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Tao Long began to explain things to Han, and the more Han heard the more worried he became. The entire air space above City C was infected with a virus that turned people into man-eating monsters. It all began five years ago after his company came out into the open. It was just one night when the air everywhere suddenly turned green and people began to choke in the virus.

Han asked if Tao Long knew the cause and Tao Long shook his head.

“So weve been trying to gather people together from everywhere around City C. But the CCU is trying to stop us no matter what! They take every carnivore and everybody associated with them and put them in prison or kill them! Dont they know that some of the carnivores are good people! They didnt ask for this just like everyone else!”

Han nodded. He could understand what Tao Long was saying. Ping was not a bad person but the CCU still wanted to arrest her and him. If only he knew the cause of this virus.


Hans stomach rumbled again and he sighed. He was still hungry. Two days on the run without eating anything was like torture!

Miss Kim quickly came up to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“If you are hungry we can go to eat. You can continue this talk later. Your health is important first”

Miss Kim did not like seeing Han stress himself. She just got him back and she will not allow him to starve himself for anything!

Han nodded to her and they all walked out of the room together. He saw Ping waiting outside the door once they got out and she quickly walked up to him.

“Are you okay”

Han was confused. Why would he not be okay Ping did not look very happy and Han became worried. He thought she would be glad to finally find this place!

Han didnt know that Ping was glaring at Miss Kim behind Han and this was the reason she was not happy. Why was this woman near Han all of a sudden

“Can we go now The food is this way”

Miss Kim grabbed Hans hand and pulled him away from Ping. Ping glared as she watched them turn the corner and disappear into another room. This woman was just too rude!

Han was led to a room that had many lights hanging on the roof. All the windows were shut but there were many people walking around and talking without their masks on. Miss Kim took off her mask as well and sighed in relief.

“You can remove your mask here. The virus here is very diluted and it will not harm you if you stay here for a short time. This is where we usually eat”

Han took off his mask and they went to grab some food from a woman serving at the other end of the room. Han could tell she was always here because she still had her mask on. They went to sit down and Han finally got a look at the scar running down the side of Miss Kims face. It was long and deep and stretched from her cheek all the way to her chin.

Miss Kim saw him staring and she immediately became self-conscious again. She got this scar when she was on the run three years ago. She had to fight off a zombie, but it managed to scratch her face before she could kill it.

She remembered how he could always make her submissive and she still hated the feeling. She turned her cheek away from him.

“Your food will get cold. It is not nice when it is cold”

Han realized she was not comfortable and decided to eat the rest of the meal in silence.

Once they were done with their meal Han and Ping were both shown to their room to rest. Tao Long reported to Han that they found a group of CCU soldiers around the area earlier that day and Han knew that must be Rin Woo. So she was still chasing after him What a headstrong girl!

Han was lying awake in his room and trying to decide where to put his free points when he heard a knock at his door. He opened it and was surprised to see Miss Kim standing there. Her outfit was a black singlet and short shorts. A small part of her hair was now covering one side of her face to hide her scar.

“Can I come I I want to talk about something”

Han swallowed thickly when he saw how her breasts stretched the singlet top to the extreme. This woman was really a top model in another life, wasnt she

He stepped out of the way and allowed her to enter. When he closed the door he did not see Ping standing in the shadow down the hall, watching them with a sad face. Ping also wanted to talk to Han but once she saw Miss Kim she became scared and hid. It was obvious Han liked Miss Kim more.

After all, who could like a carnivore

Miss Kim sat down on Hans bed and Han suddenly noticed just how short those shorts were. They were basically boxers!

“I dont know if you still remember since it was a long time ago, but I havent forgotten that day yet”

Han blinked in surprise. Remember What did he have to remember By the way Miss Kim was talking, it was something important. Was it something she spoke about with his past self

“I was very happy when you said you would help me. When you disappeared I thought I would just die”

Han was now very confused! This woman was talking about things he did not know! But he was a man and he did the one thing men all over the world have resorted to when faced with a difficult woman! BLUFF!!!!

“Oh, you mean that thing That was so long ago!”

Miss Kim looked at Han in surprise. So he remembered! She thought he would have forgotten since it was so long ago! She stood up and walked till she was standing in front of him. Having him here today was making all her past memories come back to her and she would finally do what she had been holding back from before.

Miss Kim pushed Han and Han fell back in the bed. He looked up and saw Miss Kim climb on top of him. Her breath was like electricity in his skin and his entire body shivered. What a seductress!!

“So you will finally agree to marry me”

Hans brain stopped and he replayed those words in his head again. After playing it for the third time, he finally found understood what she said and found his voice.


Miss Kim was very happy that Han remembered his promise all those years ago. It was something they were going to do before the zombies came and ruined the world. If he remembered it like she did, didnt that mean he still wanted to get married!

Yes! That was the only explanation Miss Kim could find!!

Han was in a state of shock! What the ** did his former self do!!!!

“We dont have to get married, the churches here have all been dissolved. But we can surely find somebody to give us rings!”

Han could literally see the happiness glowing off Miss Kim. This woman was this happy that she was marrying him Was there not a lot he was supposed to do before the real marriage came!

Han was deep in thought and he didnt notice when Miss Kim reached for his mask and tore it off his face. Her mask also went off and then she kissed him. It literally took his breath away! He didnt even worry about inhaling the virus because he was too shocked to even breath.

‘What the **!!!!

After a while, Miss Kim separated and put their masks back on before hugging him tightly. She could stay here forever if it was with him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them looked up when someone suddenly started hitting Hans door. The next hit threw it open and Tao Long came in with a frantic expression.

“We have to go now! The CCU are here!”

Miss Kim swore and quickly flew of Han. She bolted out the door and Han got up and grabbed his combat knife from the table. He nodded to Tao Long while silently thanking him for not asking any uncomfortable questions! Things were tense enough as they were!

Once they got outside Ping ran up to Han.

“Theyre coming in from the back! They broke down the secret door!”

“Shit! My brother is there!”

Tao Long wanted to go back for his brother but Han reached out and stopped him.

“No, take your men and find the exit! Ill bring your brother!”

Han ran down the hallway faster than Tao Long or Ping could follow and made his way towards the entrance. Ping and Tao Long were not up to Rin Woos strength and the other members of the elite team were also very strong.. He was the only one that could handle them.


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