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The demonic soldiers couldn’t bear the pressure and knelt down one after another.

No one could look straight at Lu Yuan and Shao Fei.

Only after this did Lu Yuan withdraw his spiritual energy.

The head in his embrace still wanted to mess around and Lu Yuan pressed him back down with a finger on his (SF) forehead.

He passed over some more spiritual energy, and Shao Fei quieted down as the crack in his spiritual root was soothed and stopped hurting.


7 living on top of his spiritual root, feeling as exhausted as Shao Fei, followed him and fell asleep while rubbing his burnt tail. 

Every time before Lu Yuan touched Shao Fei, he reminded himself that this was an ordinary person.

He wouldn’t be able to endure too much strength, much less the consequences if Lu Yuan took offense and flew off the handle.

For the sake of this rarely seen in ten million years physique, anything could and must be tolerated.

Luo Qinghong, having not seen Lu Yuan in many years, noticed that he basically hadn’t changed.

His appearance was just like before, piercingly cold and distant, scaring people away from looking at him directly, so much so that it had become well known as his trademark.

He treated everyone equally without discrimination.

Even facing Luo Qinghong, this expelled disciple of the same sect, sharing the same teacher, he would most likely have already exhausted any remaining sentiments and would be upright without bias1.

Luo Qinghong gazed over at the person held close to Lu Yuan’s chest.

Although she couldn’t tell who they were, she could sense that they were just an ordinary person.

She wouldn’t trouble herself with this person or take him to heart.

Her eldest senior brother would never lower himself to care about anyone, much less a trivial ordinary person that wouldn’t even live to one hundred.

While Lu Yuan passed by, Luo Qinghong sent her voice over: “Still remember our arrangement”

Lu Yuan, holding Shao Fei, kept walking away without hesitation: “I have not forgotten.

In fact, I was more concerned that you’d forget.

You have met You Lingzi recently.

He noticed the distinctive scent of the ghostly realm on Luo Qinghong.

It was very faint, probably someone from the ghostly realm using long-distance soul imaging2 to pass on a message.

This is an ability that, of the ghostly sect, could only be used by top-notch cultivators that are at least above the Nascent Soul realm. 

You Lingzi was originally Lu Yuan’s third martial sister.

When she was a child she was saved by Lu Yuan, and, after noticing her spiritual roots, he brought her back to Qixing sect.

She was particularly emotnional about Lu Yuan, who rescued her from the demonic sect’s village massacre, and, as time passed, her feelings deepened until they became her obsession. 

Regardless of how they cautioned her, explicitly or implicitly, she refused to acknowledge their warnings.

As a result, she eventually produced an internal demon, and learned how to use qingxin3 from the yet to be sealed Venerable Ghost4 to confuse Lu Yuan.

Anyone that is affected by the qingxin curse would involuntarily fall in love with the person who cast the curse.

Furthermore, in their whole life there would only be that one person, unable to ever leave them.

The cost of casting this curse would be the caster’s own afterlife.

In other words, after losing her mortal body and cultivation, You Lingzi could only be a wandering soul, unable to die and be reborn.

She would forever suffer constant agony in purgatory.  

That year, Lu Yuan merged with a soul from outside, and, ever since, regardless of his utter devotion to cultivating, his cultivation has stagnated without increase.

He could only, with great difficulty, maintain his Mahayana stage cultivation.

Although his state of mind/mental strength had once again strengthened, the fissure in his cultivation was difficult to mend, and he could only push off the advancement of his cultivation for now5.

Right then, when Lu Yuan was weakened, he was cursed by You Lingzi’s qingxin.

When he was just about to dual cultivate6 with her, Lu Yuan was unexpectedly able to resist the qingxin’s control, and he dug out and eradicated the part of himself that “loved” You Lingzi.

It was literally dug out.

While You Lingzi might not have succeeded, she did manage to corrupt half of his heart.

Lu Yuan just opened up his heart and severed off half.

That abandoned half of his heart was later stolen, unable to be traced.

Thus came to be the Lu Yuan that Shao Fei sees in present day, with only half a heart beating. 

After Lu Yuan dug out his heart, You Lingzi received the backlash of the qingxin spell and disappeared.

But afterwards, the ghost sect rose to prominence again, and their new Sect Head was precisely the You Lingzi that was expelled from Qixing sect for colluding with the ghost sect.

