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There were flaws everywhere when carrying out their mission.

There were also countless loopholes in the plan.

“It seems that they are trying to deceive the guards.

First, they used the third team with no issues to lower the guards vigilance.

“Then, the second team will do something to attract the guards attention and create a chance to leave the city.

Those involved in the matter were easily blinded to the truth, and the onlookers could see things clearly.

Witnessing the whole process, even the honest Feng Tianmin immediately caught on to their tactics.

Feng Tianmin suddenly patted his chest and said, “Dont worry, shelter leader.

Such things would never happen in our territory! I promise!”

“Their seemingly complicated supplies transferring process was full of loopholes.

To put it simply, it was impossible for the guards to check each and every item.

“Huang Bing will definitely not find out after their whole series of plans.”

Feng Tianmin shook his head in disgust as he watched Huang Bing happily accept the bribe and the other three guards laxly go through the carts, then allowing the team to pass through easily.

In the era of civilization where society is stable, it would be understandable for them to be corrupt.

However, within the wasteland, those who embezzled the territorys interest would be equal to stealing the means of survival of everyone in the territory.

One side would be prosperous while the other side would be left with nothing.

Not being able to figure out such simple truth showed that the residents did not have a sense of belonging to the territory.

They weres simply there to get through their days.

It would have been better for them to stay in the Deep Sea to develop, and they did not need to attempt the risky New World.

Feng Tianmin was not young anymore and had already experienced more than half of his lifespan.

His disgusted statement toward then things happening meant that he was really disappointed in humanity.

However, a small portion of his expression wanted to show his loyalty to Su Mo.

The younger brother, Feng Long, was still unaware and simply concentrated on operating the scout robot.

He hid the robot near the team and awaited an opportunity to sneak out of the territory.

As the team began to move outside the gate, Feng Longs scout robot was already prepared to follow after them.

Suddenly, he observed the surroundings and saw Huang Bing stunned as he glanced at the supplies in front of him.

“F*ck! Did Huang Bing sense something was wrong He is going to destroy our plan!”

Their tracking had been proceeding very smoothly, and they could find these peoples base camp for storing supplies as long as they continued following them out of the territory.

However, if Huang Bing found something was wrong with the carts and stopped them, it would attract the attention of the Guard Department…

Then, whether or not they could track their base was no longer the biggest problem.

Instead, they would have to worry about not being able to find the transported goods in the future!

“This is bad! Those are the expired bread that I exchanged this morning.

It probably wasnt written on the list, so Huang Bing noticed the abnormality.”

Two scout robots were monitoring from the front and rear.

Although it was unclear what exactly had happened, Su Mo quickly instructed Feng Tianmin to zoom in on his perspective after seeing Feng Long staring at the last cart.

Surprisingly, through the open part of the box, he could clearly see the bread from his transaction in the morning.

“Quick, find a chance to get the scout robot close to them.

There is no room for failure today!

“Let me get in contact with Huang Bing right now!”

Seeing the changes happening through the screen, Su Mo immediately decided and gave instructions.

Supplies transfer order.

This was not just a simple piece of paper nor a simple list of items being transported.

The full name of the document was Bulk Supply Out-of-City Transfer Order List.

According to the number of goods shipped, the document would be at least ten pages thick.

The second exchange centers team that passed through with 50 carts had 14 pages of densely written records of the supplies and quantity.

Although Huang Bing had only briefly swept through the list and the goods in the carts for not more than a minute, he clearly remembered that the word “bread” had never appeared on the list.

Something was off!

There was definitely a huge problem!

Huang Bings happy face turned pale, and a cold sweat broke out over his body as he thought these items were likely a large number of unregistered goods that were about to be transported out of the city because of him.

When shopping at noon, he had discussed the loopholes of having currency in the territory with Mr.

Yang and the consequences of the frequent changes of supply ownership.

Huang Bing patted his chest and bragged that many people were monitoring the territory and they would be able to retrieve a bag of flour or even a bulk of supplies that had been stolen by the next day.

Thus, he reassured people that it was impossible for a gap in supplies to happen or be secretly transported away from the territory.

The person who dared to take such a course of action would become the enemy of 30,000 territory residents and all the territorial lords.

They would be hung in the territory square and tortured in front of everyone!

Moreover, after bragging about the territorys capabilities, Huang Bing even shared the thieves fates for getting caught stealing in the past.

Each and everyone one of them had met terrible ends.

However, unexpected things always happen when least expected.

He had just boasted about it in the morning, but now such an unimaginable scene was unfolding right before him.

There were really people secretly moving goods away from the territory!

‘Is this the first time Or has it happened more than once

The problem could still be resolved if the goods smuggled out were of small amounts.

He could report it to the authorities, and they could turn around the situation.

However, if this was not the first time such a thing had happened and the goods stolen had surpassed a large amount, everyone would face a lack of supplies to survive after work was suspended during the disaster outbreak.

Huang Bing recalled the recent disaster that had just passed.

Suddenly, the cigarettes that made him ecstatic were like a hot potato that burned him, making him terrified.

Once the car passed and he was caught for taking a bribe to let them pass, the consequences would be…

“Stop! Stop right now!”

Huang Bing shouted, gritted his teeth, and ran toward the team disregarding his three colleagues reactions.

At the same time, he gestured to the top of the city gate, and the gate immediately dropped by 30 centimeters, forcibly causing the transportation team to stop.


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