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Everyone watched with great interest.

Previously, Jian Canghai had said that the structure of the Starry-sky Sword Realm was rather traditional and unique.

It was a unique spiritual space.

They wondered what kind of predecessors would one meet in this space.

The word “predecessors” was actually very unfamiliar to many.

It had been too long ago, so who could remember

If it was a pet, perhaps they could still remember.

The scene gradually appeared.

The first thing that appeared in everyones sight was a vast starry sky!

In the starry sky were twinkling stars.

Each twinkling star represented an ancient spiritual imprint.

If it was blinking, it meant that it had not disappeared.

“So this is the Starry-sky Sword Realm There are actually so many predecessors”

Some were shocked.

“Xinghai Province has many years of history.

Isnt it quite normal to have so many predecessors”

“Oh my God, I thought there would only be a few dozen at most…”

“Are you joking During the period when Dongli was in the most miserable state, God knows how many predecessors were sacrificed.

How could there be only a few dozen Moreover, these predecessors were not only humans but also many powerful pets! Youve lived in peaceful cities for too long, huh Have you already forgotten about the disasters brought by the dark fog”

“These are only the predecessors who specialized in the way of the sword… I wonder how many there will be if those who dont specialize in the way of the sword are included…”

“Im stunned every time I see the Starry-sky Sword Realm…”

“Even from the outside, I seem to feel the majestic sword energy emitted by the stars at every moment! I wonder what those predecessors were like before their deaths.”

Everyone discussed animatedly and sighed with emotion.

At this moment, Wang Ye, who was inside the Starry-sky Sword Realm, was also somewhat stunned.

The stars in the sky dazzled his eyes a little.

“So many” Wang Ye broke out in cold sweat as he looked.

The spiritual imprints formed by the will of the predecessors after their death was left here to illuminate the juniors.

It sounded like a beautiful fairy tale, but only by being in this place could Wang Ye feel the heaviness that came from the heart.

“Go!” Wang Ye nodded to the sword rabbit.

The sword rabbit nodded and walked out, looking at the stars in the sky.

Its feelings were different from Wang Yes.

It felt the aura of many pets… and a familiar but indistinct aura.

Suddenly, the sword rabbits heart jolted.

It immediately looked up into the sky and pulled out its wooden sword, pointing it at the sky.

At this moment, outside, Jian Canghai was explaining to everyone, “The Starry-sky Sword Realm is very unique.

The twinkling stars inside serve as spiritual imprints, symbolizing the willpower and strength of many predecessors.

When a beastmaster and pet enter, these spiritual imprints will automatically sense the contract between the two parties.”

“As everyone knows, our countrys contract is different from other countries.

Without the Divine Beast Totem to bestow us with the strength of a contract, its entirely dependent on our relationship with our pet.

In fact, many of them are from that era.

Dont doubt it.

The mindless spirit monkey is your seniors senior.

Its a pet from that era that has lived for hundreds of years.

At its peak, its strength had reached the peak of level 8.

Now, it is a pet in its old age.

It might look very young, not talkative, and very silent.

Thats because it has lived for too long… Aem, Ive gone too far.”

“After entering, the spiritual imprints will immediately sense the strength of your contract, that is the relationship between you and your pet.

This is what they value the most, because regardless of the cultivation path, if a beastmaster doesnt have a good relationship with their pet, it will be very difficult for them to achieve great success.”

“The reason is very simple.

Our talent and strength are closely related to the pet contracts.

Without our talent, we cant even achieve basic cultivation, let alone cultivate the way of the sword.

Foreign contracts have the support of the Divine Beast Totem.

After a beastmaster awakens their talent, they only need to maintain their relationship with the pet at a stable level.

But this is not the case with our contract.

We have to constantly strengthen the contract with our pets, only then can the pets and us cultivate better.”

“If the contracts dont pass the check, the twinkling stars will dim.

You and your pet can leave directly.

Look, the stars in the sky are twinkling very brightly.

This means that Wang Ye and his pet have a very good relationship.

They have already reached an extremely close relationship… Strange… Such a relationship should have been unachievable without more than ten years.

Logically speaking, even if they get along with each other every day, their relationship shouldnt be that good…”

As he spoke, Jian Canghai felt numb.

The others also felt numb.

Emotion was a kind of intangible strength.

Many beastmasters found it very difficult to judge the emotions of their pets.

Pets were creatures with extremely high intelligence.

They had completely different personalities and extraordinary characteristics.

Beneath their seemingly simple appearances, there was often a complicated and changeable heart that was soft and pure.

Signing a contract was only the first step for both parties.

It meant that they had a certain foundation of companionship.

The pet acknowledged the beastmaster, and the beastmaster acknowledged the pet.

However, how to continue deepening the relationship was a puzzle for many young beastmasters.

Under normal circumstances, feelings would develop over time.

As long as both parties were normal, their feelings would slowly accumulate.

That was how most beastmasters and pets developed their feelings.


“Does this kid have some kind of special technique for raising pets” Jian Canghai stroked his white beard.

This was the first time he couldnt wrap his head around it.

Feelings wont lie.

Such a deep friendship could only be achieved after more than ten years of being together.

Or it could be that they had experienced life-and-death situations…

He did not understand.

If even Jian Canghai couldnt understand, then naturally, no one else could.

They could only make wild guesses.

“As everyone knows, Wang Yes talent is Deep Memory.

He is very likely to be a reincarnated big shot.

Perhaps his pet in his previous life was also a sword rabbit.”

“Since Wang Ye can be a reincarnated big shot, why cant the sword rabbit be one too”

“So, the sword rabbit was also Wang Yes pet in his previous life”

“I understand! They must have died for some reason in their previous life, then both parties agreed to become each others partners in the next life!”

“F*ck, your story is a little ridiculous.

It sounds so touching…”

“Wow, I see you guys have understood everything! Why not publish a book”


If Wang Ye heard these words, he would probably be shocked by the imagination of the audience.

He and the sword rabbit…

It was all thanks to the reality simulations.

God knows how many years had passed in the reality simulations…

“Whats going on” Wang Ye walked over and looked at the dazed sword rabbit.

“Mi…” The sword rabbit rubbed its eyes and called out.

For some reason, it felt sad.

“Huh” Wang Ye scratched his head.

What did it mean

At the same time, outside, Jian Canghai continued, “After the contract passes the check, the spiritual imprints will usually sense the pet or beastmaster through the contract.

Those who think that the pet or beastmaster is suitable will descend and transform into sword light to engage in battle with the pet or beastmaster.

At this time, if you can defeat the other party, or if your comprehension ability is high enough, youll be able to comprehend some of these predecessors ultimate arts.”

“Normally, one imprint represents one predecessor.

Under normal circumstances, it would be good enough if you have one or two imprints to acknowledge you.

After all, there are many predecessors, so its only a given that not all of them would think highly of you…”

Just as Jian Canghai said this, the sword rabbit took out its wooden sword and pointed it toward the starry sky!

The next moment!


The stars in the sky suddenly flickered!

As if they had been startled by something, the entire space shook violently!

Following that, countless stars turned into streaks of sword light as they descended towards the sword rabbit!

It was as if there were billions of stars that turned into tens of thousands of swords as they chimed and flew down in unison.

For a moment, their momentum was vast and mighty.

Colorful sword lights filled the sky as if they were diving like a rainbow-like waterfall as they surged towards the sword rabbit…

At the sight of this scene, Jian Canghai came to an abrupt stop.

The audience members were instantly stunned…


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