She led the ghost sect to lie low in the mainland’s most treacherous marshland, time and again, sending ghosts to hunt and kill various races living on the mainland.

Over time, they were becoming more and more vicious.

Now, even if the righteous path cultivators wanted to encircle and suppress them, it would be as difficult as ascending to the sky.

They often massacre individually, and, by the time the righteous cultivators have arrived, they would’ve already left long ago.

Luo Qinghong admitted: “She used soul imaging to contact me.

She probably received news of your arrival at the demonic sect to suppress the ghost and corpse surge.

Eldest senior brother, you rarely leave the Qixing sect.

This time coming out you should be more careful.

I don’t think she’s given up on you yet. 

Lu Yuan looked at the head leaning on his chest, right on top of his heart, and didn’t say anything. 

But Luo Qinghong understood.

Lu Yuan’s silence usually meant that he agreed to what had been said at the beginning.7

The two’s conversation all happened in the blink of an eye, everyone was still at odds with each other as before.

Just when Lu Yuan was about to leave, Yun Lian by Luo Qinghong’s side was disatisfied with Lu Yuan’s attitude and blocked his path: “Venerable Immortal Lu Yuan, this is not the territory of your Qixing sect.

Even if you want to come, you should still  notify us beforehand.

Unless, in your eyes, the demonic sect can come and go freely Isn’t that too deceiving

Lu Yuan brushed past Yun Lian without a side glance, making his attitude very clear.

Not just anyone had the qualifications to reprimand him.

According to seniority, all of these people were his juniors.

If he acted out right now and news got out, he would lose face for the righteous faction. 

Luo Qinghong restrained Yun Lian, and, with an innocent-looking and charming look, she secretly transmitted a message: You won’t forget how you got the golden dan you have right now, right8

Luo Qinghong indeed didn’t have a way to intercept Lu Yuan, and also, from her standpoint, she really couldn’t help him.


Yun Lian was not impulsive, behind his seemingly rash behavior was a mind that shouldn’t be underestimated.

As the demonic sect’s sect leader’s illegitimate child, related to Yun Ge, through the same father but different mother, as a younger brother.

From a young age he was schemed against by his older brothers and sisters.

He had finally, with great difficulty, managed to dispose of them with all kinds of ‘accidents’.

It’s likely that now he was looking for an opportunity to distinguish himself with meritorious service. 

He has already waited a long time for this opportunity.

Today, he followed Luo Qinghong out and, to his fortune, this unexpected mishap occurred.

As long as he can injure Lu Yuan, then he would secure a reputation on the mainland.

If Lu Yuan returns fire and fights back, then news of the righteous sect leader being high-handed and bullying his juniors would spread instantly, which would also be an advantageous achievement.

He believed that with Lu Yuan’s prestige in the cultivation world and magnanimity, it was impossible for him to risk his centuries old reputation.

Conveniently, he could also help his father probe out Lu Yuan’s actual strength.

He’s heard that Lu Yuan has not progressed in his cultivation for almost a century, and may have even regressed.

If this is true, then they would naturally need to treat him ‘well’.

And it wouldn’t matter if they’re underestimating him.

Right now is the time of cooperation between the righteous and demonic paths in order to renew the seal formation. 

Footnotesthis sentence confused me: 他對所有人都是一視同仁的, 哪怕麵對自己這個判出師門的人也是竭儘了同門師兄妹的情誼, 是一個最為剛正不阿的人.魂力影像= soul imaging, using soul power/energy to send over an image of oneself.qingxin=情心=affection/sexual passion/feelings, a curse technique.I’m still not sure if this world has 魔 mo/鬼 gui/ 妖 yao as interchangeable terms so for now I’ll set it up as: 魔=Demon, 鬼=ghost, 妖=devil.

When I get far enough into the arc and have a better idea I’ll decide wether to change or or not.I don’t really get this part so I wrote what makes sense.

the full sentence is: 雖然神魂力量再一次增強,但修為的裂縫難以修補,便提前出關.forced to have sex.this doesn’t really make sense but is what the raws say:     但落情紅知道,陸淵的沉默往往代表著他應承了自己一開始說的話.not sure if she sent it to Lu Yuan or Yun Lian.-

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