over.

He could only try to make a little noise to attract Yao Yi’s attention.

Then Li Ge picked up his phone and took a picture of them close-up.

He texted it to Yao Yi.

This time it worked.

Yao Yi bit her pen, tilted her head, and took out her phone from her trouser pocket.

She frowned first, then looked up at the opposite end, where she saw Li Ge, who was waving wildly.

Seeing that Yao Yi was still silent, Li Ge sent her another message:

【Fu Chuan is next to you!!!】

The three exclamation marks fully reflected Li Ge’s anxiety and madness.

Yao Yi turned her head to see the familiar back and glanced at Li Ge again as if she understood something.

She gestured OK to Li Ge, and then naturally sat down next to Fu Chuan.

“” Li Ge was stunned.

Everything that followed was like a slow-motion replay in Li Ge’s eyes.

After Yao Yi sat down, she even crossed her legs and put the notebook on her knees, concentrating on calculating her math problems.

And Fu Chuan, next to her, just turned his head to glance at Yao Yi, and then continued to look back at his book.

… Excuse me, he thought too much.


Li Ge turned around in despair, and for the first time felt that the relationship and emotions between the student gods were beyond what mortals like them could understand.

Their competition was full of magnanimity.

It was completely unlike what narrow-minded people like them thought.

It was he who was wrong!

Li Ge walked out of the back-up area in a trance and disappeared into the crowded drill ground.

As for Yao Yi, she understood Li Ge’s meaning as helping her find a place to settle down.

Fu Chuan was still looking at the logic theory that he hadn’t finished reading before.

He turned his back to the table while Yao Yi was facing Fu Chuan in the opposite direction.

She had put her notebook on her lap for a while, and probably because she was tired, she put the notebook on the table and lay down to write.

The two of them turned a deaf ear to the noise of the outside world and focused on their own business.

There was a vacuum around them, and no one else could get in.

At least, this is what Yu Qingying, who rushed back, saw.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Qingying stepped forward to break the silence.

“Classmate Yao Yi, why did you come to our class” Yu Qingying smiled, “Another class president next door would say that we robbed you.”

“They won’t.” Yao Yi didn’t even raise her head and continued to do her questions with all her heart.

Yu Qingying took a breath, clenched her hands tightly, and released them after a while: “Classmate Yao Yi is really open-minded, and she doesn’t mind that our two classes are competitors at all.”

Only then did Yao Yi raise her head in doubt: “Our class’s open space was squeezed out by your class, so we can get along nicely, right”


Fu Chuan suddenly closed his book and shot a glance at Yao Yi: “Do you want to go to the supermarket”

Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan blankly and had an inexplicable feeling that the direction of the conversation was wrong.

“Let’s go.” Fu Chuan held Yao Yi’s collar with two fingers.

“Oh.” Yao Yi had to close her small book and stumble to follow Fu Chuan, leaving Yu Qingying in a daze.

The weather was a bit cold and the wind was strong, and Yao Yi sniffled from the cold wind that blew.

Fu Chuan’s eyes landed on Yao Yi from the corner, and he said, “Last time you said you would invite me for breakfast, is it still true”

Yao Yi wanted to answer that she had already invited him once, but she swallowed the words after looking at Fu Chuan’s cold and sharp eyes.

“Yes.” Yao Yi lowered her head and pursed her lips, feeling that she was being taken advantage of.

Fu Chuan took the campus card in Yao Yi’s hand and went to the window to get two cups of soy milk.

He kept a cup for himself and handed Yao Yi another cup.

“Do you only drink soy milk” Yao Yi thought he would order something else to eat.

“I’ll get something else next time.” Fu Chuan said lightly, returning the card to Yao Yi.

“Oh.” Yao Yi bit the straw and followed Fu Chuan out of the cafeteria.

She lowered her head and drank for a while before she realized: why would she give him her meal card next time


Before she had time to question Fu Chuan’s shrewd abacus, Yao Yi had already sat with him under a tree in the flower bed.

Fu Chuan ignored Yao Yi.

He put the soy milk aside, picked up his book, and continued to read, returning to the state he was in when he was at the backup area just now.

Yao Yi stared at Fu Chuan for a while and finally took out her notebook to continue her calculations.

The next afternoon, the competition was the 5,000-meter race, and Yao Yi was still wearing a school uniform with a thin woollen thread underneath.

“Is that a sports student He looks very strong!” Han Jiaojiao shook her hands anxiously, worried about Yao Yi.

Of the six players on the field, Yao Yi stood on the far right, near the podium.

The student next to her was dressed in cool clothes: a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, and a pair of sneakers.

She even did a backflip on the spot.

The other contestants still had the appearance of competition; at least they could calm down and warm up after seeing their opponents so arrogant.

Yao Yi was not only wrapped up like a Zongzi (1), but her eyes were wide open.

She was very impressed by this player, and her eyes were full of respect and admiration.

Zhao Qian, who was standing on the edge of the drill ground, had already covered his eyes and felt really ashamed.

The referee blew his whistle, and all the players lined up, each in a ready-to-run position.

There are running aids on the starting line, and obviously, no one except professional athletes will use them.

The amateur players were already in their positions, except for Yao Yi.

She squatted on the starting line, lowered her head to study the running aid, and even stuck her foot out to poke it.

This time, even Han Jiaojiao couldn’t stand it anymore, so she covered her face and looked elsewhere.

“Classmate, are you ready” the referee teacher asked Yao Yi helplessly.

“Oh, I am ready.” Yao Yi retracted her foot, and then slowly moved the running aid aside.

Yao Yi’s appearance as a country bumpkin in the village made the professional athletes next to her laugh at her, and some people began to laugh softly on the side of the drill ground.

The referee teacher raised his gun with a serious face: “Ready—”

The first to start was the athlete, followed by Yao Yi.

A discerning person can see that the running posture of the athlete is very standard.

As for Yao Yi, who had short hair and long legs, her running posture was very unrestrained.

There were many unsuspecting juniors and seniors in the stands complaining: “Is that a student running on behalf of others Can’t they see that the gender is wrong and that allowing a boy to compete with a girl in a 5,000 metre race is shameful Does he still want face”

“She’s a girl!” The freshman next to them shouted to them after hearing their words and explained on behalf of the champion of their grade with great loyalty.

The athlete slowly pulled away from everyone except Yao Yi, who was tightly behind her.

One lap, two laps, three laps.

By the fourth lap, the athlete had already surpassed the other players by a full lap, and the distance was still increasing.

On the drill ground, everyone in the stands was shouting.

This kind of “crushing others” competition was indeed exciting.

A small number of them were cheering for the players in their own class, but more of them have the psychology of watching a play and are attracted by the crushing speed of the athlete.

Yao Yi began to slow down, and she was quickly behind by half a lap.

Li Ge was very anxious with a telescope from who knows where he got it from.

“Yi Yi, are you running out of stamina” Han Jiaojiao clasped her hands on her chest, extremely nervous.

Yao Yi couldn’t feel the emotions of the audience; she just felt that the school uniform was a bit of a hindrance, so she slowed down and started to undress.

There was an uproar on the field, and everyone’s attention turned to Yao Yi.

Zhao Qian stood on the side and shouted, “Here! Yao Yi, here!”

Yao Yi heard him and threw the school uniform over to him in the air.

She continued to take off the thin sweater on her body, and shoved the clothes at Zhao Qian when she ran past him.

It really felt different when she didn’t wear as much.

At this time, Yao Yi was behind by a full lap, while others were behind by two or three laps.

Yao Yi began to increase her speed and narrow the distance with the athlete.

Although the professional athlete had a better understanding of equipment and had stronger stamina than the average person, she had just started practising for a while.

Long-distance running was not where she was best at.

By the third to last lap, her breathing rhythms had already begun to become chaotic.

Yao Yi immediately caught up in the back, and the athlete didn’t care at first, thinking that she was just another athlete who had been overtaken by her a few laps.

Just staring at Yao Yi’s short hair, the athlete suddenly recalled that he had never seen this back.

As if recalling something, the athlete was too surprised to run for a while.

“Oh sh*t, she was overpassed!” There was a sudden commotion in the stands.

The athlete, who was too surprised, gradually slowed down, covering her abdomen with one hand, watching Yao Yi run farther and farther.

Although it was an autumn sports meeting, the actual weather was almost early winter.

The athlete began to taste a faint smell of rust in her mouth, which was caused by running too hard and the cold weather.

TLN (1): This is a picture of Zongzi.

It is comparable to Yao Yi because she wore clothes that seemed like she was wrapped up.


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